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July 8 Energy News

July 8, 2019


¶ “Thunberg = ‘Greatest Threat’ To Fossil Fuel Companies’ | Ocasio-Cortez = ‘Determined To Destroy the America We Know’” • What is it about these two young women, Greta Thunberg, who is 16 years old, and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who is 29, that squeezes expletives out of some of the world’s most important mouths? [CleanTechnica]

Greatest threat to OPEC (Anders Hellberg, Wikimedia Commons)

¶ “Iran nuclear deal: Is there any way it can be saved?” • The US abandoned the Iran nuclear deal just over a year ago. The Iranian government insists that they have been complying with the agreement, and the International Atomic Energy Agency agrees. Now Iran, hurting from newly imposed US sanctions, wants the Europeans to relieve the pressure. [BBC]


¶ “Greta Thunberg Is Inspiring Climate Action. But In Some Countries Her Message Is Falling On Deaf Ears” • Almost every Friday for the past year, Greta Thunberg has protested in front of the Swedish parliament, holding her now famous “School Strike For Climate” placard. Some leaders listen. Others are not so enthusiastic. [CNN]

Coal-burning power plant (George Frey | Getty Images)

¶ “Total Reopens La Mède Oil Refinery As Biofuel Facility” • In 2015, French energy company Total shut down its La Mêde oil refinery in France and began repurposing it to produce biofuels. After an investment of €275 million, it is producing hydrotreated vegetable oil, a premium biofuel suitable for diesel engines and jet engines. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Tesla Disrupts – BMW Boss Throws In The Towel” • BMW CEO Harald Krüger has resigned his post, citing “enormous changes, which have brought about more transformation than in the previous 30 years.” He is referring to the recent rapid rise of Tesla’s compelling electric vehicles that are crushing BMW’s car offerings. [CleanTechnica]

BMW i3 (BMW courtesy image)

¶ “Renewables Catching Nuclear Power In Global Energy Race” • In 2018, nuclear power generated 2,701 TWh of electric energy, compared to 4,193 TWh for hydropower and 2,480 for other renewables. In comparison, coal produced more power than all three categories combined. But as non-hydro renewables grow, the other generating technologiess decline. [Forbes]

¶ “Australia’s First Offshore Wind Project Moves Forward With Labour Market Study” • Plans for Australia’s first offshore wind farm took a step forward, as project developers launched a study of the Australian labor market to deliver on the project. It is planned to have a capacity of up to 2,000 MW installed off the coast of Victoria. [RenewEconomy]

Offshore wind farm at dawn

¶ “Adapting Australia’s National Construction Code To Climate Change” • Australia’s climate is projected to become harsher, putting more stress on our living conditions. Arguably, we need to adapt the design, use and maintenance of infrastructure and building stocks in response to a changing climate and more disruptive climatic impacts. [The Strategist]


¶ “Indian Renewable Energy Companies Continue To Face Financial Challenges” • In the Indian state of Telangana, as many as 200 solar power project developers await payments of $300 million for energy generated since July 2018. A similar situation has developed in Rajasthan, where utilities are failing to pay for wind energy. [CleanTechnica]

Solar Panels (Cynthia Shahan)

¶ “Brookfield Offers To Rescue Debt-Ridden Indian Wind Company Suzlon” • Suzlon Energy, a leading Indian wind energy company, reportedly approached Canada’s Brookfield Asset Management to sell a majority stake. Suzlon Energy has had a very long history of a troubled balance sheet and has now run out of money to repay its creditors. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “India Joins The Climate And Clean Air Coalition” • India has formally joined the Climate and Clean Air Coalition, becoming the 65th country to join the partnership. By doing so, it was following through on a commitment made by the country’s newly-appointed Minister for Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Prakash Javadekar. [Modern Diplomacy]


¶ “India’s First Offshore Wind Tender Out In Four Months, Claims Report” • Recharge News reported that the government of India is planning to approve gap funding of $909 million to support the first offshore wind energy project in the country. There is an in-principle agreement over the funding and it is now considered likely to be approved. [CleanTechnica]


¶ “Boeing Gets Cozy With Kitty Hawk” • Boeing is now working with Kitty Hawk’s Cora division, the 2-person electric vertical take-off and landing air taxi. Kitty Hawk, which has been around for some time in eVTOL years, introduced the Cora in March of last year. Since then, Kitty Hawk says it has accumulated more than 700 test flights. [CleanTechnica]

Boeing Kitty Hawk Cora (Boeing-Kitty Hawk courtesy image)

¶ “FERC Now Expects Big Drop For US Fossil Fuels, Nuclear Power Over Next Three Years, Major Growth For Renewables” • FERC’s latest “Energy Infrastructure Update” suggests that fossil fuel generating capacity may not grow and nuclear capacity may decline by over 7 GW by June 2022. But Renewables could grow by over 45 GW. [Renewables Now]

¶ “Wind And Solar’s Share Has Grown 800% Without Reliability Issues” • The share of electricity supplied by wind and solar multiplied eightfold in the U.S. over a decade without causing reliability issues, according to a recent report to members of Congress. There have also been occasions when renewables supplied the majority of power. [Forbes]

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