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August 21 Energy News

August 21, 2020


¶ “Natural Gas Is Not All It’s Fracked Up To Be” • If we have learned anything from climate science, it is that humanity must stop burning fossil fuels. Full stop. There is no other way to keep the Earth from heating to the point where humans can no longer survive on its surface. If we are to reduce climate emissions to zero by 2050, natural gas must go. [CleanTechnica]

Natural gas facility in Perth, Australia (Strike Energy image)

¶ “How a Plan to Save the Power System Disappeared” • In August, 2018, Joshua Novacheck, a research engineer for the US DOE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory, was presenting the most important study of his nascent career. He couldn’t have known it yet, but things were about to go very wrong, as Trump officials worked to block it. [The Atlantic]

¶ “UK Nuclear Power: The Next Huawei?” • Once a key part of the UK’s energy plans, nuclear power faces cheaper renewables, rising costs, and domestic opposition. It also finds itself at the center of a row between London and Beijing that could prove fatal. London’s relations with China were hailed as entering a “golden era” only four years ago. [Deutsche Welle]

Nuclear plant (M Cardy | Getty Images)


¶ “NIO Launches Battery-as-a-Service To Make EV Ownership Even Easier” • The battery is the most expensive component in an EV, so removing the battery from the initial purchase event makes electric vehicles more affordable for new owners. For NIO, leasing batteries is a new business line, and it makes NIO EVs more affordable. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Volvo Buses Inks New Electric Bus Orders In Norway” • Of all nations, Norway is one of these most actively cutting carbon emissions. That means putting significant incentives in place for EVs, be they passenger vehicles, trucks, ferries, or buses. One of its policy initiatives calls for all urban buses in the country to be battery electric by 2025. [CleanTechnica]

Volvo bus, charging (Credit: Volvo Buses)

¶ “Pakistan’s Government Plans To Introduce Renewable Energy Entrepreneurship” • The federal government is planning to introduce renewable energy entrepreneurship in the country to promote the renewable energy share in the national energy mix. The formula would provide cheap, clean, and green energy solutions to the country. [Business Recorder]


¶ “Lucid Air Will Be Fastest Charging Production Electric Car In The World” • Lucid Motors says its first production car, the Lucid Air, will charge faster than any other production car on Earth, making it able to add 300 miles of range in as little as 20 minutes using a Level 3 DC 350 kW fast charger. Lucid has a partnership with Electrify America. [CleanTechnica]

Lucid Air (Credit: Lucid Motors)

¶ “News From The SUN DAY Campaign” • According to a review by the SUN DAY Campaign of data just released by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, renewable energy sources, including biomass, geothermal, hydropower, solar, and wind, dominated new US electrical generating capacity additions in the first half of 2020. [Green Energy Times]

¶ “Burlington YMCA’s Rooftop Solar To Provide 25% Of Energy Needs” • Encore Renewable Energy and the Greater Burlington YMCA announced the completion of a new rooftop solar array in downtown Burlington. The solar project is on a new YMCA facility that was built on a redeveloped property in downtown Burlington, Vermont. [Vermont Biz]

New YMCA facility in Burlington (Credit: Ryan Bent)

¶ “Chicago Urban Farming Project To Use Anaerobic Digestion To Mitigate Food Waste, Produce Renewable Energy” • Illinois Gov JB Pritzker joined Chicago-based Green Era to announce a $3 million state investment that will help transform a vacant brownfield parcel into a new Green Era Urban Farming Campus on Chicago’s South Side. [Waste Today Magazine]

¶ “Duke Energy Renewables Taps Goldman Sachs For $109 Million Investment” • Duke Energy Renewables has closed an investment of $109.4 million from Goldman Sachs to fund a portfolio of renewable energy projects. The money will be used over 18 months to support around 75 MW of solar and battery storage projects in several states. [Energy Live News]

Solar array (Duke Energy Image)

¶ “Vineyard And Mayflower Wind Agree Staging Port Leases” • Vineyard and Mayflower Wind signed lease agreements to use the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal as the primary staging and deployment base. The facility will be used for the construction and installation of offshore wind projects in federal waters south of Martha’s Vineyard. [reNEWS]

¶ “Consortium Unveils NY Offshore Wind Port Upgrade” • A New York consortium unveiled plans for an offshore wind hub in the state. A consultancy said its Port of Cortlandt site is one of eleven projects competing for up to $200 million in grants and loans funding to develop port infrastructure to help deliver New York’s 9-GW offshore wind target by 2035. [reNEWS]

Port of Cortlandt (AKRF image)

¶ “Anzode Receives $1.7 Million Grant For Developing Non-Lithium Ion Energy Storage” • Battery startup Anzode, Inc, has received a $1.7 million award for a three-year effort to develop battery technology, as part of a California Energy Commission grant funding opportunity for developers of non-lithium battery energy storage. [Renewable Energy Magazine]

¶ “Logan Withdraws From Nuclear Power Project Seen As Cutting-Edge But Risky” • In Utah, a hesitant Logan City Council agreed to follow staff recommendations and voted to leave a nuclear power project based on small modular reactors. The project has been characterized by ballooning costs and funding uncertainties. []

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