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September 26 Energy News

September 26, 2020


¶ “Electric Vehicles Have Arrived Much Faster Than Anticipated” • Bill Gates said, “Innovation is moving at a scarily fast pace.” Nowhere is that more true than in the world of electric vehicles. Technological progress in the electrification of cars, buses, bikes, scooters, and trucks has advanced and the market for them is growing at an exponential rate. [CleanTechnica]

Tesla Model X (Carolyn Fortuna | CleanTechnica)

¶ “Doing Something About Global Warming Is Cheaper Than Doing Nothing” • The rallying cry from conservatives for the past 40 years is that doing something about our overheating planet is just too darn expensive. But there are many ways to address climate change, and some of them have important economic side benefits. [CleanTechnica]

Science and Technology:

¶ “The Super-Adaptable Chimps That Can Withstand Climate Change” • Chimpanzees, our evolutionary cousins, inhabit landscapes that range from hot and dry to cool and wet, across much of Africa. Like humans, they are capable of remarkable behavioural variability, and this might allow chimpanzees to be highly adaptable. [BBC]

Chimpanzee (Getty Images)

¶ “Airbus Wants ZEROe To Be 1st Zero-Emission Commercial Aircraft In The World … By 2035” • Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury has said, “I strongly believe that the use of hydrogen … has the potential to significantly reduce aviation’s climate impact.” To get these vehicles into operation, hydrogen fueling infrastructure has to be built out. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “New Tech For Artificial Reefs Increases Marine Life And Vitality” • An artificial reef is a human-made structure that may mimic characteristics of a natural reef for ocean habitats. Several companies specialize in design, manufacture, and deployment of long-lasting artificial reefs. Typically, they are constructed of limestone, steel, or concrete. [CleanTechnica]

Fish at an artificial reef (Image provided by Ocean Habitats)


¶ “First Solar’s Thin-Film PV Modules Chosen For Largest Urban Solar Power Plant In Europe” • A solar power plant that is being built in Bordeaux, France, on a former landfill, is expected to be the largest “urban” solar PV power plant in Europe. The project is using solar modules from the American solar manufacturing firm, First Solar. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Hydrogen-Powered Passenger Plane Completes Maiden Flight In ‘World First’” • A hydrogen fuel-cell ZeroAvia six-seater Piper M-class aircraft completed its maiden flight this week, in another step forward for low and zero-emission flight. The next step will be a flight of between 250 and 300 nautical miles, taking off from the Orkney Islands. [CNBC]

Hydrogen powered plane (ZeroAvia image)

¶ “World Bank Approves $450 Million Loan” • The World Bank has approved a loan of $450 million to support Pakistan’s transition to renewable energy. The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Hydropower and Renewable Energy Development project will help shift the national energy mix in the direction of clean energy resources. [The Express Tribune]

¶ “The Netherlands Publishes A Report Ahead Of A Nuclear Consultation” • The Government of the Netherlands published a report on the potential for future nuclear power. It says a new nuclear plant to come online in the Netherlands in 2040 could be expected to provide electricity at a levelized cost about 40% higher than that of offshore wind. [Power Technology]

Doel nuclear plant (Frédéric Paulussen on Unsplash)


¶ “As Fossil Fuel Jobs Falter, Renewables Come To The Rescue” • From June 2019 through June 2020, US crude oil production fell 38% and natural gas production fell 31%. The unemployment rate in North Dakota rose to 11.3% in June. But fossil fuels aren’t the only energy source the state is rich in. It is prime real estate for wind power. [CBS News]

¶ “Six Graphics Explain The Climate Feedback Loop Fueling US Fires” • Wildfires in the Western US, and around the world, are getting worse. Fires in Oregon, Washington and California for the last month are off the charts compared to previous years – and fire season is still not over. Sadly, are just a preview of what’s to come, as we fritter away time. [CleanTechnica]

Cumulative burned area (World Resources Institute)

¶ “Xcel Energy Blows Away Renewable Energy Record With Its Newest Wind Farm In Colorado” • Xcel Energy set a record for its wind energy thanks to 229 turbines at a $743 million, 500-MW project completed last month. Over one hour, nearly 70% of the electricity Xcel Energy produced in Colorado came from the wind. [Denver Business Journal]

¶ “Too Small For Solar, Rikers Island Could Become NYC’S Renewable Energy Storage Site” • A plan to transform Rikers Island into a renewable energy powerhouse would focus on the island’s capacity for storing power to send to the electrical grid when demand rises, according to a panel of policy experts and New York City officials. [Queens Daily Eagle]

Rikers Island (Seth Wenig | AP)

¶ “Governor Cuomo Announces Opening Of Energy And Nature Education Center at Jones Beach State Park” • Governor Andrew M Cuomo announced the opening of the Jones Beach Energy & Nature Center. The center will educate the public about how energy shapes New York’s natural systems, and how it can help combat climate change. []

¶ “The US DOE Announces $80 Million For Innovative Building Technologies And Practices” • The US DOE has announced the Buildings Energy Efficiency Frontiers & Innovation Technologies 2020 Funding Opportunity Announcement. It is to provide up to $80 million for projects that enhance energy demand flexibility in buildings and the electric power grid. []

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