August 5 Energy News

August 5, 2019


¶ “Overlapping Crisis Of Climate Change Cause Of Ecological Land Grab” • The crises of climate change, unsustainable food systems, and mass species extinction are on a course towards what might best be called an ecological land grab. Experts who once touted “win-win” scenarios for the environment now talk about “trade-offs.” [Deccan Chronicle]

Tropical forest (Photo: AFP)

Science and Technology:

¶ “Bigger Is Not Always Better: How Small Scale Wind Turbines Could Save The Sector” • Halo Energy has developed a shrouded wind turbine that brings efficient energy production to small-scale turbines. The shroud doubles the output of electricity. It could improve the performance of US wind and address the imbalances in the sector. [Power Technology]

¶ “The Animals That Will Survive Climate Change” • With one in every four species facing extinction, which animals are the best equipped to survive the climate crisis? American bullfrogs might benefit from climate change, but some scientists say we humans, even with our extraordinary capacity for innovation and ability to adapt, probably won’t survive. [BBC]

American bullfrog (DrStew82, Wikimedia Commons)


¶ “Elizabeth May Weighs In On Whether Elected Officials Could Be Criminally Liable For Their Climate Policies” • Elizabeth May, the leader of the Green Party of Canada, warned other politicians that they could face legal consequences in their lifetimes if they fail to take the climate crisis seriously. Some people are calling for trials for crimes against humanity. []

¶ “Stop Abusing Land, Scientists Warn” • Scientists and officials on the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change are meeting in Geneva to finalizing a document on the climate. It will deliver a stark condemnation of the damage we are wreaking on the land surface of the planet with farming and land use that cause CO₂ emissions. [BBC]

Clearing forest for palm oil plantations (EPA image)

¶ “Wood Mackenzie Report Claims World Will Still Get 85% Of Its Energy From Fossil Fuels In 2040” • According to Wood Mackenzie, renewable energy provides 8% of global electricity, a figure that will triple by 2040. But by then, growth in developing countries is expected to increase the demand for energy in all sectors by 25%. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Construction Starts At Yandin Wind Farm, Set To Be WA’s Biggest” • Alinta Energy has announced that construction has commenced at the Yandin wind farm, which is set to become Western Australia’s largest wind project, with some of Australia’s best wind resources. The 214-MW wind farm is expected to have a capacity factor of 50%. [RenewEconomy]

Wind turbines (Alinta Energy)

¶ “Indigo Council Declares Climate Emergency, Aims For 100% Renewables” • Victoria’s Indigo Shire Council voted to declare a climate emergency and is now looking to reduce emissions and energy costs with a renewables PPA. Doing so, it joins such other councils across Australia as the cities of Darwin, Sydney, and Melbourne. [Solar Quotes]

¶ “Fears Of ‘Chernobyl On Ice’ As Russia Prepares Floating Nuclear Plant” • Russia is planning to dispatch its first floating nuclear power station, on a 4,000-mile journey on the Northern Sea Route. It is a milestone for the country’s growing use of nuclear power and its plans for Arctic expansion. Greenpeace has fears of a “floating Chernobyl.” [The Guardian]

Akademik Lomonosov nuclear station (Peter Kovalev | Tass)


¶ “Power Struggle Hindering US Growth Of Renewable Energy, Experts Say” • As more consumer options emerge in the US for greener technologies, there is a power struggle raging for control of the electricity market. It is between customers and vendors of solar power, on the one hand, and utilities that sell and deliver energy to the masses, on the other. []

¶ “US Businesses Are Benefiting From Ambitious Environmental Goals” • A study led by Deloitte shows that while businesses are still driven to manage their resources with a view to economics, they have also become more engaged in pursuing sustainable development. Environmental considerations have become a more serious talking point. [Forbes]

Solar panels on a rooftop (Photo: Chuttersnap | Unsplash)

¶ “Al Gore And The Climate Reality Project Visit Minneapolis” • Former Vice President Al Gore led a Climate Reality Leadership Corps training in Minneapolis, giving climate activists, leaders, and organizers an opportunity to further their knowledge about the science surrounding climate change and solutions to prevent further harm to the planet. [Mpls St Paul Magazine]

¶ “Voters Really Want Presidential Candidates To Talk More About Science” • A survey in Iowa found that 74% of Iowans say it is important for the presidential candidates to tell us how science and scientific research will affect their policymaking decisions, but only 22% recall them discussing science issues during the past two months. [Lab Manager Magazine]

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