August 11 Energy News

August 11, 2019


¶ “Rumble In PA: Coal-Killing Natural Gas Has A Field Day In Top US Coal State” • The carnage in the US coal industry continued last week as yet another energy company in yet another leading coal producing state took steps to shut down yet another large coal power plant. But President Trump has not tweeted a peep. [CleanTechnica]

The 830-MW Bruce Mansfield power plant (Wikipedia)

¶ “The Shift Toward Renewable Energy Is Coming. Western States Aren’t Ready” • As the fortunes of the coal, oil, and gas industries rise and fall, Western states ride the boom-and-bust cycles of mineral dependence. But this fossil-fueled rollercoaster ride could come to a shuddering halt under recent climate action proposals. [Mother Jones]

¶ “Cost Of Driving A BMW i3 REx For 9 Months In Florida: $2.26” • Driving an EV in Sarasota is cheap. The charging stations are free. The BMW i3 REx has a small internal combustion engine as a backup, and even though it nearly never kicks on, it does need to run from time to time for maintenance purposes, so it can have a fuel cost. [CleanTechnica]

BMW i3 (CleanTechnica)

¶ “Why Some VC Summer Refund Checks Are ‘Not Worth The Postage'” • Since 2008, South Carolina household electricity customers have paid on average $1,565 extra to finance two reactors at the VC Summer Nuclear Station. They were not built, so the customers are getting refund checks. Some got checks for as little as $0.04. [Charlotte Observer]

¶ “Why Solar Activity And Cosmic Rays Can’t Explain Global Warming” • As a climate scientist, I hear my share of myths about what is causing climate change or why it is a “hoax.” I call them “zombie theories” because they just will not die. This week I heard of a variation of a myth about solar variations being to blame, but it does not explain climate change. [Forbes]

Sunset (Azwi, Wikimedia Commons)

Science and Technology:

¶ “As The World Gets Hotter, Environmental Consequences Get Worse” • July was the 415th consecutive month of above-20th-century-average temperatures. The five warmest years on record were 2014-18, and this year is on track to be one. Things are heating up. As they do, the destruction to our environment and our economy only gets worse. [Charleston Post Courier]

¶ “Saildrone Completes 22,000 Kilometer Circumnavigation Of Antarctica” • The Southern Ocean that surrounds Antarctica is a dark and forbidding place where winds often exceed 80 miles per hour and towering waves as high as a 5-story building. Saildrone 1020 is an automated ocean vessel whose mission is to acquire data in dangerous waters. [CleanTechnica]

Saildrone (Photo courtesy of Saildrone)


¶ “Solar Energy Storage Market To Grow At Over 35%” • A research report published by the market research and strategy consulting firm, Global Market Insights, Inc, projects that the Solar Energy Storage Market will surpass an annual installation of 3 GW by 2025. One of the forces adding to the growth is the advent of EVs. [Smart Energy]

¶ “A Green Economy Grows In Denmark” • With its lively waterfront, tree-lined canal, and red-brick buildings topped by steep gunmetal-grey roofs, Aarhus looks like just another coastal city in Northern Europe. But get closer, and what comes into focus is a place central to the continent’s remarkable shift to renewable energy. [Free Malaysia Today]

Møllestien Street in Aarhus (Pixabay image)

¶ “Sontirat Revives Long-Shelved Grass-Growing Biofuel Project” • Thai Energy Minister Sontirat Sontijirawong said his ministry plans to promote biomethane-gas power projects from Napier grass and will encourage farming communities to grow it for power generation. He said the ministry is resuming a scheme that had stalled in 2012-13. [Bangkok Post]


¶ “Tesla Model 3 Has 67% Of US Electric Vehicle Sales In Second Quarter” • The story of the US electric vehicle in Q2 is all about unbalanced sales. There’s the Model 3, and there’s everything else. In fact, the Model 3 accounts for 67% of US electric vehicle sales, according to 2nd quarter sales data and estimates. Its sales nearly doubled from Q1 to Q2. [CleanTechnica]

Tesla Model 3

¶ “Tesla Cars Is #1 In US Luxury Car Sales In Second Quarter Of 2019” • The Tesla Model 3 absolutely embarrassed the luxury car competition in the United States in the second quarter. Looking at the luxury car ranking, Tesla took the title in the second quarter, on the shoulders of the Model 3’s unprecedented domination of its class. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “How Dairy’s Quest For Clean Energy Spread Across Wisconsin” • The Butter Solar Project has 32 MW of PVs installed at ten locations feeding into 13 municipal utilities in three states. A who’s who of co-op food companies, including Organic Valley, Dr Bronner’s, and Clif Bar, have signed on to buy the renewable credits. So has the city of Madison. [Madison.Com]

Organic Valley office building in Cashton, Wisconsin
(Photo: Peter Thomson, La Crosse Tribune Archives)

¶ “Maine’s Renewable Energy Subsidy Program Seeks Supporters In South Portland” • Maine Green Power is seeking residents and business owners in the city of South Portland to help subsidize the expansion of renewable energy generation in the state through the South Portland Green Power District Challenge. [Kennebec Journal & Morning Sentinel]

¶ “Regulators Rip Xcel’s Proposed $650 Million Deal For Mankato Power Plant” • Xcel Energy’s proposed $650 million purchase of a gas-fired power plant in Mankato ran into strong opposition from two state agencies protecting ratepayers. The utility says the move will save ratepayers money. The regulators say that is not likely. [Minneapolis Star Tribune]

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