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January 26 Energy News

January 26, 2021


¶ “Poking The Wind Power Dragon In Ohio, One Factory At A Time” • The state of Ohio has been slow to move on the wind power revolution, and last year’s passage of the notorious HB 6 energy bill didn’t help matters much. But CleanTechnica came across One Energy, a wind company has figured out how to keep the turbines coming. [CleanTechnica]

Workers installing a tower (Photo via One Energy)

¶ “Green A Building, Save The Planet” • In 2050, roughly half the US building stock will be buildings that are standing today. We need to reduce energy use and emissions from those buildings. Greening a building through energy and water efficiency is the fastest, most effective way to cut our pollution, and at the same time, it saves money. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “A Powerful Tool To Fight Climate Denialism And Conspiracy Theories” • Occam’s Razor is a well-known tool for addressing complex problems. It says that the simplest explanation is often the correct one. When you are dealing with denial of climate change and conspiracy theories, applying Occam’s Razor can simplify the descussion. [CleanTechnica]

Warming planet (NASA image)

Science and Technology:

¶ “The Coronavirus Ten Times More Deadly Than Covid” • Mers (Middle East respiratory syndrome) is a dangerous coronavirus that was discovered in Saudi Arabia in 2012. It spread to humans from camels. Climate change is making this a growing problem, because herders in Africa are raising camels instead of cattle as the supplies of water are declining. [BBC]

¶ “New Solar Arrays To Power NASA’s International Space Station Research” • Designed for a 15-year service life, some of the solar panels at the International Space Station have been operating continuously since December 2000. Other panels have been added over the years, and now more are to be set up to increase the stations power. [CleanTechnica]

Roll-Out Solar Array (NASA image)

¶ “Researchers Claim Redox Flow Battery Breakthrough Will Cost $25 Per kWh Or Less” • In the UK, researchers at Warwick University, in cooperation with colleagues at Imperial College London, say they have found a way to dramatically reduce the cost of redox flow batteries to £20 per kWh or less using very inexpensive materials. [CleanTechnica]


¶ “Augwind To Build 120 MWh Of Compressed Air Energy Storage For Solar In Israel” • Israel’s second renewable energy tender was for solar-plus-storage projects, and Israel Electric Corporation awarded 609 MW of solar and 2.4 GWh of energy storage. Compressed air systems by Augwind will provide at least 120 MWh of the storage. [CleanTechnica]

Augwind’s AirBattery process (Screenshot)

¶ “South Africa To Seek 6.8 GW Of Renewable Energy In Next 12 Months” • South Africa plans for three procurement rounds for 6.8 GW of renewable energy over the next year, and a combined 5 GW of new coal, gas, and storage, an ANC presentation showed. South Africa is heavily dependent on coal for its electricity, and it suffers from frequent outages. [TechCentral]

¶ “Vattenfall Invests In In-Turbine Toilets” • Vattenfall has placed an order for the offshore wind industry’s “first” in-turbine toilet. The Swedish developer is spending more than a few pennies by installing the cubicles in every turbine on its Aberdeen Offshore Wind Farm. The toilets are being installed for reasons of both safety and productivity. [reNEWS]

In-turbine toilet (PWS image)

¶ “India’s Aim Of Doubling Renewable Power By 2022 Gets Foreign Backers’ Boost” • India’s goal of doubling its renewable power by next year is getting a boost from international investors who see the market’s potential outweighing its significant risks. Total SA’s $2.5 billion investment in Adani Green Energy Ltd is one sign of interest. [Business Standard]


¶ “Reader Tip And Pic Of SpaceX Phobos, Seconnd SpaceX Oil Rig” • CleanTechnica has covered the SpaceX purchase of two offshore oil rigs, with plans to modify them into floating launch and landing facilities for Starship. And we have been tracking progress of the rigs. Thanks to our readers, we now have pictures of the one called Phobos. [CleanTechnica]

Google Maps 3D view of the SpaceX rig, marked in red

¶ “Vineyard Wind Looks To Regain Spot In Project Pipeline” • With a new federal administration that is expected to be far more receptive to offshore wind projects, Vineyard Wind said it is ready to resubmit plans for a wind farm 15 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard that it yanked from federal review in early December. [Fall River Herald News]

¶ “Boone Town Council Approves Climate Resolution, Targets Town-Wide Renewable Energy By 2050” • In North Carolina, the Boone Town Council unanimously approved a climate resolution that aims to phase out the use of fossil fuels and reduce carbon emissions. A “climate and ecological emergency” declaration was also adopted. [The Appalachian Online]

Generating sources (Pixabay image)

¶ “America’s Largest Energy Buyers Call On Federal Government to Transition To Zero-Carbon Energy” • America’s largest energy customers are calling on the federal government to implement strong and specific national policies to accelerate the transition to a zero-carbon power sector and expand access to clean energy for customers. [Business Wire]

¶ “Leeward To Acquire First Solar’s US Project Platform” • First Solar, Inc, based in Tempe, Arizona, announced its entry into a Sales and Purchase Agreement with Leeward Renewable Energy Development, LLC, based in Dallas. Leeward will acquire a solar project platform of approximately 10 GW. The transaction is expected to close in this quarter. [Energy Global]

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