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March 25 Energy News

March 25, 2019


¶ “How Electric Cars Can End The Age Of Oil” • There was a time when economies were dominated by salt, but that ended with the creation of the refrigerator. Today, oil dominates economies, but a 2% drop in demand could lead to panic. Adoption of electric cars is leading to a growing drop in demand, and there will be no recovery from that. [CleanTechnica]

Tesla Taxis in Dubai

Science and Technology:

¶ “Pairing Geothermal Plus Rooftop Solar For A Truly Renewable Home” • Heating and cooling represent 47% of the energy used in an average home. Renewable energy holds the promise of supplying power needs cleanly, safely, and reliably. Combining rooftop solar with geothermal heating can make heating entirely renewable. [CleanTechnica]


¶ “Reshaping Africa’s Rural Food Systems And Cutting Food Losses” • About a third of Africa’s food is lost because of a lack of refrigeration. With no electric power, many African farmers depend on brokers to get their crops to market. But the brokers are unreliable and pay a pittance for their crops. Distributed power means that could change. [CleanTechnica]

Growing mangoes (Courtesy of Peyton Fleming)

¶ “First Utility Rebrands As Shell Energy Retail” • A year after Shell acquired First Utility it has rebranded the supplier as Shell Energy Retail and confirmed that it has switched more than 700,000 homes in Britain to 100% renewable electricity. SER said it will roll out a “range of smart home technology offers” throughout the year. [Utility Week]

¶ “Statkraft Team Targets UK Solar Storage Surge” • Norwegian energy company Statkraft and flow batter developer RedT are partnering to provide behind-the-meter solar and energy storage for commercial and industrial clients in the UK. Their goal is to have 100 MW of solar power and 60 MWh of storage within three years. [reNEWS]

RedT energy storage (RedT image)

¶ “Train Service In Tokyo Powered Fully By Renewable Energy” • Tokyu Corp began a train service on its Setagaya Line in Tokyo that uses electricity generated 100% from renewable energy resources. According to the railway operator, this is the first urban train service in Japan that relies entirely on renewable energy. []

¶ “Saudi Arabia Plans 2.6-GW Solar Park Near Mecca” • The Faisaliah Solar Power Project is planned to be developed near Mecca in several stages according to the Saudi authorities. The Renewable Energy Project Development Office will tender 600 MW, and 2 GW will be built by the Public Investment Fund and its partners. [pv magazine International]

Mecca (Image: Omar Diab, flickr)

¶ “Copenhagen Wants To Show How Cities Can Fight Climate Change” • Can a city cancel out its greenhouse gas emissions? Copenhagen intends to, and fast. By 2025, this once-grimy industrial city aims to be net carbon neutral, meaning it plans to generate at least as much renewable energy as the amount it consumes. [New York Times]

¶ “Hydro Could Triple Australia’s Electricity Storage” • A study by an Australian National University researcher found a series of Pumped Storage Hydropower projects planned in five states could triple Australia’s electricity storage capacity. He says the projects could accelerate Australia’s transition to renewable energy. [Energy Magazine]

Dam (Shutterstock image)

¶ “CEA Projects Rise In Share Of Renewables In India To 36% By 2021-2022, Coal To Shrink To 26%” • With India’s plan to install 175 GW of renewable energy by 2022, the grid integration of intermittent renewable energy sources is expected to be a challenge. The Central Electricity Authority has released a report addressing the issues. [Mercom India]

¶ “Government Pledges To Generate 70% Of Electricity From Renewable Sources By 2030” • As part of a new climate action plan, the Government of Ireland has pledged to generate 70% of the country’s electricity supply from renewable sources by 2030. The figure is up from the current target for the period, which stands at 55%. []

Wind farm in Ireland

¶ “Court Rejects Bid To Block South Australia Wind And ‘Biggest’ Battery Project” • A legal bid to block the development of a 180-MW South Australian wind farm that plans to host an energy storage facility more than twice the size of the Tesla big battery, has been rejected by the state’s Environment Resources and Development Court. [RenewEconomy]


¶ “California Solar Sets Record, But That’s Not The Big News” • On March 16, California set a new solar energy record, when solar output peaked at 10,765 MW, breaking a record set last June and supplying 59% of grid demand for the state. That  does not include distributed solar, however, which would bring the figure to nearly 16 GW. [CleanTechnica]

California solar (Pacific Southwest Region, Wikimedia Commons)

¶ “DC’s Trumpiest Congressman Says The GOP Needs To Get Real On Climate Change” • Florida’s 36-year-old congressman Matt Gaetz was deemed by GQ “the Trumpiest Congressman in Trump’s Washington. Nevertheless, asked about climate change, he said, “We can believe the climate deniers or we can believe our eyes.” [VICE]

¶ “Along The Susquehanna, Three Mile Island’s Towers Remain A Constant Reminder Of The 1979 Disaster” • On March 28, 1979, one of the nuclear plant’s reactors suffered a partial meltdown. As the anniversary of that incident arrives, people who were there at the time remember. The debate on the dangers and health effects continues. [Allentown Morning Call]

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