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October 10 Energy News

October 10, 2018


¶ “Why You Have (Probably) Already Bought Your Last Car” • You may be scoffing in disbelief at this article’s title, but bear with me. A growing number of tech analysts are predicting that in under 20 years we will all have stopped owning cars, and the internal combustion engine will have been consigned to the dustbin of history. [BBC]

Driverless taxi (Getty Images)

¶ “There Is Only One Energy Future: Firmed Renewables” • Even if we put climate change imperative to one side, we would still have a profound energy transition. The cheapest and cleanest technology for replacing old electric power plants is renewable energy, even when it is coupled with necessary firming technologies. [The Australian Financial Review]

Science and Technology:

¶ “Diverse Forests Can Absorb More Carbon Than Single Species Forests, Study Finds” • A study comparing forests was published in the journal, Science. Its authors estimate that for every additional species of tree found in a forest, there is an additional 6% increase in carbon storage – up to a tree stand of 20 different species. [Science Trends]

Forest (Photo: eliasfalla via Pixabay, CC0)


¶ “These Companies Are Leading The Fight Against Climate Change” • A report published by the UN IPCC said that “rapid, far-reaching and unprecedented changes in all aspects of society” are needed to avoid disastrous levels of global warming. While often seen as culprits, some businesses are setting a positive example. [CNN]

¶ “Denmark Discusses Labeling Food For Climate Impact” • The Danish government began discussing proposals to oblige food manufacturers and supermarkets to put labels on their products that would rate their impact on the environment and climate. The move is being supported by the Danish Agriculture and Food Council. [CNN]

Danish supermarket (Francis Dean | Corbis via Getty Images)

¶ “Egypt Could Meet More Than 50% Of Its Electricity Demand With Renewable Energy” • Egypt could generate up to 53% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030, a report by the International Renewable Energy Agency says. Renewables could reduce the country’s energy bill by up to $900 million annually in 2030. [Utilities Middle East]

¶ “IKEA Plans Emissions-Free Deliveries In Five Cities” • IKEA is well-known for using solar power at some of its stores, and for offering solar panels for sale in some as well. The company just added a new green wrinkle. It will have emissions-free delivery in five cities, New York, Paris, Los Angeles, Amsterdam, and Shanghai, by 2020. [CleanTechnica]

IKEA Concept Center

¶ “GE Wins Contract For Egypt’s First Nuclear Power Plant” • GE won a contract to supply equipment and services to Egypt’s first nuclear power plant, the company announced. The contract includes the supply of four nuclear turbine generators. The plant is to be built in cooperation with Russian state-run nuclear firm Rosatom. [The National]

¶ “Three Spanish Wind Farms Totaling 128 MW Set To Open In 2019” • Enel Green Power España started construction of three wind farms in Spain. The facilities are the 46.8-MW Muniesa, 41.4-MW Farlán and 39.9-MW San Pedro de Alacón, all in the region of Aragon. The total investment will be around €130 million ($149.1 million). [CNBC]

Wind farm in Spain (Enel Green Power)

¶ “Australia’s Top Scientist Calls For Hydrogen Revolution To Replace Fossil Fuels” • The federal government’s top scientist Alan Finkel says Australia could slash global carbon emissions and create a multi-billion dollar export industry by developing hydrogen as an energy source to replace fossil fuels for vehicles, homes, and industry. [The Sydney Morning Herald]

¶ “Suzlon Savours 250-MW Local Success” • The 250-MW Chandragiri wind farm in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu has been completed by Suzlon and Sembcorp Energy India. The project, which features 119 Suzlon 2.1-MW S111 120-meter turbines, will sell electricity to Power Trading Corporation under a long-term agreement. [reNEWS]

Suzlon wind turbine (Suzlon image)


¶ “Flint Schools Are Getting Safe Water Fountains Thanks To Elon Musk” • Schools in Flint, Michigan, are finally getting the help they need to provide safe water fountains for their students, four years after high levels of lead were found in Flint’s water. Billionaire Elon Musk and the Musk Foundation donated the money to install filters. [CNN]

¶ “Kansas City Utility Packages Clean Energy With Federal Tax Savings” • Kansas City Power & Light has a rate case before the Missouri Public Service Commission that would return federal tax savings to customers. It also has measures to reduce energy usage, and it encourages renewable energy purchases and community solar. [Energy News Network]

Kansas City Missouri

¶ “Trump Says He Will Review UN Climate Change Report” • President Trump said he will “absolutely” review a new dire report on climate change from the UN, though he expressed some skepticism about its authors. “It was given to me and I want to look at who drew it, which group drew it,” Trump told reporters at the White House. [The Hill]

¶ “Lobby Group Forms To Save Davis-Besse, Perry Nuclear Plants” • The Ohio Clean Energy Jobs Alliance was created to lobby to keep open the Davis-Besse and Perry nuclear plants. The group is supported by power plant owner FirstEnergy Solutions Inc. It is made up of government, business and labor leaders, an announcement said. [Akron Beacon Journal]

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