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August 28 Energy News

August 28, 2020


¶ “685,000 Americans Evacuated This Week. Could Climate Change Be Responsible?” • 685,000 Americans are subject to mandatory evacuation orders this week – 385,000 in Texas, 200,000 in Louisiana, and 100,000 in California according to Forbes. Is it possible that a warming planet had anything to do with either situation? [CleanTechnica]

Hurricane Laura (NOAA – NESDIS, Wikimedia Commons)

Science and Technology:

¶ “Pipistrel Ready To Set Seven Electric Aircraft World Records” • Pipistrel, a small electric aircraft company, has a small electric airplane called the Velis Electro. The Velis Electro got its “first type approval” from the EU aviation security authority. Now, it is ready for a 700 km flight from the Swiss Alps to the North Sea that is to set records. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Seaweed: The food and fuel of the future?” • Seaweeds are fast-growing algae. They use energy from sunlight, and take up nutrients and carbon dioxide from the seawater. Scientists suggest seaweed could help fight climate change and offset carbon emissions. Increasing numbers of companies are investigating seaweed culture. [BBC]

Faroe Islands seaweed culture (Adrienne Murray)


¶ “Unmodified Volkswagen ID.3 Travels 531 Kilometers On A Single Charge” • A stock ID.3 First Pro Performance equipped with a 58-kWh battery was driven 531 km from the factory in Zwickau, Germany to Schaffhausen, Switzerland, without recharging. The official range for that model of the ID.3 is 420 km using the WLTP standard. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Rapid Fall To Parity Predicted For Australian Renewable Hydrogen Costs” • Significant cost reductions to solar PV and wind technologies, as well as cost reductions to electrolysers, will mean that the cost of green hydrogen in Australia could reach $A3/kg ($2.19/kg) soon and that a “stretch goal” of $A2/kg could come into reach, a paper says. [RenewEconomy]

Work on a Siemens electrolyser (Image by Siemens)

¶ “GE Renewable Energy Chosen To Deliver 25-MW DC-Coupled Energy Storage System” • Wykes chose GE Renewable Energy to deliver the 25-MW multiple hour duration energy storage systems, the UK’s first DC-coupled battery system. It will be integrated with Wykes’ 60-MW PV plant at the Chelveston Renewable Energy Park. [Solar Power Portal]

¶ “Scottish Nuclear Power Station To Shut Down Early After Reactor Problems” • Hunterston nuclear station, one of the UK’s oldest remaining nuclear plants, is to close down next year, after encountering a series of safety-critical problems in its reactors. EDF Energy had hoped to keep the 44-year-old nuclear plant going until 2023. [The Guardian]

Hunterston nuclear power station (Ian Rutherford | Alamy)

¶ “UN Secretary General Urges India To Phase Out Coal And Embrace Renewable Energy” • UN Secretary General António Guterres called on the Indian government to move away from coal and other fossil fuel fuels and fully embrace renewable energy. Guterres’s remarks were delivered online at The Energy and Resources Institute. [Livemint]


¶ “California Greenlights Electric Vehicle Charging Program For 38,000 New Charging Stations” • The California Public Utilities Commission approved a $437 million EV infrastructure program of Southern California Edison that will support deploying up to 38,000 new charging stations in Southern California over the next four years. The vote was 5-0. [CleanTechnica]

Nissan LEAF charging in California (Kyle Field | CleanTechnica)

¶ “Hurricanes And Chemical Plants Are A Toxic Mix” • Hurricane Laura intensified quickly in the Gulf of Mexico because the Gulf waters were so warm. It took twelve hours after landfall for Laura to weaken to Category 1. Larger and more intense storms come with global warming, and they are hitting a state known for its chemical plants. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “US Department Of Energy: $33 Million For Carbon-Neutral Hybrid Electric Aviation” • The US DOE announced $33 million in funding for 17 projects as part of two programs run by the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy. The programs are intended to support development of motors and range extenders for electric aircraft. [CleanTechnica]

NASA X-57 (Image courtesy of NASA)

¶ “The Renewable Energy Industry Weathers Covid” • Since the pandemic began, New Hampshire has lost nearly 1,461 clean energy jobs, according to BW Research Partnership. That is actually an 8.5% decline, the third smallest in the nation behind South Dakota and Utah. Nationally, the clean energy job loss was 14.8%. [New Hampshire Business Review]

¶ “Green Lantern Solar – Repowering Vermont” • Green Lantern has completed nearly 90 projects in Vermont, adding nearly 40 MW of in-state solar power to the state’s grid.  Green Lantern has built projects in 66 towns throughout Vermont. It has recently completed construction of a 150-kW solar array in Bristol, Vermont. [GlobeNewswire]

Sunset at a Green Lantern Solar array in Southern VT

¶ “The US Energy Storage Boom Is About To Begin” • America has the potential to see 100 GW of new energy storage deployed by 2030, the US Energy Storage Association said in a new white paper this month. The increase in energy storage installation is considered critical to ensuring more solar and wind power generation. []

¶ “Byron, Dresden Nuclear Plants To Close In 2021” • Exelon Generation has announced that it intends to retire its Byron Generating Station and Dresden Generating Station in Illinois, in fall 2021. Dresden and Byron face revenue shortfalls in the hundreds of millions of dollars because of declining energy prices. [Beloit Daily News]

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