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October 1 Energy News

October 1, 2018


¶ “Q & A: Why Switching to Renewable Energy Sources is No Longer a Matter of Morality, But of Economics” • When the Global Green Growth Institute was founded eight years ago, most people thought renewable energies would never replace oil and coal. Today, the tables have turned. Dr Frank Rijsberman answers questions. [Inter Press Service]

Philippine wind farm (Credit: Kara Santos | IPS)

¶ “Natural Gas Swings, Misses Inexorable March To The All-Electric Future” • Natural gas used to be considered a clean alternative, but evidence is building that leaks contribute to global warming. That’s on top of local impacts from air pollution, water contamination and other water resource issues, and yes, earthquakes. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Why the #MeToo movement gives me hope we can fix climate change” • There are signs of something happening that might bring the faster shifts in popular attitude and behavior that are needed to meet vital climate targets. A mixture of new social movements and social media now seem capable of transforming shifts. [The Guardian]

Glacier in Greenland (SpecialistStoc | Rex | Shutterstock)

¶ “The many faces of climate denial” • While North Carolina’s state legislature mandated a wholesale denial of the problem of climate change, Massachusetts’s state government adopted a different form of climate denial that is arguably just as pernicious and even more widespread: denying that the problem is as grave as it is. [CommonWealth magazine]

Science and Technology:

¶ “The people building a greener future” • Constructing new environmentally-friendly buildings is expected to generate more than 6.5 million jobs by 2030, according to predictions by the International Labor Organization. Following energy, building will be the second fastest growing sector for green jobs in the coming decades. [BBC]

Planeta-DeAgostini head office in Barcelona (Getty Images)


¶ “Chart: Global Shifts In EV Battery Chemistry (And Electric Car Sales Grow 66%)” • EV Volumes released another report on electric car sales and trends. Electric car sales grew strongly yet again. Globally, plug-in car sales were up 66% in the first half of 2018 versus the first half of 2017. One chart on battery chemistry stands out. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Denmark launches first mixed wind and solar tender worth 140 MW” • The Danish Energy Agency, Energystyrelsen, has launched a mixed source tender worth 140 MW of renewable energy. The tender has a price cap of €17.42/MW (2.02¢/kWh). It is Denmark’s first ever technology-neutral renewable energy tender. [Energy Digital]

Solar array

¶ “Wind and Solar Powering Greek Island” • The Greek island of Tilos may provide the model for a renaissance of renewable energy across the EU. This summer, technicians tested a system that will allow the island to produce and run on its own power, thanks to a battery system charged by an 800-kW wind turbine and a solar park. [Power Magazine]

¶ “End climate war, pleads Synergy chairman Robert Cole” • The chairman of Western Australia’s state-owned power provider called for an end to the debilitating wars over energy and climate policy, saying the uncertainty hampers investment decisions. He expressed frustration over the federal government’s inability to meet carbon targets. [The West Australian]

Albany Wind Farm (Getty Images | iStockphoto)

¶ “Japan takes a major step toward a hydrogen-based economy” • A Japanese consortium started construction of the Fukushima Hydrogen Energy Research Field, which is said to be the world’s largest hydrogen-based energy system, in Fukushima Prefecture. The move is considered a major step towards a hydrogen-based economy. [ChemEngOnline]

¶ “New Queensland abattoir to be powered by solar and hydrogen storage” •  A new high-tech abattoir to be built in Queensland has joined the industrial shift to renewable energy. Plans were announced for the plant to be partly powered by a 78-MW solar farm, with a 33-MW solar-powered hydrogen facility to service its boiler. [RenewEconomy]

Solar-powered abattoir

¶ “Intense Summer Heatwaves Rattle World’s Power Plants” • The scorching heat of the summer of 2018 forced a swathe of power plants across the world to reduce power or shut down temporarily, owing to warmer-than-usual cooling water and other general heat-related issues. France had to shut down several nuclear reactors. [Power Magazine]


¶ “Here’s how the University of Richmond will match 100% of its electricity needs with solar power” • It would not have been possible just five years ago, but a gradual decrease in cost for solar panels paired with an increase in government incentives has enabled the university to produce heaps of sustainable energy soon. []

Solar array

¶ “Vermont’s energy efficiency utilities under inspection in new investigation” • Almost 20 years after Vermont became the first state in the country to start a separate energy efficiency utility, with the creation of Efficiency Vermont, members of a state board are now re-examining how energy efficiency utilities operate. []

¶ “AEP plans two solar facilities in Ohio” • American Electric Power Ohio wants to build two solar facilities in southwest Ohio, Kallanish Energy reports. The utility filed a proposal with the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio to build 400 MW of solar power in Highland County. One of the two plants would be the largest in Ohio, at 300 MW. [Kallanish Energy]

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