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January 1 Energy News

January 1, 2021

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¶ “It Wasn’t Just The Pandemic: Oil’s Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Year” • It is not a surprise that the oil industry had a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year. Oil powers the vast majority of the global transportation system, and the pandemic froze most of the world’s population in place. But oil has a lot more wrong, and a vaccine won’t fix it. [NPR]

Iceberg (Long Ma, Unsplash)

¶ “Signs of Hope for US Federal Climate Action in 2021” • As we enthusiastically bid 2020 farewell, 2021 is starting to feel like a year to be hopeful. Congress has passed what may be the most ambitious energy legislation in several years. Two other bills introduced tackle vastly different aspects of climate change and energy transition. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “21 Best E-Bikes And Electric Motorcycles You Can Buy in 2021” • If you’re one of the lucky few who don’t really need that money to, you know – survive – you get to help stimulate the economy by buying a brand-new e-bike, and 2021 has more offerings available than ever before! Here are 21 e-bikes to consider for ’21. [CleanTechnica]

Ducati Scrambler SCR-E Folding e-bike (Ducati image)

¶ “Why 2021 Could Be Turning Point For Tackling Climate Change” • Countries only have a limited time in which to act if the world is to stave off the worst effects of climate change. Here are five reasons why 2021 could be a crucial year in the fight against global warming. We are at a make or break moment, said UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres. [BBC]

¶ “Divestment Year In Review 2020 From CleanTechnica” • With evidence of climate change clear, more asset managers than ever are in agreement as they see a threat to the bottom line. The fossil fuel divestment campaign has captured global attention, with many high-profile institutional investors shedding fossil fuels investments. [CleanTechnica]

Sixteen billion-dollar weather disasters (NOAA image)
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Science and Technology:

¶ “‘Bomb Cyclone’ Is Bringing Big Waves To Central Coast. What Caused This Weather Phenomenon?” • 2020 ends with another weather record. On New Year’s Eve, a storm with record-breaking low pressure formed near the Aleutian Islands. Its development is what meteorologists call bombogenesis. And it is what they call a “bomb cyclone.” [San Luis Obispo Tribune]


¶ “Bogota Gets 470 New Electric Buses, Berlin Gets 90” • Electric bus adoption shows no signs of slowing down. We regularly share stories of transit authorities buying another batch of electric buses, and it’s happening all over the world. Most recently, we got some big orders. Berlin, Germany, added 90 electric buses and Bogota, Colombia, added 470. [CleanTechnica]

Solaris Urbino electric bus in Berlin (Solaris image)

¶ “Greece Approves 2.8 GW Of Renewable Energy Projects” • The Greek government has approved four investments into new renewable energy projects totaling 2.8 GW of wind and solar power capacity. More than €2 billion will be spent on the four investment projects, which will be primarily made up of solar power installations. [Greek City Times]

¶ “Volkswagen Expands Charging Infrastructure, Previews Mobile Charger” • Volkswagen is committed to transforming itself from a maker of conventional cars to a manufacturer of EVs. The company is beefing up charging networks and charging at locations of its own, and it is making better chargers for homes. [CleanTechnica]

Volkswagen’s mobile charging robot (Volkswagen image)

¶ “2020 ‘Greenest’ Year For UK Electricity” • 2020 is set to be the greenest on record for the UK in terms of electricity generation, according to National Grid ESO data. Its data shows that 2020 saw the lowest carbon emissions for electricity, with an average of 181gCO₂/KWh from January to November, a 66% drop from 2013’s figure of 529CO₂/KWh. [reNEWS]

¶ “Vestas Clinches 95-MW Brazilian Order For Two Sites” • Vestas got a 95-MW order from European Energy, in partnership with Eólica Tecnologia, for the Ouro Branco and Quatro Ventos wind projects in the Brazilian state of Pernambuco. The order comprises 21 V150-4.2 MW turbines delivered in 4.5MW Power Optimized Mod. [reNEWS]

Vestas wind turbines (Vestas image)

¶ “Radiation Levels At Fukushima Plant Far Worse Than Was Thought” • Exceedingly high radiation levels found inside crippled reactor buildings at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant were labeled by nuclear regulators as an “extremely serious” challenge to the shutdown process and overall site decommissioning. [Asahi Shimbun]


¶ “US Renewable Energy Consumption Surpasses Coal For First Time In Over 130 Years” • US annual energy consumption from renewable sources exceeded coal consumption in 2019, for the first time since before 1885, according to the Energy Information Administration’s Monthly Energy Review. In 2019, Coal was down nearly 15% from 2018. [CleanTechnica]

Coal vs renewables (US EIA, “Monthly Energy Review”)

¶ “Biden Set To Supercharge Clean Energy Push With $40 Billion Stash” • President-elect Joe Biden, who oversaw the Obama administration’s stimulus work as vice president, unknowingly left himself a down-payment for the work ahead: $40 billion in unused DOE loan authority awarded under the 2009 stimulus. [Politico]

¶ “Climate’s Toll On The Colorado River: ‘We Can Weather Maybe A Couple Of Years'” • The warming climate is intensifying drought, drying out the river’s headwaters, and contributing to fires, sending consequences downstream, with stark implications for the entire region from the cattle ranches of Colorado to the suburbs of Phoenix. []

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