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November 15 Energy News

November 15, 2020


¶ “It’s The End Of The World As We Know It – Or Not” • The recent study published in the journal Scientific Reports says it is too late to stop climate change. Some scientists disagree. But arguing about which climate model is most accurate diverts our attention from what is most important – the Earth is warming too fast, and we have to act on that. [CleanTechnica]

Wind farm (Karsten Würth, Unsplash)

Science and Technology:

¶ “Ocean Plastisphere Is Disrupting Native Habitats” • At least 8 million tons of plastics enter the oceans annually, and they have generated a “Plastisphere” that is disrupting native habitats. The organisms that colonize buoyant marine plastic debris can be transported across the oceans and even become invasive species at fragile ecosystems. [CleanTechnica]


¶ “Perennial Diesel Shortages In Zimbabwe Paralyze Refuse Collection: It’s Time To Go Electric” • Zimbabwe’s fuel imports account for $1.2 billion annually, 30% of its total import bill! The country is literally burning a huge chunk of its foreign currency as fossil fuels. The total cost of ownership makes EVs attractive for refuse collection. [CleanTechnica]

Lion Electric electric garbage truck (Courtesy of Lion Electric)

¶ “UK To Ban Sales Of Combustion Vehicles By 2030 – Report” • An announcement of a more ambitious timeline for the ban of combustion vehicles is expected from the UK government, and sources have already told both the BBC and the Financial Times that the ban will indeed be brought forward to 2030 or 2032. We are watching the story develop. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Railways’ Solar Power Tender Attracts Only A Few Bids; Deadline Extended” • Solar power project developers have given a lukewarm response to a tender for setting up 1 GW of solar power plants on railway land, sources said. The Solar Energy Corp of India already has 14 GW either in operation or under development. [Business Standard]

Raiway station (Sridhar Rao, Wikimedia Commons)


¶ “Biden Stocks Transition Teams With Climate Experts” • From the Pentagon to the General Services Administration, President-elect Joe Biden has put climate-minded officials on his sprawling transition team. Officials with significant climate or clean energy experience even pop up in departments like State, Defense, Treasury, and Justice. [Scientific American]

¶ “Coronavirus: Elon Musk likely has moderate case” • Elon Musk says he “most likely” has a “moderate case” of Covid-19 but has been “getting wildly different results from different labs.” On Friday he said he had been tested four times, with two positive and two negative results. Covid-19 has now infected nearly 10.9 million people in the US. [BBC]

Elon Musk (Reuters image)

¶ “Google Changing Outlook On Renewable Energy Prospects” • Google is in a lead on a project to ensure a 100% dependence on renewable energy. It has the innovative idea that companies ensure the use of renewable energy by matching the time they use renewable energy to the time they generate renewable energy, with PPAs allowed. [The Pinstripe Empire]

¶ “Minnesota Permits Pipeline Replacement For Line 3” • Environmental and Indigenous leaders responded with alarm after Minnesota regulators approved key permits for Enbridge Energy’s planned Line 3 Pipeline replacement, and called on Democratic Gov Tim Walz to block any construction for the Canadian company’s project. [LA Progressive]

Pipeline (Photo: Quinten de Graaf | Unsplash)

¶ “Kahului Power Plant Shutdown Plan Presented ” • Hawaiian Electric developed a plan to shut down the generating capacity of the 72-year-old oil-fired Kahului Power Plant in 2024, while keeping some of its distribution capabilities and building a new switchyard. The plan has been submitted to the state Public Utilities Commission for approval. [Maui News]

¶ “DOE Publishes Strategic Framework For Hydrogen Effort” • The DOE released its Hydrogen Program Plan. A key aspect of the strategy the agency presented is to enable hydrogen production from a diverse array of low-carbon domestic energy resources, including renewables, nuclear energy, and fossil fuels (with carbon capture). [World Nuclear News]

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