January 17 Energy News

January 17, 2021


¶ “Worried About Earth’s Future? Well, The Outlook Is Worse Than Even Scientists Can Grasp” • A research paper published this week reviews over 150 studies to produce a stark summary of the state of the natural world. It says that future environmental conditions will be far more dangerous than experts currently believe. [Red, Green, and Blue]

Fire in Portugal, stoked by unseasonal heat (UN via Twitter)

¶ “Oil Industry Reconsiders Donations To Election Deniers – But Has Its Own Big Lie” • In the wake of last week’s rebellion, oil and gas companies are reviewing political donations. In many ways, they laid the groundwork for the widespread acceptance of lies big enough to cause an existential threat not only to democracy, but to humanity. [The Intercept]

¶ “Why Brookfield Renewable Will Thrive During a Recession” • Recessions can be brutal for investors, but some companies can better weather these economic storms than others. One company built to prosper during tough times is the renewable energy juggernaut Brookfield Renewable. Here’s why it can thrive during a recession. [Motley Fool]

Wind turbines (Romero Souza, Unsplash)


¶ “BYD Zimbabwe Starts Delivering EVs To Customers” • The transition to electromobility is happening a lot faster than a lot of people think. Across Europe and China, EV sales are increasing to record levels while an overall car market suffers due to effects of Covid-19. Now, Chinese EV maker BYD is extending its market, delivering cars in Zimbabwe. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “The Long Road To “Tesla Motors India” For Indian Tesla Fans” • You may see Tesla and India in the news together more often as Tesla makes waves into its newest market. Tesla advocates pushed hard for the company to enter the Indian market, with a Twitter account and Tesla T-shirts. Amazingly, they were able to interact with Elon Musk himself. [CleanTechnica]

Tesla Club India® T-shirts (Image via Twitter)

¶ “US $4.6 Million For Renewable Energy Projects In Seychelles” • Renewable energy projects in Seychelles are to receive a $4.6 million boost from the People’s Republic of China, as part of an agreement between the two countries. Seychelles Minister for Climate Change & Environment Flavien Joubert said off-grid projects will be included. [Construction Review]

¶ “The UK Is Considering Nuclear Propulsion In Space” • One option that NASA has been exploring for decades is spacecraft that rely on nuclear power. Recently, the UK Space Agency has signed a contract with the British automotive engineering firm Rolls-Royce, which is to investigate applications for nuclear power and propulsion. [Universe Today]

Rolls-Royce nuclear propulsion concept (Rolls-Royce image)


¶ “Weddle & Sons Roofing Installed A Tesla Solar Roof In One Day!” • Weddle & Sons, a certified solar roof installer in the Midwest, has shared how they installed a Tesla Solar Roof in a single day in a new video on YouTube. With the original roof previously removed, they installed a new one with a 12-kW solar system in just one day. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Amazon’s Record Renewables Offtake” • Following its 3.4-GW buying spree, with 26 new wind and solar utility projects across the US and Europe, Amazon’s renewable energy supply portfolio now has a capacity of 6.5 GW. This eclipses Google, which stands in second place and currently reports a renewable energy supply portfolio of 5.5 GW. [Commercial Property Executive]

Amazon Founder and CEO Jeff Bezos (Amazon image)

¶ “US Auto Sales Down 2,592,185 (15%) In 2020, Tesla Up 9%” • With Covid-19, the US auto market took a whipping in 2020. Overall, US auto sales were down by 2,592,185, or 15%, last year. Only three automakers saw their year-over-year sales increase from 2019 to 2020 – Volvo and Alfa Romeo were each up 2%, while Tesla was up 9%. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “More Than 8,000 GE Renewable Energy Onshore Wind Turbines” • In November, GE passed a milestone. Over 8,000 GE Renewable Energy onshore wind turbines stand in 23 US states and 10 other countries. The 2-MW turbines alone have 20 GW of installed capacity worldwide, enough to power the equivalent of 12.9 million homes around the world. [REVE]

Cypress 6.0 wind turbine (GE Renewable Energy image)

¶ “Renewable Energy Bills On Tap For The 2021 Session” • The New Mexico Legislature will consider a handful of renewable energy-related legislation in the upcoming session. The bills to watch include one for a clean fuel standard, a Local Choice Energy Act, two bills to amend the Energy Transition Act, and a try for EV tax credits. [New Mexico Political Report]

¶ “Biden Says His Advisers Will Lead With ‘Science And Truth'” • President-elect Joe Biden has introduced his slate of scientific advisers with the promise that they would summon “science and truth” to combat the coronavirus pandemic, climate crisis and other challenges. “Science is discovery. It’s not fiction,” Biden said. “It’s also about hope.” [Daily Herald]

Have a magnificently tranquil day.

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