September 1 Energy News

September 1, 2020


¶ “Cheaper, Cleaner, And More Reliable: How Renewables Are Winning Energy Trifecta” • The three business lobby groups cheered loudly when Australia repealed the carbon price in 2013. Now they have joined up with unions, super funds, and research groups to urge the same Coalition government to aim for a zero emissions target by 2050. [RenewEconomy]

Hornsdale wind farm and batteries

¶ “There Is A Humanitarian Crisis In Louisiana And No One Is Talking About It” • Just days ago, a Category 4 hurricane tore through Louisiana. The mainstream media has already moved on, almost as fast as the storm did. I can not stress this enough: People are facing Covid-19 without power, running water, shelter, and food. [CleanTechnica]


¶ “Power Companies ‘Hindering’ Move To Green Energy” • A study suggests that power companies are dragging their feet when it comes to embracing green energy sources such as wind and solar. Only one in 10 energy suppliers globally prioritizes renewables over fossil fuels. Even those that are spending on greener energy are still invest in fossil fuels. [BBC]

Workers at a solar array (Getty Images)

¶ “Recovery Money Spent On Fossils Is Twice As Much As Has Been Spent On Renewable Energy” • While delivering the 19th Darbari Seth Memorial Lecture this year, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres pointed out that twice as much recovery money has been spent on fossil fuels as clean energy in G20 recovery packages. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “First Electric Armored Money Transporter” • Truck and van maker MAN said its MAN eTGE electric van would be available as an electric armored transporter, with initial delivery to the security company Prosegur. MAN called the van a “world first.” Prosegur vehicles require only short range of 60–70 km (37–44 miles), but weight is a design issue. [CleanTechnica]

MAN eTGE electric money transporter (Image courtesy of MAN)

¶ “Frost & Sullivan: $3.40 Trillion To Be Invested In Renewable Energy By 2030” • The 2020s will be crucial for all participants in the power industry as the transition toward renewable energy is expected to increase, while coal takes a downturn in most developed markets, according to recent analysis by consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. [Solar Industry]

¶ “Computational Method Shows Italy May Install 144.5 GW Of PVs By 2050” • Polytechnic University of Milan researchers have developed a model to find the best spatial distribution of sources of renewable energy for an electricity system. Only PVs and storage were found to be “vital components” for Italy’s plans to decarbonize by 2050. [pv magazine International]

Church of San Giorgio Maggiore in Venice (Zoltán Vörös | flickr)

¶ “Apple Is Fueling A Renewable Boom In Taiwan” • Apple is seemingly everywhere these days. From its headline-grabbing stock split to its industry-leading carbon-neutral push, the tech giant is truly showing that it is worth its $2 trillion valuation. And now, it’s ramping up the pressure on its suppliers to commit to going green, as well. []

¶ “Influx Of Renewables Sees Coal Power Plants Run Well Below Capacity, Increasing Chance Of Closures” • Coal power plants in New South Wales are running less than 60% of the time. An analysis also found coal generation in Queensland had dropped to less than 70% of capacity as more cheap solar and wind farms came online. [The Guardian]

Coal-fired power plant (Bloomberg | Bloomberg via Getty Images)

¶ “Vattenfall Fires Up Fossil-Fuel Free Steel Plant” • Vattenfall, SSAB, and LKAB have inaugurated the Hybrit pilot plant in Sweden, which aims to be a step towards fossil-free steelmaking. Tests will now be carried out at the Hybrit plant in several stages for the use of hydrogen in the direct reduction of iron ore, with water emitted instead of carbon dioxide. [reNEWS]

¶ “Hunterston B Nuclear Power Station To Close In 2021” • EDF confirmed that it will close its Hunterston B nuclear station next year, at least a year earlier than scheduled. Decommissioning will begin no later than 7 January 2022. The nuclear power plant in North Ayrshire, Scotland, has regulatory approval to operate until March 2023. [Greenwise Business]

Hunterston B nuclear plant


¶ “Biden: ‘I Am Not Banning Fracking'” • Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said he would not ban fracking in the US if he were elected president, refuting repeated false claims by President Donald Trump about his stance on the issue. Some former Democratic presidential candidates had called for a nationwide ban on fracking. [CNN]

¶ “Siemens Gamesa Scores 325-MW Texas Order” • Siemens Gamesa has won turbine orders for two wind projects in Texas. Their combined installed capacity will be 325 MW. The projects, which are being developed by an undisclosed client, will have 65 SG 5.0-145 wind turbines. Both wind farms are expected to be operational in 2021. [reNEWS]

Wind farm (Siemens image)

¶ “Plant-Based Foods Rise Sharply In Popularity” • In 2017, according to the Good Foods Institute, the plant-based food market yielded $3.9 billion in sales. By 2019, that market has increased 29% to $5.0 billion. In the meanwhile, dollar sales of conventional animal foods have grown only modestly or actually declined. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Sunrun And GRID Alternatives Will Provide Free Residential Storage Batteries For Those At Risk From Wildfires” • GRID Alternatives is a rooftop solar company with a twist. It focuses on bringing solar power and jobs to underserved communities. It has long partnered with Sunrun, and now that parnership has expanded in an extraordinary way. [CleanTechnica]

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