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September 2 Energy News

September 2, 2016


¶ Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland have joined forces to advance the development of ocean energy technology by forming a new collaborative network. Separate agencies from each of the three countries formed the Ocean Power Innovation Network in Dublin. [reNews]

SXC image

SXC image

¶ Average power supply delivered to the UK grid was the lowest on record in August. The increase in embedded generation capacity and improved energy efficiency measures combined to cut the amount of demand the transmission system was required to meet. [Argus Media]

¶ Construction on one of India’s largest, if not the largest, solar park is expected to being soon. The Minister for Energy in the southern state of Karnataka told media outlets that construction on the proposed 5-GW Pavagada solar park will begin there soon. [CleanTechnica]

An 11.5-MW solar array in India. Photo by Citizenmj. CC BY-SA 3.0. Wikimedia Commons.

An 11.5-MW solar array in India. Photo by Citizenmj.
CC BY-SA 3.0. Wikimedia Commons.

¶ Highly radioactive waste from the decommissioning of nuclear reactors should be buried at depths beyond 70 meters for 100,000 years, the Japanese Nuclear Regulation Authority has decided. The decision relates mainly to spent control rods from the reactors. [Asahi Shimbun]


¶ The National Renewable Energy Laboratory used detailed software and a supercomputer to model how much solar and wind power the eastern United States’ power grid could accommodate. It said it could have a 30% penetration of wind and solar by the year 2026. [Energy Matters]

NREL renewables modeling.

NREL renewables modeling.

¶ Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association will close two coal-fired power stations and one coal mine in Colorado as it moves to comply with plans to reduce regional haze, the co-op said. The utility said additional emissions controls would cost too much. [Grand Junction Daily Sentinel]

¶ While the US market share of the solar industry declined in the early 2000s, the residential solar market is booming once again. According to the Solar Energy Industries Association, there’s been a 50% annual growth of the solar market in 2015. [American Recycler Newspaper]

Rooftop solar in the USA.

Rooftop solar in the USA.

¶ California will spend $900 million in revenues raised by its cap-and-trade program for carbon emissions and hold back $462 million for later under a deal reached by Governor Jerry Brown and the state’s Senate and Assembly leaders. [Environment & Energy Publishing]

¶ A wide range of critics, at least 15 interest groups, have challenged New York’s new “clean energy standard,” which mandates subsidies for nuclear plants and renewable energy, by petitioning the state Public Service Commission to reconsider the policy. []

At least 15 parties have filed administrative challenges. Credit: NRC (NRC)

At least 15 parties have filed administrative challenges. Credit: NRC 

¶ Roeslein Alternative Energy announced that the first Renewable Natural Gas produced from methane captured using covered manure lagoons at a Smithfield Hog Production farm in Missouri is now being injected into the national pipeline. The project cost $120 million. [Farm Forum]

¶ A Connecticut hospital unveiled a PV plant that will generate nearly 535,000 kWh expected annual electricity production along with more than $600,000 in energy savings over 20 years. The array’s 1,485 panels are on the fourth floor of the visitor parking garage. [Solar Novus Today]