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March 5 Energy News

March 5, 2019


¶ “This Is How Coal Ends: A Whimper, Not A Bang” • If anybody out there is wondering why President Donald Trump has been rather quiet on the topic of coal jobs these past few months, just take a look at the Westmoreland Coal Company, one of the biggest coal producers in North America – well, it was, until recently. [CleanTechnica]

Carrying coal

Science and Technology:

¶ “Bird Extinctions ‘Driven’ By Global Food Trade” • About 100 bird species are predicted to go extinct based on current farming and forestry practices, a global analysis showed. By comparison, an estimated 140 birds have been lost over the past 400 years. Cattle farming and impacts of oil seed crops like palm and soy were especially named, [BBC]

¶ “California On Fire: System Controlling State’s Wildfires Has Been Overridden, And That’s Bad News” • Findings of a study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences show that a system normally dampening wildfire seasons no longer has the same impact. This shift, scientists say, appears to be here to stay. [Newsweek]

Camp Fire (Josh Edelson | AFP | Getty Images)


¶ “Carbon Emissions Fall In UK For Sixth Consecutive Year” • Carbon dioxide emissions in the UK fell for the sixth consecutive year in 2018, says the Financial Times. And BusinessGreen reports that as wind, solar and bioenergy helped push up UK production of renewable energy, nuclear and gas generation fell, and coal went to record lows. [Carbon Brief]

¶ “No Blue Skies In Beijing As Chinese Capital Chokes On Smog During Key Political Meeting” • Beijing residents, who are putting up with extra security checks and traffic restrictions this week for the annual meeting of the country’s lawmakers, have an extra burden this year. They were also choking on smog, as officials issued an orange alert. [CNN]

Police officers preparing for the meeting

¶ “Developed Economies’ CO₂ Emissions Efforts Are Beginning To Pay Dividends” • Efforts of developed economies to cut carbon dioxide emissions and tackle climate change, supporting renewable energy and efficiency, are beginning to pay off, according to research published in the journal Nature Climate Change. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “The Fastest Road Car In The World Revealed – And It’s Electric” • The Pininfarina Battista, unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show, is all-electric. It goes 280 miles on a single charge. It also has 1,900 break horse power, does 0-62 mph in less than two seconds, 186 mph in less than 12 seconds, has a top speed of more than 250 mph. [BBC]

Pininfarina Battista (Patrick Gosling | Stan Papior Beadyeye)

¶ “Record Renewable Energy Share Of 56.5% For German System Operator 50Hertz” • 50Hertz announced that 56.5% of the electricity consumed in 2018 across its grid area was supplied by renewable energy sources, up from the 53.4% recorded in 2017. This was due in large part to an increase in installed renewable capacity. [Daddyhood]

¶ “EU Dragged To Court For Backing Forest Biomass As ‘Renewable Energy’” • Plaintiffs from Estonia, France, Ireland, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, and the US are filing a lawsuit against the EU to challenge inclusion of forest biomass in the bloc’s renewable energy directive. Biomass makes up 60% of what the bloc claims as renewables. [EURACTIV]

Forest biomass (Greg Lobinski | Flickr)


¶ “Coal Ash Contaminating Groundwater Nationwide, Groups Say” • Waste ash from hundreds of coal-fired power plants has contaminated groundwater in 39 states with toxic substances like arsenic, lithium, and mercury, according to a report by two environmental groups. The report was based on data the plants reported to the EPA. [CNN]

¶ “Voters Have Moved Away From Trump On Coal” • President Trump promised to stick up for the coal industry, but market forces led more coal-fired plants to closed under Trump in his first term than in former President Barack Obama’s first term. And recent polling suggests more Americans want to cut down on coal usage. [CNN]

Trump’s promise

¶ “Wind-Generated Electricity Five Times Higher In 2018 Than In 2008” • An analysis by the SUN DAY Campaign of the latest data released by the Energy Information Administration confirms continued strong growth in electrical generation by renewable energy sources (wind, solar, geothermal, hydropower, biomass) in 2018. [Windpower Engineering]

¶ “As Members Seek Cleaner Power, Colorado Energy Provider Wants To Make A Deal” • A tentative agreement about a bylaw change will be reviewed at a special meeting of the 43 member co-operatives of Tri-State Generation and Transmission. Some members have sought to leave the co-op to increase their use of  renewable energy. [Energy News Network]

Colorado power plant

¶ “Minnesota Governor Wants State Electricity Grid To Go 100% Renewable By 2050” • Minnesota Gov Tim Walz (D) introduced a new clean-energy proposal that would require the state’s electricity providers to go 100% renewable by 2050. “Climate change is an existential threat. We must take immediate action,” Walz said. [HuffPost]

¶ “Republicans Who Couldn’t Beat Climate Debate Now Seek To Join It” • US Rep John Shimkus, an Illinois Republican, can serve as just one example of the Republicans who have spent years sowing doubt about climate change or ignoring it altogether but who are now are scrambling to deal with the science they once rejected. [Yahoo News]

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