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July 22 Energy News

July 22, 2019


¶ “US Shale Is Doomed No Matter What They Do” • As financial stress sets in for US shale companies, some are trying to drill their way out of the problem, while others are cutting costs. The problems they face, however, include the continually falling prices of renewables, which are already out-competing them, and a market moving to cut CO₂ emissions. []

Shale drillers

Science and Technology:

¶ “Autonomous Tractors, Mining Equipment, and Construction Vehicles – Oh, My!” • Autonomous tractors are just one new technology that can increase farm productivity and efficiencies, bringing higher yields. AI can lead to detecting early symptoms of uneven emergence, weeds, nutrient deficiencies, disease, insect infestations, and more. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “New Geothermal Battery Directly Converts Heat To Electricity” • Japanese researchers say they have a new system for geothermal energy. Their design uses sensitized thermal cells, which are able to generate electricity at temperatures below 100°C (212°F), without needing a middle-ground carrier like water or steam. [New Atlas]

Geothermal energy (Credit: OlgaSinenkoBO | Depositphotos)


¶ “How India In A Short Period Of Time Has Become The Cheapest Producer Of Solar Power” • India’s recent status of lowest-cost producer of solar power reflects a shift towards global energy transformation. Analysis by IRENA found that the costs for setting up solar PV projects dropped by about 80% in India between 2010 and 2018. [Economic Times]

¶ “Delhi To Replace Retired Thermal Power Plant With Solar Project” • In its efforts to reduce air pollution, the government of Delhi is taking steps beyond shutting down aging thermal power plants within city limits. It is replacing them with PV systems both within and outside the city. In this, it is following a trend seen in other parts of India. [CleanTechnica]

Delhi Metro station system (Rsrikanth05, Wikimedia Commons)

¶ “Hot Weather May Force Nuclear Plant Shutdown” • France’s nuclear power plant Golfech may have to stop generating power due to extremely hot weather. The 2,600-MW facility, operated by French electric utility EDF, may close beginning July 23, as weather services forecast an extreme heatwave in the area, Reuters reported. [Kallanish Energy]

¶ “Renewable Energy Creating Skilled Jobs In Africa And Asia” • Africa may skip right over the conventional utility grid and go directly to distributed renewables thanks to low cost solar panels and plummeting prices for storage batteries. With renewables, employment opportunities in Africa, India, and Asia are rapidly expanding. [CleanTechnica]

Solar power in Africa (Power For All image)


¶ “Australia-Singapore Power Link project awarded Major Project Status” • The Northern Territory Government has awarded Major Project Status to Sun Cable’s Australia-Singapore Power Link. The proposed Australia-Singapore Power Link is a $20 billion, 10-GW solar farm and a storage facility of up to 30-GWh near Tennant Creek. [Utility Magazine]

¶ “Local Manufacture And Innovation Put Wind Into Victoria’s Renewable Energy Target” • The 43-turbine Berrybank Wind Farm in Western Victoria will produce 180 MW, enough to power around 138,000 homes. What sets the project apart is a decision to use 64% locally manufactured content, including turbine parts and hubs. [create digital]

Wind farm

¶ “Electricity Prices Across The Grid Fall To Zero As Renewables Reach 44% Share” • You don’t get to see this very often. For one 5 minute dispatch period, all of the state-wide power grids in Australia carried electricity priced at zero or below. These grids cover Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, and South Australia. [RenewEconomy]

¶ “Melbourne’s Trams To Run On 100% Solar Power” • Trams in Melbourne will soon be fueled by 100% solar power, thanks to the largest operating solar farm in Victoria, making them green powered trams. The 128-MW Numurkah Solar Farm, north of Shepparton, will create enough energy to power Melbourne’s fleet of 450 trams. [Energy Matters]

Melbourne trams (Image: ABC News)


¶ “Portland General Electric Proposes Clean Energy, Smart Grid Resource Plan” • Portland General Electric Company presented a new integrated resource plan for approval of the Oregon Public Utility Commission. It focuses on more renewable power, more energy efficiency, and working with customers to help balance energy supply and demand. [Yahoo Finance]

¶ “NextEra Energy Predicts 50% Renewable Energy In US By 2030” • In a meeting with investors in May, NextEra Energy used data from IHS Markit projecting that the US would get 25% of its electricity from renewable energy resources by 2030. For the June meeting, it used data from NREL projecting 50% renewables by 2030. [CleanTechnica]

NextEra Energy solar farm (From NextEra Energy website)

¶ “A Field In DC Will Soon Be Home To 5,000 Solar Panels. It’s All Because Of Local Catholic Groups And A Message From The Pope” • By next year, a five-acre plot in Northeast Washington will sprout about 5,000 solar panels, the largest ground array the nation’s capital has seen. It is a change wrought by local Catholic groups. [Washington Post]

¶ “University Of Alaska Budget Cuts May Affect Alaska Climate Researchers” • The University of Alaska says it is scrambling to determine where jobs will be eliminated if the Alaska Legislature does not intervene after Gov Dunleavy vetoed $130 million dollars in university funding. The university is facing a 41% reduction in state funding. [Reading Eagle]

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