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July 1 Energy News

July 1, 2019


¶ “The Green New Climate Deal” • The GND is wildly popular with the Democratic Party base, but much of the leadership has been influenced by large fossil fuel industry contributions. The Sunrise movement has made headway on this, recruiting over 100 members of congress and most presidential candidates to support the GND. [Common Dreams]

Sunrise Movement youth (Photo: Sunrise Movement)

¶ “China Remains The World’s Worst Polluter But Did You Know It’s Also A Leader In Renewable Energy?” • In China, air pollution still causes over 1 million premature deaths a year. But a UN report shows China led renewable energy investment worldwide for the seventh straight year, with almost a third of the global renewables investment. [ABC News]

Science and Technology:

¶ “Centuries-Old Sea Captain Diaries Are Confirming Modern Climate Science” • Logs kept by whalers mates can help to fill in some of the gaps left in the weather records, which only go back to 1880. American whaler diaries have been kept since the late 1700s, adding over a century of supplementary information to the climate record. [VICE]

Whaling logbook (Image: Justin Buchli)

¶ “How To Rehabilitate Old Oil Supertankers” • As renewable energy, bio-based plastics, and other sustainable materials reduce our reliance on oil, what will we do with the gigantic oil tankers that currently carry it around the world? There are some who believe that they can rehabilitated and transformed into sources of clean, renewable energy. [BBC]


¶ “Mexico’s Guadalajara Hit By Freak Summer Hailstorm Which Buries Cars, Blankets Streets” • A freak hailstorm has struck Guadalajara, one of Mexico’s most populous cities, shocking residents and trapping vehicles in a deluge of ice pellets up to two meters deep. While seasonal hail storms happen, there is no record of any this heavy. [ABC News]

Extreme weather in Guadalajara (Ulises Ruiz | AFP)

¶ “Royal Institute Of British Architects Declares Climate Emergency” • The Royal Institute of British Architects has declared a state of climate emergency. Their declaration points out that buildings and their construction account for 40% of our carbon emissions. It also provides an 11-point plan for what to do about it. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Energia Embarks On €3 Billion Renewables Spending Spree” • Energia is to invest over €3 billion over the next five years to build up to 1.5-GW of new renewables generation across Ireland. The utility will spend the money on onshore and offshore wind and solar power, as well as hydrogen fuel generation, bio energy, and the smart grid. [reNEWS]

Wind turbine (Energia image)

¶ “UN Chief Warns Paris Climate Goals Still Not Enough To Avert Disaster” • UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the world “is facing a grave climate emergency.” He lauded the Paris climate accord, but said even if its promises are fully met, the world still faces a catastrophic 3°C temperature rise by the end of the century. [Oak Ridger]

¶ “Nuclear Plants Facing Closure As Heatwave Grips Europe” • Drought and high temperatures of river water may force France to temporarily shut down some of the nuclear power plants that supply two-thirds of the county’s electricity in the wake of the European heatwave. Meanwhile, homes and businesses need air conditioning. []

Boy in a fountain in Berlin (Kay Nietfeld | dpa via AP)


¶ “Los Angeles And 8minute Solar Announce 25-Year PPA At Under Two Cents Per kWh!” • Los Angeles’ Department of Water and Power has a proposal that will help on its goal of a Green New Deal. If approved, the city will enter into a 25-year power purchase agreement for 400 MW AC of solar electricity at a price of 1.997¢/kWh. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Bloom Energy Announces Hydrogen-Powered Energy Servers To Make Always-On Renewable Electricity A Reality” • Bloom Energy Servers can now operate on pure hydrogen or a combination of natural gas and hydrogen. In areas with large amounts of wind and solar power, excess electricty can be used to make hydrogen. [Green Car Congress]

Wind turbines in Kansas (Brian W Schaller,
CC-BY-CNSA 4.0, Wikimedia Commons)

¶ “Senators Seek 50% Renewable Electricity In Every State” • A bill proposed by New Mexico Senator Tom Udall and several of his colleagues, would create a federal standard for renewable electricity generation from utilities in every state. The targets would put US on the pathway to decarbonize the power sector by 2050. [Offshore Wind Journal]

¶ “Legislators Miss FirstEnergy Solution’s Deadline For Nuke Plants Bailout” • For over a year, FirstEnergy Solutions has said one thing to Ohio lawmakers: Help us by June 30, 2019, or we’ll be forced to start shutting down Ohio’s two nuclear power plants. Now the circled date has arrived, and the legislature has missed the deadline. [Akron Beacon Journal]

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