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August 23 Energy News

August 23, 2019


¶ “Bill Gates Is Throwing Away Money On Ill-Advised Non-Solutions To Global Warming” • Bill Gates is not attending to the reality of the success of renewable energy, the unknowns of solar geoengineering, and the global failure of nuclear energy as a solution to global warming. His solutions funding would be vastly better spent in areas. [CleanTechnica]

Solar Geoengineering (NOAA Global Monitoring Division)

¶ “Fires Are Raging In The Amazon Forest. Here’s How You Can Help Slow All Rainforest Loss” • The Amazon draws down CO₂ and other greenhouse gases while slowing down the Earth’s rising temperatures. But it’s now burning at a record rate, with images from space showing the smoke covering much of Brazil. Each of us can help protect it. [CNN]

Science and Technology:

¶ “The Future Of Food: Why Farming Is Moving Indoors” • Ten shipping containers dominate a corner of a Brooklyn parking area, each full of climate control tech, growing herbs that are distributed to local stores on bicycles. This is literally urban farming. Lighting, humidity, and temperature are all controlled in hydroponic indoor farming. [BBC]

Tobias Peggs at Square Roots farm (Square Roots image)

¶ “Ancient Tropical Plants Produce Cones In UK For First Time On Record” • Cycads have produced male and female cones outdoors in the UK for the first time in 60 million years, in an event that botanists say is a clear indication of climate change. The cycads are on the cliffs of a botanic garden on the Isle of Wight, off England’s south coast. [CNN]


¶ “Amazon Fires: ‘Our House Is Burning’, Macron Warns Ahead Of G7” • French President Emmanuel Macron has said the record number of fires in the Amazon rainforest is an “international crisis” that needs to top the agenda at this weekend’s G7 summit. Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro said Macron’s calls evoke “a misplaced colonialist mindset.” [BBC]

Fire in Brazil, 2011 (NASA, Wikimedia Commons)

¶ “India Plans Large Renewable Energy Projects With Public Sector Companies” • The Indian government reportedly plans to rope in public sector companies to set up large-scale renewable energy projects on the lines of the ultra mega power projects program launched a few years back. The projects have capacities of up to 1.8 GW each. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Russian Nuclear Accident: Medics Fear ‘Radioactive Patients'” • Russian medics who treated radiation victims after a military explosion in the Arctic had no protection and now fear they were irradiated themselves. Five nuclear engineers died on 8 August when an “isotope-fuel” engine blew up at the Nyonoksa test range, officials said. [BBC]

Russian hospital (archive pic) Getty Images

¶ “Russia Launches Floating Nuclear Reactor In Arctic Despite Warnings Of ‘Chernobyl On Ice'” • Russia is launching the world’s first floating nuclear reactor for a journey on the Arctic Ocean, despite environmentalists warning of serious risks. It will leave the Arctic port of Murmansk to begin its 5,000 km journey to northeastern Siberia. [The Japan Times]


¶ “Works Begin To Bring Renewable Energy To Remote Indigenous Communities” • Works are underway to bring renewable energy to remote Indigenous communities in Queensland’s Far North, creating jobs and reducing costs and emissions. The state is delivering on an earlier commitment to bring them renewable energy. [Utility Magazine]

Solar array (Shutterstock image)

¶ “ARENA Backs Solar Hydrogen Plant In Brisbane As Electrolyser Costs Tipped To Plunge” • A $3.1 million pilot project to produce green hydrogen via electrolysis at an existing gas facility in Queensland has won $950,000 in funding from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency. The 220-kW electrolyser will be powered by a solar array. [The Guardian]

¶ “Australian Thermal Coal Exporters Warned Of Falling Demand From India” • Thermal coal exporters face “significant risk” that demand from India will decline, a report from the office of Australia’s chief economist says. The Indian  market is considered a “great hope” by miners, but the report warns of its long-term uncertainties. [The Guardian]

Open pit mine ( | Alamy Stock Photo)


¶ “Consumers Energy Focusing On Renewable Energy, Asking Michiganders To Help” • Michigan utility Consumers Energy is on a mission to meet the state’s electricity needs by greater use of clean energy in the coming decades. The  company is on a  statewide campaign to encourage customers to use less energy to fight climate change. [WNEM Saginaw]

¶ “Bernie Sanders Unveils Comprehensive $16.3 Trillion Green New Deal Plan Amid Climate Crisis” • Sen Bernie Sanders added progressive meat to the bones of the Green New Deal with the release of a comprehensive $16.3 trillion climate change program ahead of a campaign stop in Paradise, California, the city leveled by a devastating 2018 wildfire. [CNN]

Bernie Sanders, 2016 (Phil Roeder, Wikimedia Commons)

¶ “Duke Energy Renewables Completes Nine Solar Projects In Conjunction With Georgia Power’s Renewable Energy Development Initiative” • Duke Energy Renewables announced that nine solar projects developed with SolAmerica Energy have begun commercial operations in central Georgia. The company’s solar capacity in Georgia is now 27.4 MW. [EnerCom Inc.]

¶ “Detroit Zoo To Be Powered By 100% Renewable Energy” • The Detroit Zoo will be powered by 100% renewable energy through DTE Energy’s MIGreenPower program, a voluntary renewable energy offering that helps DTE electric customers reduce their carbon footprint and support the development of renewable energy in Michigan. [WSYM-TV]

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