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September 20 Energy News

September 20, 2020


¶ “Clearly, Biden Has Grasp On Threat Climate Change Poses” • There is near universal consensus among scientists that human activity is warming the planet. While Trump has dismissed man-made climate change as a “hoax,” Biden has put forward a $2 trillion plan to have the electricity sector free of carbon pollution by 2035. [San Antonio Express-News]

Refinery at Port Arthur, Texas (Photo: Luke Sharrett | Bloomberg)

¶ “Can Biden Decarbonize The US Power Sector In 15 Years?” • Is it feasible to completely decarbonize the power sector by 2035? A recent report by Wood Mackenzie mentioned that the US is currently on a path that would achieve 87% clean energy in the US power grid by 2050. Recent history suggests that the target is not totally unrealistic. []

¶ “A Climate Reckoning Is Coming, We Can Address It” • We will deal with the problems that climate change creates, and we will emerge at the other end. The real question is how well we deal with it and in what shape we emerge. Climate change impacts are already here, and we’re dealing with them poorly, but renewables are now cheap. [San Antonio Express-News]

Wind farm in Texas (Photo: CPS Energy)

¶ “How The Oil Industry Made Us Doubt Climate Change” • In 1981, an Exxon scientist created one of the first computer models that predicted the effects of man-made climate change. With his work, and work of others like him, Exxon continued for decades to say publically that scientists did not know. Now they are being sued for their deception. [BBC]

Science and Technology:

¶ “This Wireless Power Technology Could Change New Zealand’s Transmission System” • Emrod, a technology startup based in New Zealand, announced that it had developed new long-range, high-powered wireless power transmission technology that could substitute existing copper lines. It uses electromagnetic waves to transfer power over long distances. [Mercom India]

Wireless technology (Emrod image)

¶ “With Solid State Energy Storage, Oil-Rich Texas Hits Clean Tech Trifecta” • If all goes according to plans laid out by the startup EnergyX, Texas will lay claim to birthing disruptive solid state energy storage technology that shepherds more renewables onto the grid while making electric vehicles go farther, charge faster, and cost less. [CleanTechnica]


¶ “Cyclone Ianos: Two Dead As ‘Medicane’ Sweeps Across Greece” • Hundreds of people were trapped in flooded buildings as Cyclone Ianos, a Mediterranean hurricane, a type of storm called a “medicane,” battered areas north of Athens. Medicanes, tropical-like cyclones, have been categorised by meteorologists only in the past 40 years. [BBC]

Battered boat in Kefalonia (Reuters image)

¶ “Uber Is Working With Renault And Nissan To Electrify Transport In Europe” • Top app-based taxi companies Uber and Lyft have been making strong strides toward electrification. And thank goodness! When Lyft and Uber drivers switch to electric cars, they cut pollution 3 times more than when a normal driver switches to an electric car. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “First DEEP Geothermal Well In Saskatchewan Exceeds Expectations” • Deep Earth Energy Production is a Canadian company that wants to use the hot water located beneath the Deadwood Formation in Saskatchewan to produce geothermal energy. The temperature of the brine sequestered beneath the surface averages 122° C. [CleanTechnica]

DEEP geothermal operation in Saskatchewan (DEEP image)

¶ “Wind Energy Is The Cheapest Renewable Source In Brazil” • The cheapest renewable generation in Brazil is wind energy, according to a survey undertaken by the Electric Power Chamber of Commerce, which analyzed five years of data. The cost of windpower has fallen from R$231/MWh (4.3¢/kWh) in 2016 to R$195/MWh (3.6¢/kWh) today. [REVE]


¶ “Wildfire-Weary Californians, ‘Tired Of This Being Normal,’ Consider Uprooting Their Lives” • It’s not just the nearly 7,900 wildfires that have consumed more than 3.4 million acres and claimed 26 lives in California that have Arthur Gies looking online for a New York apartment. He realized this is not the new normal, but a prelude for what’s coming. [CNN]

Wildfire (Nancy Hamilton | Golden Eagle Films)

¶ “Tesla Giga Texas Will Be Colossal, Plans Start Trickling Out” • Tesla is planning to create not just another Gigafactory in Austin, but a massive one. For weeks, construction has been going on to build the $1.1 billion factory. And just recently, Tesla filed a site plan that gives us a glimpse of just how large this new factory will be. It will be gigantic. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “NJ Solar Project Designed To Keep Natural Gas Pipeline Flowing To Be Completed This Fall” • The Lambertville Solar Project will provide power for a compressor station to keep natural gas flowing in the Texas Eastern Transmission Pipeline. The 8,835 mile pipeline moves natural gas from Texas and Louisiana to the Northeast. [] (Demented)

Lambertville Solar Project (Courtesy of Enbridge)

¶ “Rivian Completes Hot Weather Towing Test Of Its R1T Electric Pickup Truck” • The Society of Automotive Engineers has an official protocol for measuring towing capacity. A vehicle must tow a trailer up a steep grade on Arizona over a route 11.4 miles long, when the temperature is at least 100°F, maintaining at least 40 mph. Rivian had a pickup do it. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Utah Lawmakers Seek Details On Planned Nuclear Plant In Idaho” • With the date approaching for cities to choose whether to maintain commitments, Utah lawmakers are seeking more details on NuScale Power’s Small Modular Reactor plant. The project is 30% subscribed, and some cities that had interest in it have said they are stepping away. [Deseret News]

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