October 15 Energy News

October 15, 2018


¶ “Message from Hurricanes Michael and Maria: Renewable Energy Makes More Sense than Ever” • To face the growing threat of climate change, we can no longer rely on old energy systems. We must develop new ones that can withstand more frequent hazards. We can build infrastructure in a smarter, more sustainable way. [USA TODAY]

PVs in Puerto Rico (Lester Jimenez | AFP | Getty Images)

¶ “It’s Time for the Adults to Take Charge – 100 Corporations Responsible for 71% of Carbon Emissions” • The 6th IPCC Climate Assessment Report makes it crystal clear: Human society is facing a life or death. The only way to save ourselves is to reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere drastically, dramatically, and deliberately. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Ten Facts from the World’s Most Terrifying Climate Change Report” • The IPCC report is not messing around. It has 91 expert authors, a mind-melting 6,000 scientific references and comments from 42,000 experts. They all agree. We need to reduce our carbon emissions substantially, right now, or we’re screwed. Here are ten chilling facts. [Techly]

Ghost forest


¶ “AC Energy Inks $83-Million EPC Contract for Development of Solar Farms in Vietnam” • AC Energy, Inc and a Vietnamese partner have signed contracts for the engineering, procurement and construction covering a total of 80 MW of solar plants in Vietnam, valued at an estimated $83 million, according to the company’s president. [BusinessWorld Online]

¶ “Germany: Tendered PV Projects Need No Public Subsidy in August” • No public incentive was paid in August for PV installations up to 10 MW and selected under the country’s tender mechanism. This was because market prices were higher than the price including the feed-in premium tariff, awarded in the tender. [pv magazine International]

Solar system (Image: Enerparc)

¶ “Palau Signs PPA with Engie EPS for 100-MW Microgrid” • The Republic of Palau has signed a power purchase agreement with Engie Electro Power Systems for a 100-MW microgrid project. The project, called Armonia, is supply power from solar PVs and energy storage in addition to the island’s already existing diesel generators. [Power Technology]

¶ “Nuclear Power Continues its Decline as Renewable Alternatives Steam Ahead” • Nuclear bailouts and bankruptcy were noted in the 2017 World Nuclear Industry Status Report. In its forward, the report asserted that the debate on nuclear power is over. “Nuclear power has been eclipsed by the sun and the wind,” it said. [World Finance]

Abandoned nuclear project


¶ “ARENA, Monash University, Indra Team to Trial Monash Transition to Full Renewable Energy Grid” • The Australian Renewable Energy Agency, Monash University, and technology partner Indra Australia are teaming up to trial a microgrid on Monash’s Clayton campus in Victoria. The campus is to be powered by renewable energy. [iTWire]

¶ “Australia Heading for a ‘Battle Royale’ on Solar Power” • The sharply rising levels of rooftop and grid-level solar power will force tough discussions as Australia reaches a solar peak, energy chiefs say. With an average of six new rooftop solar installations every minute, the generation and distribution systems need to change. [The Sydney Morning Herald]

Storage batteries

¶ “Coalition’s Climate Change Stance will ‘Kill People’, say Greens” • A former Australian Coalition Deputy Prime Minister said money for a pumped storage scheme would be better spent to fund new coal-fired power stations. Greens MP Adam Bandt warned the Coalition’s views on climate change and renewable energy will “kill people.” [SBS]

¶ “Landmark Renewable Energy Deal to Slash Emissions” • Major agreement will see 18 New South Wales councils secure more than a third of their retail energy from a renewable energy generator. The deal, touted as the first in the state, will see Moree Solar Farm provide 440,000 MWh of energy over the next 12 years to 18 councils. [Government News]

Moree Solar Farm


¶ “Trump: Climate Change Scientists Have ‘Political Agenda'” • US President Donald Trump accused climate change scientists of having a “political agenda,” as he cast doubt on whether humans were responsible for the earth’s rising temperatures. He said he does not believe climate change is a hoax, but he has doubts about a human cause of the change. [BBC]

¶ “New Energy Solar Starts Building 200-MW Solar Park in California” • Australian investment company New Energy Solar Ltd said it has begun construction of its 200-MW Mount Signal 2 solar project in California’s Imperial County. The solar park has a 20-year power purchase agreement with Southern California Edison. [Renewables Now]

Mount Signal 2 (New Energy Solar image)

¶ “Tesla deploys new Powerpack project that could save Colorado ratepayers $1 million per year” • Tesla’s energy division is deploying a new Powerpack project in Weld County, Colorado, where it could save ratepayers and the local utility as much as $1 million per year. The project consists of 80 Powerpacks to stabilize the grid. [Electrek]

¶ “Can a city’s water infrastructure produce hydropower?” • Micro-hydropower technologies are beginning to harvest the energy from municipal water systems using specially designed in-pipe turbines. Lucid Energy, based in Portland, Oregon, is generating power in several US cities using its own system, called LucidPipes. [Power Technology]

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