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October 14 Energy News

October 14, 2018


¶ “Investors Won’t Want to Miss This $10 Trillion Opportunity” • In the last five years, global enterprises have invested a stunning $1.5 trillion in renewable power. But the opportunity that lies ahead is monumental, with one estimate pegging the number at more than $10 trillion to replace the current carbon-based power systems. [Motley Fool]

Renewable power (Getty Images)

¶ “To Chart NH’s Energy Future, Learn from our Conservative Past” • At the turn of the 20th century, unregulated clear cutting wiped out most of New Hampshire’s forests. In response, environmentalists, businessmen, and elected officials, led by Republicans, set out to save the state’s natural resources for future generations.  [Nashua Telegraph]

¶ “Switch to Green Energy – and Save £250 on Your Bill” • The UN could not have been any clearer. If you are worried about climate change, you’ve got to do your bit and reduce harmful emissions. Fortunately, there is no longer any excuse not to switch to a green electricity (and in some cases, gas) supplier. It is easy and saves money. [The Guardian]

Wind turbines of Kentish Flats offshore windfarm
(Chris Laurens | Getty Images | VisitBritain RM)

¶ “Climate Change Provided High Octane Fuel for Hurricane Michael” • Sometimes connecting climate change to a specific weather event is difficult. With Hurricane Michael, it is not. Earth’s waters are getting warmer due to an increasing global temperature, and warmer waters fuel hurricanes. They were 3°F to 5°F higher in the Gulf. [CBS News]


¶ “Pioneer Turbine Sets New Benchmark For Tidal Renewable Energy” • In its first year of testing, the world’s most powerful floating tidal turbine has generated 3 GWh of electricity. The SR2000 FloTEC project from ScotRenewables has shown it can provide low-cost, low-risk and reliable energy to the European power grid very predictably. [Phys.Org]

Wave (Shutterstock image)

¶ “Plug-in Cars = 60% of New Car Sales in Norway in September” • Exponential electric vehicle adoption has been at play in Norway for several years. Fully electric cars are up to 45% market share in Norway, and if you throw in another 15% for the plug-in hybrids, plug-in vehicles have grown to a whopping 60% market share. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Blue Agave Crop Grown in Far North Queensland to be Burned at Sugar Mill for Power Generation” • Blue agave, the basic ingredient for tequila, is grown on a commercial scale in Mexico, but Queensland’s MSF Sugar plans to plant 4,000 hectares of it. After the sugar is extracted, fibers will be burned to produce electric power. [ABC News]

Blue agave plants (Photo: Courtney Wilson | ABC News)

¶ “Saskatchewan NDP rolls out key element of climate change plan at convention” • A loan program that would enable people, businesses, and farms to switch over to more energy-efficient options and renewable energy was presented at the convention of Saskatchewan’s New Democratic Party as key element of the climate change plan. [Circleville Herald]

¶ “Offshore Wind Technology Takes Off” • Compared to other renewable energy technologies, offshore wind still makes up a small part of global power generation. Today, there is slightly less than 19 GW of installed offshore capacity. Costs have been falling rapidly and installed capacity is expected to grow to 128 GW by the year 2030. [Utilities Middle East]

Offshore wind farm

¶ “TEPCO Apologizes for Still-Radioactive Water at Fukushima Plant” • TEPCO admitted that water at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant still contains radioactive materials, which it has insisted for years had been removed. The utility apologized to a government committee which is looking into ways to dispose of the water. [Japan Today]


¶ “5.7-MW Solar Project Now Producing Energy on Former Landfill in Vermont” • A 5.7-MW solar project on a former landfill in Brattleboro, Vermont, is now online. The project was jointly developed by Sky Solar and Encore Renewable Energy. The solar array sits on land owned by the Windham Solid Waste Management District. [Solar Power World]

Brattleboro landfill solar array

¶ “‘It’s a Big Deal for Us’: The Magic Kingdom is Going Green” • By the end of 2018, Disney will flip the switch on a sprawling 50-MW solar power facility with more than a half-million solar panels, just outside Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Disney plans to reduce its net greenhouse-gas emissions 50% worldwide by 2020, compared to 2012. [The Sydney Morning Herald]

¶ “A Scientist And Clean Energy Advocate Is Gaining Ground in Chicago’s ‘Hottest Congressional Race'” • Sean Casten, who holds degrees in molecular biology and biochemical engineering, has been working to profitably reduce greenhouse gas emissions for more than a decade. Now he is in a congressional race that is too close to call. [ScienceAlert]

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