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August 18 Energy News

August 18, 2019


¶ “Seven Reasons Why Small Modular Nuclear Reactors Are A Bad Idea For Australia” • The motivation for the US to export the so far non-existent prefabricated small modular reactors is clear. The motivation of their Australian promoters is not so clear. Here are the main reasons why it would be a bad idea for Australia to import them. [Independent Australia]

Small modular nuclear reactor (Screenshot via YouTube)

¶ “How To Start With Sustainable Investing” • If you had told me three years ago that sustainable investing would be my newest passion, I would not have believed you. Now I spend weekend afternoons reading prospectuses and learning about the difference between market or limit buys with the customer service team at TD Ameritrade. [CleanTechnica]

Science and Technology:

¶ “Bye Aerospace And OXIS Energy To Commercialize Lithium-Sulfur Batteries For Urban Air Mobility ” • Bye Aerospace is a busy electric aviation company developing the future of our urban air mobility world. It has two electric airplanes along with development projects. It is working with Oxis Energy to commercialize lithium-sulfur battery. [CleanTechnica]

Bye Aerospace eFlyer (Image courtesy Bye Aerospace)

¶ “A Major Cyber Attack Could Be Just As Deadly As Nuclear Weapons, Says Scientist” • People around the world may be worried about nuclear tensions rising, but many miss the fact that a major cyberattack could be just as damaging. Hackers are already laying the groundwork, and they have made many successful intrusions in the past. [ScienceAlert]


¶ “Iceland’s Okjökull Glacier Commemorated With Plaque” • Mourners are gathering in Iceland to commemorate the loss of Okjökull, which has died at the age of about 700. The glacier was officially declared dead in 2014 when it was no longer thick enough to move. What once was glacier has been reduced to a small patch of ice atop a volcano. [BBC]

Okjökull sat atop the volcano Ok (Josh Okun)

¶ “Australia Set To Surpass Qatar Over LNG Exports” • The latest measures adopted by the Australian government, natural gas exploration, high LNG production capacity, and new projects in line to reach full capacity could make Australia gain the number one spot in the LNG space. Care is being taken to cover domestic needs. [Kalkine Media] (Pro natural gas)

¶ “Can Big Investors Save The World?” • While young people throng the streets demanding action on man-made climate change, older groups of big investors are also actively fighting a green campaign. Climate Action 100+ is one such group of more than 360 investors with more than $34 trillion (£28 trillion) in assets under management. [BBC]

Demonstrating against climate change (Google | Getty Images)

¶ “Climate Deniers Get More Media Play Than Scientists: Study” • Climate deniers have had far more media attention than prominent climate scientists, a report shows. “Climate change contrarians have successfully organized a strong voice within politics and science communication,” according to the report’s authors. [Japan Today]

¶ “China Storms Past US And Japan To Take Lead In Wind And Solar Power” • China has come to dominate worldwide solar and wind energy generation, in terms of both its own capacity and its companies’ share of global markets, leaving previous renewable market powerhouses, particularly the US and Japan, to play catch-up. [Nikkei Asian Review]

Renewable energy in China


¶ “UW Engineers Test Tidal Energy Turbines On Lake Washington” • Using a catamaran specially built for testing ocean instruments, engineers from the Applied Physics Lab lowered a cross-flow turbines into the waters of Seattle’s Lake Washington. They are testing the turbine’s performance, a step toward harvesting tidal energy. []

¶ “Unprecedented Heatwave ‘Kills Thousands Of Fish’ In Alaska” • Large numbers of salmon died prematurely in Alaskan rivers in July, local reports say, and scientists believe the cause could be the record heatwave. One biologist said, “Climate change is here in Alaska. We are seeing it. We are feeling it. And our salmon are dying because of it.” [The Independent]

Salmon (Barbara Jackson)

¶ “Colorado renewable energy: Debate rages over how to balance it with fossil fuel technology” • Those on both sides of Colorado’s energy divide, rich fossil fuels versus emerging renewables, agree on one major point: It is too early to tell if the sky is falling as trade-offs get made over cleaning up the atmosphere. [Colorado Springs Gazette]

¶ “Path To Paradise? Alaskan Village Hopes To Replace Fossil Fuel With Water Power” • Residents of Igiugig, a village far from roads and off the grid, is reducing its dependence on diesel for their electrical system. The village is moving ahead with hydroelectric power, as turbines have been anchored at the bottom of the swift Kvichak River. [Los Angeles Times]

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