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July 2 Energy News

July 2, 2019


¶ “America’s Liquefied Natural Gas Boom May Be On A Collision Course With Climate Change” • Companies are scrambling in the US to build dozens of gas export terminals. Those investments are likely to be derailed in time as renewable energy costs plunge and concerns about climate change increase, according to the Global Energy Monitor. [CNN]

Jetty and pipelines (David P Howard,
Wikimedia Commons) CC BY-SA 2.0

Science and Technology:

¶ “After Decades Of Increases, Sea Ice In Antarctica Is Now Shrinking” • Remember when sea ice off of Antarctica was increasing? It isn’t any more. After decades of gradual increases, Antarctic sea ice is now decreasing faster than that in the Arctic, according to new research based on 40 years’ worth of satellite data. [CNN]

¶ “How Plants Reclaimed Chernobyl’s Poisoned Land” • Chernobyl’s exclusion zone is not devoid of life. Wolves, boars and bears have returned to the lush forests surrounding the old nuclear plant in northern Ukraine. When it comes to vegetation, all but the most vulnerable and exposed plant life has survived. Here is why. [BBC]


¶ “Climate Change Has Huge Human Health And Environmental Impacts” • In an interview, Dr Boris D Lushniak, MD, MPH, retired Rear Admiral, and dean of the University of Maryland School of Public Health, answered some questions about climate change. He prefers to address it as a human health issue, rather than an environmental one. [CleanTechnica]


¶ “Women Are Bringing Solar Energy To Thousands Of Indian Villages” • In India’s desert state of Rajasthan, Frontier Markets employs women to sell lamps, stoves, TVs, and the solar power to run them through a program called Solar Sahelis. They are bringing renewable electricity to hundreds of millions of people who live off the grid. [CNN]

Women working for Frontier Markets (Frontier Markets image)

¶ “European Electric Vehicle Market Up 28%” • The European passenger plug-in market had 37,000 registrations in May, up 28% from May of last year. All-electrics had 24,000 deliveries and were responsible for 63% of all plug-in sales last month. At the same time, the overall car market stagnated with a growth of 0.04% for the month. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “‘Football Pitch’ Of Amazon Forest Lost Every Minute” • An area of Amazon rainforest roughly the size of a football pitch is now being cleared every single minute, according to satellite data. The rate of losses in the world’s largest rainforest has recently accelerated as Brazil’s new right-wing president favors development over conservation. [BBC]

Distressed Rainforest

¶ “The Fight On Climate Issues In Danish Elections Results In Greenest Agenda Ever” • A new left-leaning government has been formed in Denmark, with Mette Frederiksen as prime minister. The former, right-leaning government had green ambitions, but this new government seems to want to push the envelope even further. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “NSW Plays To Its Pumped Hydro Strengths, With Green Light For Shoalhaven” • New South Wales has given Origin Energy the go-ahead to do geological works for the major upgrade at its Shoalhaven Pumped Hydro Storage Scheme. The project stands to double the hydro storage capacity from its current 240 MW to 475 MW. [RenewEconomy]

Kangaroo Valley Pumping Station

¶ “Global Progress To Halt Emissions Rise Is ‘Stalling’ Amidst ‘Woefully Inadequate’ National Targets” • The Climate Action Tracker, in an update of government actions on greenhouse gas emissions, concluded that progress for the climate crisis is “stalling,” as many countries retain “woefully inadequate” national targets. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “While The Government Is In Denial, The States Are Making Staggering Progress On Renewable Energy” • Australia’s federal government confirmed it would not consider a new policy to reduce carbon emissions. But every state government in the national electricity market has a target to increase renewable energy or to reduce emissions. [The Guardian]

Wind farm (Angela Harper | AAP)


¶ “Construction Begins On Virginia Offshore Wind Project” • Dominion Energy broke ground to install a half-mile conduit, which will hold the final stretch of cables connecting the turbines 27 miles off the coast of Virginia Beach to a company substation near Camp Pendleton. The project is starting with two 6-MW wind turbines. [WorkBoat]

¶ “Georgia Power Wants To Own And Operate 80 MW Of Battery ESS To ‘Maximise Value Of Renewables’” • Georgia Power wants to have 80 MW of battery energy storage systems in its service area, building on the state’s recent steps to investigate the value of storage both in front of and behind the electricity meter. [Energy Storage News]

Georgia barn used in the “Walking Dead” (GA Kayaker | Flickr)

¶ “Mike Pence’s Indiana Chooses Renewables Over Gas As It Retires Coal Early” • Conservative Indiana, with no renewable portfolio standard, is making choices like those of Los Angeles. Renewables are so cheap, a utility vice president said, that his company can close its coal plants early and return $4 billion to its customers over the next 30 years. [Forbes]

¶ “Keene Councilors Agree To Shift Money To Renewable Energy Projects” • In Keene, New Hampshire, city councilors approved two measures at their meeting to shift money in the budget and fund efforts to move toward Keene’s renewable energy goals. The current goal includes a switch to all renewable electricity by 2030. [The Keene Sentinel]

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