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August 22 Energy News

August 22, 2020


¶ “Bad Policy, Not Renewables, Are To Blame For California Blackouts” • Opponents of climate science, particularly the editorial board of the Wall Street Journal, were quick to condemn renewable energy for the blackouts. So did Donald Trump. But they are both wrong, according to Stephen Berberich, head of California’s power grid operator. [CleanTechnica]

LS Power Gateway battery (Credit: LS Power)

¶ “Radiation Detections In Northern Europe: What We Do And Don’t Know” • Nuclear experts are still puzzling over an event in June, when several monitoring stations in northern Europe detected extremely small quantities of radionuclides in the atmosphere. We may not know what it was, but the finger points to Russia. [Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists]

Science and Technology:

¶ “Alaskan Salmon Are Decreasing In Size Thanks To Climate Change And Competition, Study Says” • Alaskan salmon are getting smaller due to climate change and competition, a study says. The authors researched over six decades of data from the Alaska Department of Fish and Game, from 1957 to 2018, on over 12.5 million fish. [CNN]

Salmon (Andrew Hendry | Handout | Reuters)

¶ “New Low-Cost Flow Battery Could Sustain A Future Powered By Renewable Energy” • The EU-funded VR-ENERGY project has developed a new version of vanadium redox flow technology. At the core of VR-ENERGY’s technology is a proprietary ‘single-cell’ design in which each cell operates independently, with its own operational parameters. [Cordis News]

¶ “Greenland’s Ice Sheet Melted Faster Than Ever Before In 2019, Study Says.” • Research published in the journal Communications Earth and Environment found that in 2019 Greenland’s ice sheet lost an annual record of 532 billion tons of ice. By comparison, between 2003 and 2016 the ice sheet lost an average of about 255 billion tons per year. [CNN]

Greenland (Sean Gallup | Getty Images)

¶ “Solar Technology Could Increase Global Access To Drinking Water” • Access to clean drinking is a challenge in some parts of the world. As the population grows and resources shrink, the issue gets even more pressing. New solar technology provides a possible solution by desalinating saltwater with minimal energy consumption. [Renewable Energy Magazine]


¶ “50-MW Spanish Solar Plant Gains Grid Connection” • The 50-MW Guzman solar power plant in Spain is now connected to the grid, Foresight Group LLP announced. It has been exporting electricity since 19 August from its 150,000 solar panels. They are expected to generate around 85 GWh every year, contributing significantly to Spain’s emissions targets. [reNEWS]

Solar plant (Foresight Group image)

¶ “India Wants To Cut Reliance On Chinese Solar Parts” • India’s push for renewable energy has slowed because of the Covid-19 pandemic, but the country isn’t considering eliminating its tariffs on inexpensive solar parts from China. In fact, it’s extending them. And India’s goal of installing 100 GW of solar power by the year 2022 is way behind. [Karma]

¶ “South Korea To Invest $46 Billion In Renewable Energy By 2030” • South Korea currently relies on coal and gas for two-thirds of its power. However, currently planned investments in renewable energy companies will be used to create 800 MW of new solar power capapcity and 16,500 MW of additional wind power capacity. [Energy Digital]

Wind farm in South Korea (socialwalker, Wikimedia Commons)

¶ “Covid Is ‘Restart Button’ For Climate Action, Royal Institution Christmas Lecturers Say” • Covid-19 provides an opportunity to make changes to tackle climate change, experts behind this year’s Royal Institution Christmas lectures have said. They believe as countries deal with economies, there are new opportunities to act on climate change. [The Guardian]


¶ “California Wildfires: 560 Blazes Have Scorched More Acres Than There Are In Rhode Island” • Almost every firefighting resource in California is battling hundreds of blazes, including two of the largest wildfires in the state’s history, Gov Gavin Newsom said. About 96% of the state’s firefighting engines have been assigned, according to a spokesman. [CNN]

Lightning (Santa Rosa Fire Department)

¶ “California Fires: Governor Asks Australia For Help” • Gov Gavin Newsom said California is struggling to contain huge wildfires burning forests and homes, as more than 12,000 fire-fighters battle the blazes that have killed six people. Help is on its way from several US states, and Gov Newsom put in a plea for assistance from Australia and Canada. [BBC]

¶ “Tulane University Has Launched A New Degree Program In Renewable Energy” • Tulane University’s AB Freeman School of Business has a new program, aiming for a Master of Management in Energy degree. It offers students a deep dive into the business of renewables to better prepare energy professionals for the changing marketplace. [Newswise]

Students at a solar array (Image courtesy of Entergy)

¶ “Pritzker Wants Illinois To Be A Completely Renewable-Energy State By 2050” • Illinois Governor JB Pritzker provided a look at how he wants the state to be powered completely by renewable-energy by 2050. It would have tighter controls on the utility companies. This comes amid an influence-peddling scheme involving ComEd. [Herald & Review]

¶ “Goldman Sachs Renewable Power Buys California Solar-Plus-Storage Plant” • Goldman Sachs Renewable Power acquired a 100-MW solar PV plant with a 50-MW battery storage facility now under development in San Bernadino, California. GSRP had earlier bought the 123-MW American Kings Solar project in California. [Energy Storage News]

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