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January 30 Energy News

January 30, 2021


¶ “Dizzying Pace Of Biden’s Climate Action Sounds Death Knell For Era Of Denialism” • The first ten days of Biden’s presidency have represented a startling handbrake turn from Donald Trump’s term, where climate science was routinely disparaged or sidelined and policies to cut planet-heating emissions were jettisoned. This is a new era. [The Guardian]

President Biden signing an executive order (White House photo)

Science and Technology:

¶ “This Is The Hydrogen Generator That Will Power The Extreme E Electric Off-Road Racers” • The upcoming Extreme E off-road series for electric race cars has brought up questions about where the fuel would come from in the remote deserts and jungles. Extreme E just revealed the portable, hydrogen-powered generator to make the fuel. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Why Is VW’s MEB Platform Being Used In Boats?” • The idea behind VW’s MEB platform is to have common electric drive components for a broad variety of electric vehicles. MEB is more about having common motors, controllers, modular battery packs, and related components than about a specific skateboard design. It can go into boats. [CleanTechnica]

Silent-Yachts Silent 55 (VW and Silent-Yachts image, cropped)

¶ “PowerX Energy Suite Aims To Help Upgrade Your House Into A More Efficient “Smart” Home” •  A crowdfunded “smart” home sensor system, PowerX, promises to give people insight into their home’s electricity, water consumption, and water heating usage on a very granular level. It claims to enable savings of “an average of $360/year per person.” [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Snowy Owl Spotted In New York’s Central Park For First Time In 130 Years” • A snowy owl was spotted in New York City’s Central Park Wednesday morning for the first time in 130 years, The New York Times reported. Snowy owls live in Arctic areas but are known to venture south during the winter, if they need to find something to eat. [EcoWatch]

Snowy owl (Kendra Young, Unsplash)

¶ “USA Wins Electric Vehicle Battery Battle With Assist From US Army” • The big energy storage news comes from Brookhaven National Laboratory, part of the US DOE’s sprawling network of A-list research facilities, and it’s a fine example of how science never sleeps. Brookhaven scientists have been working tirelessly, despite a president’s disapproval. [CleanTechnica]


¶ “Meet CityQ, The 4-Wheeled Electric ‘Car-eBike’ That Can Carry Passengers And Cargo” • The CityQ is another approach to micromobility. It’s a 4-wheeled enclosed electric “Car-eBike” with a range of up to 43-62 miles (70-100 km) per charge and a 5-hour charge time. It can carry two adults (or one adult and two kids) and/or cargo. [CleanTechnica]

CityQ (Image via CityQ)

¶ “Corporates Buy A Record 23.7 GW Of Renewable Capacity In 2020” • Corporations purchased a record of 23.7 GW of clean energy in 2020, up from 20.1 GW in 2019 and 13.6 GW in 2018, BloombergNEF research shows. This came despite Covid-19, global recession, and uncertainty about US energy policy ahead of the presidential election. [Smart Energy]

¶ “S&P Warns Oil Majors A Downgrade Is Coming ‘Within Weeks'” •  According to The Guardian, the well-known financial ratings company S&P has warned thirteen of the largest oil and gas companies in the world that it may downgrade their credit rating within weeks because of increasing competition from renewable energy. [CleanTechnica]

Oil platform (NAFTA)

¶ “Maharashtra To Power Modi Govt’s Rooftop Solar Mission” • Targeting generation of 38,000 MW of power through rooftop solar by the end of 2022, India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has now tasked Maharashtra with setting up 500 MW of residential solar power under the centrally-sponsored Off Grid Rooftop Solar Program. [The Indian Express]

¶ “Better Energy Secures Power Deal For Danish PV” • Global pharmaceutical company Lundbeck has entered a seven-year PPA with Better Energy to ensure 100% renewable electricity consumption. As a result of the agreement, Better Energy will build a new 34-MW solar park and bring more new renewable electricity into the Danish grid. [reNEWS]

Solar array (Better Energy image)


¶ “Minnesota Lawmakers Begin Work On Renewable Energy Bill” • Minnesota lawmakers are beginning work on clean energy legislation that would require utilities to generate 100% of their electricity from carbon-free resources by 2040, as a renewed focus on climate change ramps up with a new administration in the White House. [Finance and Commerce]

¶ “BP And Equinor Cement US Offshore Wind Partnership” • BP and Equinor completed the formation of their strategic US offshore wind partnership. This includes a $1.1 billion purchase by BP of 50% interest in two major lease areas off the US East Coast owned by Equinor. The new partnership will develop up to 4.4 GW through two projects. [reNEWS]

Offshore wind power (Equinor image)

¶ “EDF Renewables Switches On 214 MW Of Solar + Storage In Southern California” • EDF Renewables North America reached commercial operation of the 114-MW Desert Harvest 1 and 100-MW Desert Harvest 2 Solar Projects on land in Riverside County, California. Desert Harvest 2 includes a 35-MW, 4-hour energy storage system.  [Solar Power World]

¶ “Investors See Green Returns As Renewable Energy Rises” • FirstSolar, Enphase, and SunPower are among the renewable energy stocks that benefit from a friendly administration in the White House, whose agenda includes tackling climate change and bolstering green energy. Their stocks soared last year, far outpacing the wider market. [WIZM NEWS]

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