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January 31 Energy News

January 31, 2021


¶ “Biden’s Climate Agenda: Is This The Beginning Of The End For Fossil Fuels?” • The author spoke to the man Joe Biden has tasked with drawing up his climate change battle plans – John Kerry. “It is one of his top priorities, without any question whatsoever,” Mr Kerry assured him. “He’ll make more progress on the issue than any previous president.” [BBC]

Pump jack (Jeff W, Unsplash)

¶ “Why Your Banking Habits Matter For The Climate” • The connection between investments and greenhouse gas emissions may not be intuitively clear. But your financial habits could be having a big impact on the environment. As a consumer with money to invest, the decisions you take about what to do with it can be surprisingly important. [BBC]

¶ “Big Oil Woos Big Corn To Fight Off Biden EV Push” • Like a deer in the headlights, Big Oil is watching the fast moving train wreck headed its way and trying everything it can think of to avoid the carnage a major market disruption will bring. And one thing that includes is likely to be cozying up to its longtime rival, the ethanol industry. [CleanTechnica]

Corn field under a cloud (Dave Hoefler, Unsplash)

Science and Technology:

¶ “Autonomous Vehicles Take To The Skies With Emergency Auto Landing” • Emergency Autoland (EAL) is coming. EAL would take over an airplane if it detects that the pilot is not able to fly it. It then handles all of the flying tasks, including sending out warnings to control towers and other aircraft. And it can land the plane, preventing loss of life. [CleanTechnica]


¶ “Scania Ditches Fuel Cell Trucks To Focus On Full Electric” • Sweden’s Scania AB, one of the world’s largest heavy duty truck and bus manufacturers, is benching its fuel cell electric vehicle program and pushing ahead with full electric, powertrains built around batteries for its zero emission transport future. Scania is owned by Volkswagen AG. [CleanTechnica]

Scania electric truck (Scania image)

¶ “Climate Change Report ‘Incredibly Encouraging’, PM Says” • The first report of New Zealand’s Climate Change Commission shows that reaching the country’s emissions reduction goals is both achievable and affordable. The Prime Minister calls this incredibly encouraging. The report lays out a path to reducing greenhouse gas emissions drastically. [RNZ]

¶ “Open the Gates! 23% Plugin Vehicle Share in Europe!” • The overall automotive market still in the red in December (-4% YoY), but Europe’s passenger plugin vehicle market had an historic month, having registered a record 281,000 vehicles (+264% YoY!), adding an amazing 115,000 units to the previous record, which was set in the previous month. [CleanTechnica]

Renault Zoe (Renault Press Image)


¶ “First Nuclear Unit With Hualong One Reactor In Operation” • China’s first nuclear power unit using Hualong One, the country’s indigenous third-generation nuclear power technology, was put into commercial operation, China National Nuclear Corporation said. China is one of only four countries that have developed third-generation reactors. [Chinadaily USA]

¶ “China’s Renewable Energy Generation Maintains Growth In 2020” • China’s renewable energy generation rose 8.4% year on year to 2.21 trillion kWh in 2020, according to the National Energy Administration. By the end of last year, the national renewable energy capacity had hit 934 GW, up 17.5% from the year before. [Global Times]

Wind turbines in China (Chris Lim, CC-BY-SA 2.0)


¶ “Ikea Bought 11,000 Acres Of Forest In Georgia To Protect It From Development ” • Ingka Group, which owns and operates most Ikea stores, acquired forestland in southeast Georgia to protect it and its diverse ecosystems from development. The company announced that it purchased 10,840 acres of land near the Altamaha River Basin. [CNN]

¶ “Tucson Electric Power’s Biggest Solar Farm Taking Shape South Of The City” • The Wilmot Energy Center, a 100-MW PV project with 30 MW of linked battery storage, is currently under construction south of Tucson. A spokesman for the developer, NextEra Energy Resources, said operations are scheduled to begin as early as April. [Arizona Daily Star]

Wilmot Energy Center (David Sanders, Tucson Electric Power)

¶ “US Transportation Emissions Expected To Shoot Up Again In 2021 And 2022” • With the Covid-19 pandemic, the Earth had a momentary pause from escalating CO₂ emissions. Unfortunately that was only a pause. Information from the Energy Information Administration implies that we will return to 2019 emissions levels from transportation in 2022. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Scientist Jobs Left Vacant By Previous Admin Need Filling As Biden Tackles Environmental Challenges” • The number of scientists who carry out environmental research, enforcement and other jobs fell in several agencies, and sharply in some, under former President Donald Trump, federal data shows. That is a challenge for President Joe Biden. [KTLA]

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