About the geoharvey blog

The geoharvey blog is devoted to energy, with special attention to nuclear power and renewable power.  Though the interest is world-wide, there is a special focus geographically on the Northeast of the United States.

Finding the news items linked at the blog requires a good deal of time doing web searches. I look through about 350 headlines on a typical day, picking the ones I find interesting. The process is entirely subjective, and I cannot speak to the accuracy or quality of the information in the articles. Truth be told, I do not even have time to read all of them through.

The articles posted daily are used in the TV show, “Energy Week with George Harvey and Tom Finnell,” which is recorded weekly at the BCTV studio in Brattleboro Vermont. The show is available online at brattleborotv.org/energy-week.

Aside from the occasional donation, there is no regular pay associated with the blog or the show. I am not working to support any company, project, or ideology. My goal is just to save the planet.

geoharvey is free and without ads.Donate with PayPalgeoharvey is not tax-deductible.

2 Responses to “About the geoharvey blog”

  1. Jeremy P Schrauf Says:

    You frequently use the phrase “Turns Sod On” What does that mean?

    • geoharvey Says:

      Hi – That is not my phrase, actually. It is part of the title of the article from reNEWS, whose policy is to have short, cute titles. The phrase to “turn sod on” means to have a groundbreaking. In other words, it indicates a start of construction. – ghh

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