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October 12 Energy News

October 12, 2018


¶ “What Tiny Bhutan Can Teach the World about Being Carbon Negative” • High up in the Eastern Himalayas is one of the greenest countries in the world. While many nations are struggling to reduce their carbon emissions, the Kingdom of Bhutan is already carbon negative: it takes more greenhouse gasses from the atmosphere than it emits. [CNN]


¶ “Building Equitable Circular Societies” • A Circular Economy is a regenerative system in which resources are kept in use for as long as possible, with maximum value recirculated. Products and materials are offered as a service so they can be recovered and regenerated at the end of each service life. Instead of cradle to grave, it is cradle to cradle. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “That $3 Trillion-a-Year Clean Energy Transformation? It’s Already Underway” • To keep global warming in check, the world will have to invest an average of around $3 trillion a year over the next three decades in transforming its energy supply systems, a the IPCC report says. It will not be cheap, but it is already underway. [InsideClimate News]

Building a wind turbine (Photo: Dennis Schroeder | NREL)


¶ “Micro and Mini-Grids to Bring Power to Indonesia’s Off-Grid Communities” • The government of Indonesia and the Asian Development Bank will implement a program for micro-grids and mini-grids for less electrified areas. The ADB said around 10 million people, 15% of the Indonesian population, had no access to electricity in 2016. [pv magazine International]

¶ “Falling Lithium-Ion Prices will Help EU to Reach Renewable Energy Target, Expert Predicts” • Lithium-ion technology, a major factor in renewable energy deployment, has been costly, but the cost of lithium-ion batteries is falling far faster than previously predicted. “The rate of change is phenomenal,” one Smart Energy Council member said. [Verdict]

Renewable energy (Shutterstock image)

¶ “Trial to Run Monash University on 100% Renewables Backed by ARENA” • A ground-breaking microgrid trial that aims to run Victoria’s Monash University on 100% renewable energy won grant funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. The electric power for the university would be generated and stored on-site. [One Step Off The Grid]

¶ “Fortum JV Bolsters Russian Regional Ties” • Finnish energy company Fortum and Russian partner Rusnano have signed a cooperation agreement with the government of Kalmykia to build up to 450 MW of wind power in Russia. Fortum’s 50:50 joint venture with Rusnano has won the right to develop almost 2 GW of wind power in Russia. [reNEWS]

Wind farm in Sweden (Fortum image)

¶ “Fair Isle Reaps Renewable Reward” • The Scottish island of Fair Isle is benefiting from 24-hour electricity provision for the first time thanks to a new renewable energy system with three wind turbines, a ground-mounted solar facility, and battery storage system. Previously the island’s 55 people only had power 16 hours per day. [reNEWS]


¶ “Wisconsin’s Solar Energy will Increase by 33% under New Public-Private Partnership” • When ten Wisconsin communities purchase power through the new solar energy partnership with Organic Valley, the 31-MW solar array installed by the farmer cooperative’s initiative will increase the state’s solar capacity by 33%. [Wisconsin Public Radio News]

Wisconsin solar farm (Photo: of Prairie Restorations, Inc)

¶ “Bill Nelson Says Global Warming Led to Hurricane Michael’s Strength: ‘Listen to the scientists’” • Florida Sen Bill Nelson bluntly assigned blame for how an October tropical storm swiftly grew into the most powerful hurricane to ever hit the Florida Panhandle: It is global warming. He said “Florida is ground zero” on climate change. []

¶ “SDG&E Gets the Ball Rolling on Community Solar” • A new solar plant is providing clean energy to customers signed up for San Diego Gas & Electric’s EcoChoice and EcoShare community solar programs. The project and two more under development will deliver a combined 42.4 MW of renewable energy to the San Diego region. [Solar Industry]

Scene in California

¶ “Southern Power to Build 200-MW Wind Farm in Kansas after Deal with Royal Caribbean” • After a deal with Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd, Southern Power will build a 200-MW wind farm in Kansas. The Reading wind facility is expected to generate enough clean energy to offset 10%-12% of Royal Caribbean’s annual carbon emissions. [Renewables Now]

¶ “New DC Renewable Energy Goal – 100% Renewable Adoption by 2032” • The IPCC report said quick action is needed on climate change. The DC council met to consider major climate legislation, and came up with an aggressive plan to cut carbon emissions. The new goal would be 100% clean electricity by 2032, up from 50%. [Hydrogen Fuel News]

Capitol Building

¶ “Peninsula Clean Energy Goes Big Time with 200 MW-AC Solar Project” • Following a groundbreaking day, construction contractor Clēnera is officially beginning work on the 200-MW Wright Solar Park, which occupies 1,200 acres of former grazing land in the rolling plains of Merced County, in California’s Central Valley. [pv magazine USA]

¶ “Westinghouse Could Be Hurt by New US Curbs on Nuclear Exports” • The Trump administration announced new limits on sharing civilian nuclear power technology with China. US officials said they were warranted in response to theft of American nuclear technology and intellectual property for military and other purposes. [BloombergQuint]

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