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November 8 Energy News

November 8, 2020


¶ “A Joe Biden Presidency – A New Day In Fight For Climate Action” • You know that feeling when you awake from a long nightmare and see the sun shining outside? Yes, that’s what it feels like today. The US presidential election results have been confirmed in favor of Joe Bidenand Kamala Harris. Maybe now we can work with real science. [CleanTechnica]

Joe Biden (Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons)

¶ “Jeffrey Young: Oil Companies Admit to Contributing to Climate Change – and Blame You” • In a climate change lawsuit, oil companies admitted that their products were a major cause of climate change, and it’s a real problem. But extraction of the fossil fuels doesn’t cause climate change, they said. It is the use of the product that generates emissions. [Noozhawk]

Science and Technology:

¶ “New Vauxhall Mokka-e vs 1903 Vauxhall Light Car” • The Vauxhall Mokka-e is one of the more interesting and compelling new electric vehicles in Europe. To drum up a bit more attention for the EV, Vauxhall has gone deep into its roots to compare it to Vauxhall Heritage’s 1903 “Light Car,” which it claims is the oldest four-seat Vauxhall. [CleanTechnica]

Vauxhall Mokka-e and 1903 Vauxhall Light Car (Vauxhall image)

¶ “Is This The Key To Cheaper Solar Power?” • At first glance, solar power and farming seem mutually exclusive. Once you take a closer look, however, they appear to be mutually beneficial in more than one way. Solar farms generally benefit the land. And when that land is farmland, the benefits of the combination only seem to become greater. []


¶ “NIO Introduces 100 kWh Battery And Flexible Battery Leasing Plans” • As of November 7, a NIO customer can pre-order a car with a 100-kWh battery. But what about current NIO owners? Thanks to NIO’s battery-as-a-service philosophy, they can get upgrades. NIO has multiple payment plans to get 100-kWh batteries installed. [CleanTechnica]

NIO car battery (NIO image)

¶ “‘Forever Chemicals’ Can Have Far-Reaching Consequences, Need More Regulation In Canada, Scientists Say” • A recent Health Canada study said 98.5% of Canadians have PFAS in their blood. Some scientists say a number of these chemicals pose significant risk to human health. What sets PFAS apart is how stable they are – forever chemicals. []

¶ “Norwegian Plugin Market Share Over 79% In October And PHEVs Stagnate” • Norway had another very strong month for plugin electric vehicles, which had a 79.1% market share. This was the second highest monthly result (after an end-of-quarter push in September). Old school combustion vehicles are now barely above 10% of the market. [CleanTechnica]

Volkswagen ID.3 (Image Courtesy of Volkswagen)

¶ “Bushfire Royal Commission Signals Need For Zali Steggall’s Climate Act” • The bushfire royal commission has confirmed that climate change influenced the Black Summer’s unprecedented extreme fire weather conditions. Zali Steggall, a winter sport Olympian, attorney, and now member of parliament, is about to introduce a bill. [The Canberra Times]

¶ “EU Eyes Huge Increase In Offshore Wind Energy To Meet Climate Goals” • The European Union is considering a plan to increase its offshore wind energy capacity five-fold this decade and 25-fold by 2050, as it seeks to become climate neutral, a draft policy shows. The EU is already home to 42% of the world’s offshore wind capacity. [EnergyInfraPost]

Offshore wind turbines (Nicholas Doherty, Unsplash)


¶ “US Renewable Energy Industry Cheers Joe Biden Election Win As ‘Beautiful Day'” • The American renewable energy sector has cheered the declared election of Joe Biden as the next President of the United States, with industry bodies placing the accent on the potential for the country to rejoin global climate leadership under the new administration. [Recharge]

¶ “What Joe Biden’s Climate Plans Mean For America, And The World” • Joe Biden has a plan for what to do about the climate. He will have the US rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, for a start. He plans to put $1.7 trillion into federal investment during this decade, with money going to every thing from energy storage to small modular nuclear reactors. [The Wire Science]

Earth from Space (NASA image)

¶ “Even With Biden Win Declared, Climate And Energy Plans May Hinge On Senate Races” • Joe Biden has aggressive climate and clean energy plans that could result in sweeping changes to the energy sector. But Republicans could keep control of the US Senate, upsetting those ambitions, all but ensuring delays and blocks for major climate legislation. [S&P Global]

¶ “Companies Are Coming Together To Promote Sustainable Agriculture With Carbon Credits” • Agricultural technology company Indigo Agriculture announced that it had secured commitments from companies from JPMorgan Chase and IBM to Dogfish Head Craft Brewery for creating financial incentives for farmers through carbon credits. [Mercom India]

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