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August 14 Energy News

August 14, 2019


¶ “China Is Leading The World To An Electric Future: Four Takeaways From My Recent Visit” • You don’t have to look far to see that China is leading the world’s electric car revolution. I had the opportunity to witness this while visiting China to attend the first annual Energy Internet Innovation and Entrepreneurship Summit in Chengdu. [CleanTechnica]

Charging an electric taxi (Courtesy of Heather Hochrein)

¶ “Trump Admin Sends A Love Letter To Coal, Straight From The Heart” • Under Trump’s watch the domestic coal industry has been withering away. In fact, the Trump administration is poised to give coal one last push into the dustbin of history. In the latest development, the DOE has been working on a new “grid of the future.” [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Power To The People – How Renewables And Batteries Are Reshaping The Utility Industry” • The old model is broken and it is time for some creative thinking. Monopoly status for utilities has social benefits but tends to short circuit innovation. Some, like Green Mountain Power, are rushing into the future; others look longingly at the past. [CleanTechnica]

Big wind turbines (Zach Shahan, CleanTechnica)

Transportation Technology:

¶ “GM, VW Say They Won’t Build Hybrids Or Plug-in Hybrids, Only Battery Electric Cars” • Other companies are still bringing plug-in hybrid models, but General Motors and Volkswagen now say they are going to leap frog over the whole PHEV/BEV discussion. Both companies will offer only full battery electric models in the future. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “eHang Wants To Start An eVTOL Service In Guangzhou Soon” • eHang will build a fleet of autonomous passenger air taxis and low-altitude freight aircraft, possibly making it the world’s first operational urban air mobility company. The government of China has sanctioned the company, and the city of Guangzhou is hosting the pilot program. [CleanTechnica]

eHang eVTOL (eHang courtesy image)

¶ “India Approves Subsidy For 5,595 Electric Buses Across 64 Cities” • The Department of Heavy Industries of the Indian government announced that it approved disbursal of subsidies for the deployment of 5,595 electric buses across 64 cities in the country, for inter-city transportation and last-mile connectivity for the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Heavy Duty Electric Trucks Aren’t Coming, They’re Already Here” • Tesla may rule the Twittersphere with its all-electric Semi, but BYD, Volvo, and Freightliner are not standing on the sidelines. They all have electric heavy duty trucks either in production or nearing production that are ready to replace the fossil fuel powered models of today. [CleanTechnica]

BYD electric refuse truck (Credit: BYD)


¶ “A University Has Banned Beef To Help Fight Climate Change” • Goldsmiths University of London will ban all beef products from its campus, the institution’s new chief has announced, as it seeks to become carbon neutral by 2025. Students will also be handed a 10p (12¢) levy on bottled water and single use plastic cups. [CNN]

¶ “Soltec To Supply 220 MW Of SF7 Bifacial Trackers In Mexico” • Spanish company, Soltec, is supplying and installing its Soltec SF7 Bifacial trackers at a 220-MW project that the Enel Group’s renewable company Enel Green Power is building in Tlaxcala, Mexico. The site will have 548,772 bifacial modules mounted on the trackers. [Renewable Energy Magazine]

Soltec trackers (Courtesy of Soltec)

¶ “Europe Has The Untapped Onshore Capacity To Meet Global Energy Demand” • Europe has the capacity to produce more than 100 times the amount of energy it currently produces through onshore windfarms, analysis from the University of Sussex and Aarhus University has revealed. In fact, it has more than enough to power the world. [EurekAlert]

¶ “Russia Calls, Then Cancels, Town’s Evacuation After Nuclear Mishap” • Radiation levels have spiked to sixteen times normal at the nearby town of Severodvinska, after last week’s explosion at a rocket testing site. First responders have been silenced, and the villagers were told to leave, but the evacuation order has since been canceled. [Deutsche Welle]

Russian law enforcement officers (A Vaganov | ©Reuters)


¶ “States Sue To Block EPA’s Coal Power Plant Emissions Rollback” • A coalition of states and cities will ask a federal court to block the Trump administration’s overhaul of regulations on emissions from coal-fired power plants. The so-called Affordable Clean Energy plan shifts regulatory authority to states and offers hope to the struggling US coal industry. [CNN]

¶ “A Wind Farm That Can Power 168,000 Homes Is Blowing Into Central Texas” • After a series of nearby wind developments in recent years, locals came to back plans to revive a shelved project near Eden, Texas. Construction of the Maverick Creek wind farm is set to begin in September, just as wind energy is on track to surpass coal energy in Texas. [Dallas News]

Texas wind farm (Renewable Energy Systems Americas Inc)

¶ “Wyoming Wind Project Will Increase Output By 60%” • PacifiCorp acquired sole ownership of the Foote Creek I wind farm, a 41.4-MW project in Carbon County, Wyoming. The move will allow for the wind generation facility to be repowered with new turbine technology that will increase energy output of the entire facility by 60%. [East Oregonian]

¶ “SoCalGas and Electrochaea Announce Commissioning Of New Biomethanation Reactor System Pilot Project” • Southern California Gas Co and Electrochaea announced that they are commissioning the nation’s first scalable biomethanation reactor system at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Energy System Integration Facility. [PRNewswire]

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