October 21 Energy News

October 21, 2018


¶ “Is Climate Science Denial Leading to Human Rights Violations, Asks Philippines Commission” • As climate change liability increasingly lands in courtrooms around the globe, the Philippines Commission on Human Rights is taking a different and unique approach, investigating climate change impacts as a human rights infringement. [DeSmog]

Philippine boy (Asian Development Bank, Creative commons)

Science and Technology:

¶ “Scientists Warn Flooding to be More Common in Central Texas” • The US National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration changed the amount of rainfall it takes to qualify as a 100-year event in central Texas. This will have consequences for infrastructure design, flood plain development, and flood insurance. [Austin American-Statesman]

¶ “Are Extreme Weather Events Linked to Climate Change?” • Can a Single Extreme Weather Event be Attributed to Climate Change? Ten years ago the answer to this question was a solid “no.” But the science of identifying singular extreme weather events as results of human-caused climate change is changing fast. [Scientific American]

After Hurricane Michael (Hector Retamal | Getty Images)


¶ “NEA Taps Toshiba to Pilot Hydrogen Power in Off-Grids” • The Philippines’ National Electrification Administration signed a memorandum of understanding with Japanese firm Toshiba Energy Systems and Solutions Corp to collaborate on developing self-sufficient hydrogen energy systems for off-grid areas in the country. [Philippine Star]

¶ “French Fund Eyes Investment in Brexit Britain’s Offshore Wind ” • Fresh from the listing of the €1.4 billion (£1.2 billion, $1.6 billion) renewable energy giant Neoen last year, Omnes Capital is plotting a major push into British wind next year. Unfazed by Brexit, it seems, Neoen plans to invest half a billion euros in UK windpower. [Telegraph.co.uk]

British offshore windpower (Simon Belcher | Alamy)

¶ “EDF Slammed over Flamanville Faults” • A source at the French nuclear watchdog, Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire, accused EDF, the state-run utility, of delaying the disclosure that at least 33 welds at the European pressurised reactor under construction in Flamanville were substandard and need to be repaired at a cost of around €400 million. [Energy Reporters]


¶ “Josh Frydenberg Rules Out Stronger Climate Polices Despite Wentworth Debacle” • Australian Treasurer Josh Frydenberg continues to insist that the government’s climate policies are “settled” despite acknowledging the issue was a factor in the Wentworth by-election, where the government suffered a battering. [The Sydney Morning Herald]

Hazelton Power Station (CSIRO, Wikimedia Commons)

¶ “Australia’s First Big Waste-to-Energy Treatment Plant to Transform Energy in the Peel Region” • Household, commercial, and industrial waste from a region of Western Australia will soon be diverted from landfill, part of a $675 million energy project to tackle the growing recycling crisis. It will be Australia’s first big waste-to-energy plant. [Mandurah Mail]

¶ “US City Empowers Australian Councils to Develop Solar as Lack of Federal Climate Policy Causes Concern” • Mayor Rex Parris of Lancaster, California, attributes an increase in jobs, new manufacturers moving to the city, and a reduction in crime to the city’s net-zero energy policy. He spoke with Australian council representatives. [ABC Local]

Solar system (Binarysequence, Wikimedia Commons)


¶ “Tesla Model S Still #1 Large Luxury Car in USA – By Far” • Rather than just beating the competition in the large luxury car class, the Model S seems to be demolishing it. Tesla Model S sales have remained steady, but its lead in sales has grown from previous quarters because of declining sales of competing luxury car models. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Prices for New Tesla Model 3 and Other Popular EVs Lower than Used Prices” • Over a year into its production run, the Tesla Model 3 is still selling at significantly higher prices on the used market than it sells for new. Is this a joke? No, it’s real, and it is actually the new normal for the best value EVs in several markets around the world. [CleanTechnica]

Tesla Model 3 on the California Coast

¶ “In a Hyper-Partisan Era, Both Democrats and Republicans Agree on Renewable Energy” • Democrats and Republicans actually have some common ground in the area of renewable energy. The two parties apparently view renewable energy as a necessity for all Americans, a study in the journal Environmental Politics shows. [Citizen Truth]

¶ “ISO New England Learns Lessons from Deep Freeze Last Winter” • With lessons learned from the bitter cold snap that kept much of New England in the deep freeze during the holidays last winter, ISO New England, which manages the regional power grid, has changed its procedures and is looking for long-term solutions. [Valley News]

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