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September 19 Energy News

September 19, 2020


¶ “How Does The US Retire 236 GW Of Coal And 1,000 Gas Peaker Plants?” • We’ve reached a massive milestone in the global energy transition. Right now, American renewable energy sources and energy storage have the ability to match or beat the price of power from natural gas-fired peaker plants and coal-fired generators. [pv magazine USA]

Moss Landing, now a battery site (David Monniaux, CC BY-SA 3.0)

Science and Technology:

¶ “Shocking News! Plug-In Hybrids Are No Damn Good If You Don’t Plug Them In!” • Greenpeace, together with Transport and Environment, conducted a study of how plug-in hybrid cars are used in real world driving. They came to the startling conclusion that plug-in hybrids are no damn good at lowering emissions if drivers don’t plug them in. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Having Killed Coal, US Department Of Energy Aims Energy Storage Dart At Gas & Oil” • Under the watchful eye of President Trump, the US coal industry died, thanks partly to the US DOE’s pursuit of clean tech. Now, the DOE is taking aim at Oil & Gas, as it gives funding to Natron Energy’s low-cost sodium-ion energy storage into mass production. [CleanTechnica]

Natron Energy technology (Natron Energy image, cropped)


¶ “China Seeking To Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions And Increase Use Of Renewable Energy” • China, the world’s biggest polluter, is considering plans to move towards more clean energy over the next five years in an effort to reduce its GHG emissions. Government leaders will meet to develop a comprehensive energy strategy. [International Business Times]

¶ “BP’s Plan To Dominate The Solar Industry” • BP is on track to be a very different energy company by 2030, with a massive portfolio of renewables. Today, the oil-turning-energy giant has 16 GW of solar energy in the pipeline. That’s enough to rival even the world’s biggest solar operator, China’s State Power Investment Corp. [Business Insider] (Scroll down.)

Lightsource BP’s floating PVs (Lightsource BP via Reuters)

¶ “EU Raises Emissions Reduction Goal Following Renewables Progress” • The EU has raised its 2030 emissions reduction target by 15 percentage points after solid levels of renewable energy deployment mean the bloc is on track surpass its previous goal. A plan was put forward to reduce emissions by at least 55% by 2030, compared to 1990 levels. [PV-Tech]

¶ “Mühleberg Plant Enters Permanent Decommissioning Stage” • The Swiss Federal Nuclear Safety Inspectorate announced that the operating licence of the 373-MW Mühleberg nuclear power plant has been replaced with a decommissioning order. The boiling water reactor at the Mühleberg nuclear plant went into operation in 1972. [World Nuclear News]

Fuel rod storage at Mühleberg nuclear plant (Image: BKW)


¶ “American Lung Association: Switch To EVs By 2045 Could Save 6,300 American Lives” • A study from the American Lung Association, Road to Clean Air, showed that if Americans would electrify their transportation, it could save $72 billion in health costs and 6,300 lives [annually]. It could also prevent 93,000 asthma attacks. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “San Diego Gets Largest Airport Electric Shuttle Deployment” • ACE Parking has received 18 electric shuttle buses for the San Diego International Airport, and another 11 are due to arrive by the end of 2020. This is the largest electric shuttle order for an airport in US history according to Endera, the EV company supplying the electric shuttles. [CleanTechnica]

Electric shuttle at San Diego (Endera image)

¶ “Amazon Makes Major Investment In Redwood Materials” • JB Straubel, who was the CTO at Tesla for many years, knows a lot about batteries. He has created a new company called Redwood Materials that he describes as a “Gigafactory in reverse,” meaning it is designed to recover most of the raw materials needed to make lithium-ion batteries. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Icebreaker Offered Night-Time Shutdown Lifeline” • Ohio Power Siting Board has given a lifeline to the 21-MW Icebreaker offshore wind farm on Lake Erie. The board voted in favour of drafting an amendment to remove the night-time shutdown clause in the OPSB’s approval of the project. The revised ruling has yet to be drafted and voted on. [reNEWS]

Simulated image of wind farm (LEEDCo image)

¶ “Politics Disrupts San Diego’s Pursuit Of An Energy Transition Partner Amid Dissatisfaction With SDG&E” • Conflict among city leaders over San Diego’s energy future has left potential bidders for rights to be the city’s utility, including incumbent San Diego Gas and Electric and Berkshire Hathaway Energy, wondering what to offer. [Utility Dive]

¶ “Colorado Springs Utilities And juwi Sign Power Purchase Agreement For One Of The Largest Battery Storage Projects In Colorado” • Boulder-based juwi Inc and Colorado Springs Utilities announced they signed a power purchase agreement for a 175-MW solar project coupled with a 25 MW, four-hour battery energy storage system. [Utility Dive]

Once completed in 2023, the Pike Solar Project could look like this.

¶ “Anthem Signs 15-Year PPA On 20-MW Virginia Solar Project” • Insurance provider Anthem has committed to a 15-year power purchase agreement with SunEnergy1, a US solar developer, owner and operator of utility-scale solar projects, for the output from a new 182-acre, 20-MW solar field located in Hanover County, Virginia. [Solar Power World]

¶ “Easton Announces New Electricity Program With Lower Rate” • Following approval of a community aggregation plan at town meeting, Easton, Massachusetts, has announced a municipally approved electricity program that strives to secure lower costs for residents and small business owners and includes a 100% green product option. [Wicked Local Easton]

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