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March 11 Energy News

March 11, 2019


¶ “The 100% Renewables Moonshot: We’re Closer Than You Think” • Advocates for 100% renewable energy compare the effort needed to meet that goal to putting a person on the moon. But we are closer to 100% renewable energy today than we were to the moon in 1961, when President Kennedy made his famous pledge to get us to the Moon. [The Hill]

Solar array (© Getty Images)

¶ “Mary Barra’s Impatience Could Save GM: ‘Time Is Not Our Friend'” • When General Motors CEO Mary Barra announced the company would shut down four US plants and lay off thousands of employees, it was because she could see the auto industry is changing. Her new goal for GM is, “Zero crashes, zero emissions and zero congestion.” [CNN]

Science and Technology:

¶ “Hybrid Silicon And Perovskite Bifacial Solar Cell Achieves 30.2% Efficiency” • Scientists at the Energy Research Center of the Netherlands have developed a bifacial solar cell that is 30.2% efficient. They achieved this by putting a perovskite layer on top of an existing bifacial cell, resulting in a device that combines two technologies. [CleanTechnica]

Bifacial cell (Credit: Energy Research Center of the Netherlands)


¶ “Coal Ban Not Law But ‘Strong Policy’” • Youth for Climate Hope, a coalition of five youth groups, expressed support for a decision in the Philippine province of Negros Occidental to declare the province off limits to coal power plants. They are pressing for passing a measure that would give the declaration the force of law. []

¶ “Energy Ministers Blast Brussels Renewable Targets” • As the EU’s 28 energy ministers debated the European Commission’s 2050 climate plan, five member states derided the lack of a 100% renewable target among the proposed options. One said eight of ten options are insufficient to meet goals, and the other two are not transparent. [Energy Reporters]

Freiburg, Germany (Credit: Wikimedia)

¶ “52,000 Still Displaced As Tohoku Marks Eight Years Since March 11, 2001, Disasters And Fukushima Nuclear Crisis” • Japan marked the eighth anniversary of the devastating earthquake and tsunami in northeastern Japan that left more than 15,000 people dead and triggered a nuclear disaster that was one of the world’s worst. [The Japan Times]


¶ “Australia Adding One Mega-Solar Project Per Month” • Australia is adding one mega-solar project equivalent per month, with the current installed base of 10 GW projected to double by the end of 2020. The latest mega-solar project is the 333-MW Darlington Point Solar Farm set to be installed near Griffith, New South Wales. [CleanTechnica]

Australia’s solar irradiance (Credit Geoscience Australia)

¶ “IKEA Introduces Electric Truck Delivery Fleet” • Currently there are only 5,000 private electric cars among 25 million Australians. But Australian businesses are taking matters into their own hands when it comes to electric vehicles. IKEA is the latest company to announce it will use electric trucks for all home deliveries by 2025. [Energy Matters]

¶ “WA Water Corp Taps Solar To Cut Grid Power Consumption In Half” • Western Australia’s government-owned water utility is embracing renewable power sources as climate change limits water availability. It has plans to install solar power systems at nine sites including offices, pump stations, treatment plants, and borefields. [One Step Off The Grid]

WA Water Corporation

¶ “Construction Begins On Mortlake South Wind Farm, Transmission Lines To Be Buried” • Construction has begun on the 157.5MW, 35-turbine wind farm being developed south of Mortlake in Victoria by Spanish renewables group Acciona. The $275 million project will ultimately include between 5-7 MWh of battery storage. [RenewEconomy]


¶ “St Regis Falls Dam A Renewable Energy Option” • Northern Power & Light, Inc, based in Saranac Lake, New York, has been approved to operate under a new state program that allows electric customers to purchase shares of the electricity from small renewable generators. The company operates a 700-kW hydroelectric plant. [Adirondack Almanack]

Azure Mountain Power in St Regis Falls (Samuel H Bailey)

¶ “Solar Field Plans Underway In Jefferson” • Plans are moving ahead for a large solar field in Jefferson, Wisconsin. Ranger Power is in the process of obtaining permits to develop a 149-MW, utility-scale photovoltaic solar facility. The solar farm, Badger State Solar, would be sited on 1,000 acres of privately owned land near an existing substation. [Daily Union]

¶ “Former Soldiers Battle Administration Over Climate Change” • Hurricane Florence left approximately $3.6 billion of damage at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina. And a group of former military leaders and advisers will give testimony before congress, saying the partisan battle over climate change could harm our troops and national security. [Public News Service]

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