September 7 Energy News

September 7, 2016

Science and Technology:

¶ Shipping routes across the Arctic are going to open up significantly this century even with a best-case reduction in CO2 emissions, a new study suggests. University of Reading, UK, researchers have investigated how the decline in sea-ice, driven by warmer temperatures, will make the region more accessible. [BBC]

Sea-ice is in decline but scientists expect quite a bit of variability year on year. SPL

Sea-ice is in decline but scientists expect a lot of annual variability. SPL


¶ The G20 meeting in China may have been notable for the decision by both China and the US to ratify the Paris climate treaty. But the G20 nations are still taking little action on ending fossil fuel subsidies, despite agreeing to the move in 2009 to end what has been described as the “dumbest policy” in the world. [CleanTechnica]

¶ The London Metropolitan Police is now trialling the use of a range-extended BMW i3 as a patrol car, exploring the value of a nearly silent police vehicle in urban environments, according to recent reports. The EV is being loaned to the Met by BMW for free, presumably in hopes of a large order from them. [CleanTechnica]

Image via Wandsworth government.

The police got an electric police car. Image via Wandsworth government.

¶ Greenpeace India questioned the Centre’s decision to sustain an “obsolete and polluting” coal industry, saying renewable energy holds the potential to meet energy needs. Greenpeace India asked the power sector to think beyond coal and stop maintaining the desire to prop up a “dying industry.” [The Indian Express]

¶ Canadian renewable energy producer and pipeline operator Enbridge agreed to acquire Houston-based Spectra Energy in a $28 billion all-stock deal, to create the largest energy infrastructure company in North America. Low oil prices have forced companies, including even pipeline operators, to consider mergers to cut costs. [reNews]

Cedar Point wind farm Colorado (Enbridge)

Cedar Point wind farm Colorado (Enbridge image)

¶ Jeremy Corbyn will pledge to create an energy policy “for the 60 million, not the big six” if he becomes prime minister. He has hopes of creating 300,000 jobs in the renewables sector. The Labour leader will set a target of generating 65% of UK electricity renewably by 2030, making the UK a world leader in green technology. [The Guardian]

¶ A Swiss energy company, The meeco Group, will partner with electric products maker and distributor Powerspeed Electrical in Zimbabwe to offer solar turnkey solutions. Meeco said the two firms have formed a joint venture Onesun Solar Ltd to install clean energy systems in Zimbabwe. [SeeNews Renewables]

Photo Source: The meeco Group.

Photo Source: The meeco Group.

¶ Coal-fired power generation under development worldwide has shrunk by 14% this year, driven down by China as it struggles with oversupply and promotes cleaner energy, a study showed on Wednesday. India also introduced policies curbing plans for coal-fired plants, partly due to under-utilization of existing plants. [Himalayan Times]

¶ Former Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi blasted current premier Shinzo Abe’s stance that the situation at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant is under control. “It’s a lie,” an impassioned Koizumi, 74, told reporters. “They keep saying it’s going to be under control, but still it’s not effective.” [Bloomberg]

The sign reads, "nuclear, bright and future (source of) energy." No one is left around. Photo by Hohoho. CC BY-CA 4.0. Wikimedia Commons.

A distant sign reads, “nuclear, bright and future energy.” No one reads it. 
Photo by Hohoho. CC BY-CA 4.0. Wikimedia Commons.


¶ A request to approve a new 100-MW solar energy project, as well as a request to close one of the utility’s coal-fired power plants 10 months earlier than expected, has been filed by NV Energy as part of the second amendment filing for its most recent Emissions Reduction and Capacity Replacement. [CleanTechnica]

¶ Massachusetts has signed a letter of intent with Dong, Deepwater Wind and OffshoreMW to lease a marine terminal as a base for offshore wind projects. The developers will lease the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal as a staging and deployment location, paying $5.7 million annually under a two-year commitment. [reNews]

DONG Energy image.

DONG Energy image.

¶ FuelCell Energy announced the development of a utility scale power project for affordable and clean power generation in land-constrained areas. Construction will begin within weeks for a 3.7-MW fuel cell power plant at a location in Danbury, Connecticut, following recent approval by the Connecticut Siting Council. []

¶ The Narragansett Bay Commission owns and operates the two largest wastewater treatment facilities in Rhode Island. Cleaning water is expensive, so the wastewater agency is aiming to run on 100% renewable energy within two years. This is expected to stabilize electric rates for users for 25 years. [Rhode Island Public Radio]

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