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November 21 Energy News

November 21, 2020


¶ “Natural Disasters Are Increasing. The World’s Poorest Are Left To Fend For Themselves” • Over 100 disasters, many related to climate change, have hit over 50 million people worldwide since the WHO declared the Covid-19 outbreak a pandemic. Though the money needed for disasters in the countries at risk exists, it’s not getting to those who need it most. [Vox]

Living in a flood (hitesh choudhary, Pexels)

Science and Technology:

¶ “This Underwater Farmer Wants Us To Eat More Seaweed” • In the sea off Northern Ireland, a small island could have a hand in the future of food. The waters off Rathlin Island are swimming in kelp. Something of a wonder crop, gram for gram, kelp and other seaweeds have as much protein as beef and are one of few non-animal sources of Vitamin B12. [CNN]

¶ “Sentinel-6 To Help NASA Track Climate Change’s Effects On Oceans” • While NASA has been using satellites to measure the height of the ocean for the last 28 years, the Sentinel-6 Michael Freilich satellite will offer greater precision. Sentinel-6 will use a trio of instruments to calculate its position and distance above the ocean’s surface as it orbits. []

Ocean from space (NOAA image)


¶ “China Lifts Renewable Power Subsidy For 2021 By Nearly 5% Y/Y” • China’s Ministry of Finance said it set the renewable power subsidy for 2021 at ¥5.95 billion ($905.7 million), up 4.9% from this year, thanks to a big increase in the allocation to solar projects. The subsidy will go primarily to wind farms, biomass, and distributed solar power. [Financial Post]

¶ “The UN Shipping Agency Greenlights A Decade Of Rising Greenhouse Gas Emissions” • Governments have backtracked on their own commitments to urgently reduce climate-heating emissions from the shipping sector, environmental organizations have said following a key meeting of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) today. [CleanTechnica]

Container ship (Image courtesy of Pexels/Pixabay)

¶ “MNRE Proposes 54-GW Wind Park Scheme For States” • To address the land-related hassles in wind power projects, India’s ministry of new and renewable energy plans a 54-GW wind park development scheme. States will prepare needed infrastructure, and the MNRE will provide a level of financial assistance to park developers. [Financial Express]

¶ “Subseasonal And Seasonal Forecasts Can Help The EU Speed Up The Transition To Renewable Energy” • By using subseasonal and seasonal forecasts, energy companies can improve weather-related risk management and potentially increase their profits. Such forecasts can contribute to speeding up the transition to renewable energy. [Tech Xplore]

Wind turbines (Public domain image)


¶ “Proterra Sells Its 1,000th Electric Bus” • US-based electric bus company Proterra, which was first mentioned it at CleanTechnica in 2013, has passed a major milestone, selling its 1,000th electric bus. This comes just a bit more than three years after its 100th electric bus was delivered. It was one of twelve sold to Broward County Transit in Florida. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Fremont Police Dept Releases Uplifting EV Pilot Program Results” • In California, the Fremont Police Department began testing a Tesla Model S 85 that had been customized for patrol operations in March 2019. Testing ended one year later, and now, the Fremont Police Department released the test results. They show impressive savings. [CleanTechnica]

Police Tesla (Image courtesy Fremont Police Department)

¶ “How Renewable Energy Could Power Your State” • A report from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance looked at how much renewable energy potential each state had within its borders. It found that almost every state could deliver all its electricity needs from instate renewable sources, and some states could produce 10 times what they need. [EcoWatch]

¶ “Enel Green Power Promotes Sustainability At Solar Power Plants In US” • There has been opposition to solar installations from farmers in some parts of the US. Efforts from companies like Enel Green Power show how solar and farming can co-exist and benefit each other while helping to bring more renewable energy to America. [CleanTechnica]

Agrovoltaics (Enel Green Power image)

¶ “Indiana Task Force Report Could Slow State’s Transition From Coal, Critics Fear” • An Indiana legislative task force report looks like groundwork to justify power-plant bailouts like to those in Ohio and Illinois, despite assurances from state regulators and the region’s grid operator that coal plant closures do not pose a threat to grid reliability. [Energy News Network]

¶ “Idaho Is Top Pick For Energy Department Nuclear Test Reactor” • The DOE said Idaho is its preferred choice for a test reactor that would be part of an effort to revamp the fading US nuclear industry by developing safer fuel and power plants. The Versatile Test Reactor would be the first new test reactor built in the US in decades. [Idaho State Journal]

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