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August 4 Energy News

August 4, 2020


¶ “It’s Time For American Leaders To Wake Up To The Threat Of Climate Change For The Good Of The Planet And Business” • If left unchecked, the impact of climate change will alter our world, reshaping our coastlines and coastal cities, accelerate extinctions, devastate agriculture, cause famine, ravage our economy, and threaten our health. [TIME]

Wind farm in Texas (Paul Harris | Getty Images)

¶ “Is Energy Still A Natural Monopoly?” • In the past it made sense to monopolize utility services, but does it make sense now? Considering the ever-increasing access to solar energy, co-op and neighborhood power, and independence from electrical utilities, where can we afford to compete? Scott Hempling addresses these integral questions. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Road Revenue Plummets – New Ways To Fund Infrastructure Projects Needed” • With Covid-19, traffic has been reduced to a fraction of what it had been. As road revenue plummets because of low sales of gasoline and diesel oil, road infrastructure projects that keep our labor force on the job and support the economy are in real jeopardy. [CleanTechnica]

Lonely truck (Image from

¶ “Watching The Baseload Paradigm Fail” • A nuclear power plant being used for load-following may be a symptom of an inexorable move away from baseload power toward a new paradigm built around less expensive combinations of renewable power with storage. The new technologies are also more reliable, more secure, and far more flexible. [CleanTechnica]


¶ “The ‘Solar Canals’ Making Smart Use Of India’s Space” • One of the main challenges in building solar farms in India is finding good places to build them. The high population density makes it hard to find sites for solar arrays. Rooftop solar is used, but roofs are inadequate for the need. In Gujarat, the answer has been to cover its canals with solar panels. [BBC]

Irrigation canal covered with solar panels (Getty Images)

¶ “Coastal Erosion: The ‘Forgotten’ Community Left To Fall Off A Cliff” • Across England in the next decade, it is estimated that up to 2,000 homes could be destroyed due to coastal erosion, which is expected to be accelerated by climate change. While other properties have been protected by costly coastal defences, these are not considered worth saving. [BBC]

¶ “Tesla Has 19% of Global Plugin Vehicle Market” • According to data from EV Volumes, in H1 of 2020, Tesla was #1 in terms of plugin vehicles sold globally, with just slightly more sales than the combination of the next three, Volkswagen, BMW, and BYD. Overall, Tesla took home 19% of the world’s plugin vehicle sales in the first half of 2020. [CleanTechnica]

Tesla Model 3 (CleanTechnica image)

¶ “Tesla Model 3 Success Convinces Hyundai To Accelerate Transition To Electric Cars” • According to a report by Reuters, South Korea’s Hyundai plans to introduce two production lines dedicated to making electric vehicles, one next year and another in 2024. Reuters says the information was seen by its reporters in an internal union newsletter. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Melbourne’s Gigantic Solar Farm To Power On In January” • Melbourne Airport announced it will finish construction of its enormous solar farm next month, ready for it to be switched on in January. The panels will generate 17 GWh of electricity per annum, which will be sufficient to cover 15% of the airport’s electricity needs. [Australian Aviation]

Melbourne Aiport solar system under construction

¶ “World’s Largest Solar Farm And Battery To Export Green Energy” • A plan to build a huge solar farm and battery in the Northern Territory to supply power to Singapore and Indonesia was granted “major project status” by the Australian government. The project could provide Singapore with enough electricity to meet 20% of its demand. [The Sydney Morning Herald]

¶ “France’s Revolutionary Nuclear Reactor Is A Leaky, Expensive Mess” • A revolutionary French reactor design is 10 years overdue and nearly four times over budget. The country’s new energy minister has called the European pressurized reactor, which is being built at the Flamanville nuclear power plant, “a mess” in public interviews. [Popular Mechanics]

Flamanville construction (schoella, Wikimedia Commons)


¶ “Is Hydrogen The Future For US Power Companies?” • The US DOE has unveiled the H2@Scale initiative, through which a handful of companies will receive $64 million in government funding for hydrogen research projects. The companies include Cummins Inc, Caterpillar Inc, 3M Company, Plug Power Inc, and EV startup Nikola Corp. []

¶ “$4.5 Million Federal Grant Looks To Upgrade Borrego Springs Microgrid To 100% Renewable Energy” • A San Diego Gas & Electric’s microgrid in the desert town of Borrego Springs got a $4.5 million grant from the DOE’s Solar Energy Technologies Office. The grant is for upgrades so the microgrid can run 100% on renewable energy. [The San Diego Union-Tribune]

Borrego Springs microgrid (San Diego Gas & Electric)

¶ “San José Clean Energy, Peninsula Clean Energy Launch Joint Request For Offers For Renewable Energy + Battery Storage” • San José Clean Energy and Peninsula Clean Energy launched a joint Request for Offers for the purchase of 1,000 GWh annually of new, long-term renewable energy or renewable energy-plus-battery storage resources. [Solar Power World]

¶ “Report: ‘Total Decarbonization’ Would Create 25 Million Jobs” • “Rapid and total decarbonization” of the US economy, by tripling the size of the electric grid and replacing nearly every fuel-burning machine with an electric one, would create 25 million US jobs, according to a report. Its authors compare the effort with that undertaken for World War II. [E&E News]

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