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November 20 Energy News

November 20, 2020


¶ “Solar Panels + Agriculture: You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” • It seems like only yesterday that the idea of combining solar panels with agriculture was just a dream. Now, the US DOE is putting down $7 million to sow the seeds for a revolution in American farming. That might not seem like much, but in this case a little goes a long way. [CleanTechnica]

New kind of agriculture (Dennis Schroeder, NREL)

¶ “How To Stop Climate Change By Financing A Global Green New Deal” • With a fraction of the Covid-19 recovery funds, central banks could support climate protection to make the 1.5°C target achievable. The financial means available to deal with the pandemic exceeds what is needed to stabilize the global climate at 1.5°C many times over. [CleanTechnica]

Science and Technology:

¶ “The Seaweed Swamping The Atlantic Ocean” • In the summer of 2018, an almost incomprehensibly large mass of stringy brown seaweed appeared in the Atlantic Ocean. It stretched across the Atlantic Ocean, from the shores of West Africa to the Gulf of Mexico. It is part of a pattern that established itself in 2011 and has been getting worse [BBC]

Sargassum weeds (NOAA, Wikimedia Commons)

¶ “NOAA Research Shows Climate Crisis Primary Cause Of 98% Of Dead Florida Coral Reef” • A first-of-its-kind federal report on the health of the US coral reefs finds that in Florida, the area with the worst degradation, up to 98% of coral reefs have been lost due mainly to the climate crisis. The researchers used data collected from 2012 to 2018. [Red, Green, and Blue]

¶ “Fishing Saps The Ocean’s Power To Capture Carbon” • A fish that dies naturally in the ocean sinks to the depths, taking with it all the carbon it contains. When a fish is caught, most of this carbon is released into the atmosphere as CO₂. Carbon emissions from fishing are 25% higher than what had been considered to come from fuel consumption. [Futurity]


¶ “Milan Getting Another 100 Electric Buses” • The Milanese transit operator ATM has just placed one of the West’s biggest electric bus orders, an order for 100 electric buses from Solaris, a Polish bus maker. The new buses are joining 40 electric buses put into service last year. The Solaris Urbino electric buses ordered are all 12 meters in length. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Acciona Signs 135MW Spain PPA With Novartis” • Acciona has signed 10-year power purchase agreements with Novartis in Spain covering 135 MW of solar capacity. Acciona is building a 125-MW plant in Badajoz, and an 85.7-MW plant in Valencia, which will supply Novartis under the two PPAs. They will come online in 2022 and 2023. [reNEWS]

Acciona solar trackers (Acciona image)

¶ “China Buys Into Mexico’s Emerging Renewable Energy Sector” • State Power Investment Corp of China has bought the biggest independent producer of renewable energy in Mexico, giving the industry a vote of confidence even as the Mexican authorities moved to slow down private investment in renewable energy in the country. []


¶ “Volta Trucks To The UK: Bring It On!” • The UK has new plans to boot sales of new fossil fuel cars by 2030. Volta Trucks argues that there’s something lacking, though. The policy is focused on cars and vans, but what about medium-duty and heavy-duty commercial vehicles? You don’t need a lot of experience to know how bad truck fumes can be. [CleanTechnica]

Volta Zero (Image courtesy of Volta)

¶ “Major Vehicle-to-Grid Trial Initiating In UK” • Vehicle-to-grid trials have been going on for years. But a new one in the UK goes to new levels, and it might just be what V2G technology needs to break through. As with several earlier trials, this one is limited to Nissan EV drivers, as Nissan’ CHAdeMO charging capability is fully functional with V2G. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “ReneSola, Innova Forge UK Solar Venture” • ReneSola and renewables investor Innova entered into a strategic partnership agreement to co-develop utility-scale solar projects in the UK. As part of the agreement, ReneSola Power and Innova will create a joint venture company that will develop an existing pipeline of 50 MW, with more to come. [reNEWS]

Solar panels (APPA | Unsplash)

¶ “Renewable Energy Giant Unveils Plans For Windfarm Near Oban” • Vattenfall proposes to build a windfarm with about 26 turbines in Scotland, near Oban. It says the windfarm would provide electricity for around 117,500 UK homes. Vattenfall said it wants to collaborate with people near the proposed windfarm to let them influence its development. [HeraldScotland]


¶ “How Utah Cities Are Pursuing 100% Renewable Energy” • In the absence of federal action on climate change, the task of reducing greenhouse gas emissions has fallen on communities and states. To date, over 150 cities, counties, and states have passed resolutions to commit to 100% net-renewable electricity in coming years. Of those, 23 are in Utah. [GreenBiz]

Utah (Omar Prestwich, Unsplash)

¶ “DHL Gets Electric BYD Trucks In Los Angeles” • DHL is getting four Class 8 electric trucks from BYD for use in the Los Angeles metro area. It is a pilot program that presumably will lead to the purchase of many more BYD electric trucks in the years to come. BYD is a Chinese company, but it has a truck and bus factory in California. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “GM Raises Its EV Game, Commits Another $7 Billion To Its Electric Car Push” • General Motors announced it is adding $7 billion to its mission to bring electric cars to market. GM had already committed $20 billion to its EV program. CEO Mary Barra said GM will offer 30 battery electric models globally by the middle of this decade. [CleanTechnica]

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