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September 10 Energy News

September 10, 2016

Science and Technology:

¶ The National Electrical Manufacturing Association laid out a strategic vision for microgrid development and use for the 21st century in ¨Powering Microgrids for the 21st Century Electrical System.¨ It says microgrids will make a transition from off-grid ¨island¨ systems to integral parts of broader-based power grid networks. [Microgrid Media]

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¶ A new report from the World Bank has concluded that air pollution is the fourth leading cause of premature deaths worldwide, costing the global economy about $225 billion in lost labor income in 2013. It says an estimated 5.5 million lives were lost in 2013 as a result of various diseases attributed to indoor and outdoor air pollution. [CleanTechnica]


¶ Natural Energy Wyre, has announced the launch of the UK’s Tidal Hydro Energy Plant in Fleetwood, Lancashire. The mouth of the River Wyre at Fleetwood has a very high tidal range, in excess of 10 meters at spring tides. The plant is projected to produce 200 GWh of electricity per year in a 125-year lifespan. [Renewable Energy Magazine]

Natural Energy Wyre.

Natural Energy Wyre.

¶ A collaboration between Moroccan and German institutions will lead to the energy upgrade of 600 mosques in Morocco. The facilities will be equipped with LED lighting, photovoltaic systems, and solar water heaters. Signs are also appearing that the Moroccan government will be more supportive of rooftop solar. [pv magazine]

¶ A group of highly skilled engineering alumni, Master’s and PhD students from Masdar Institute have formed a startup company called the Nigeria Future Energy Group (NiFEG), focused on clean energy development and deployment throughout Nigeria. Nigeria’s solar resource is approximately 4.85 billion MWh/day. [Nanowerk]

The 2.25 kW solar photovoltaic facility donated by NiFEG to Kaduna State University.

The 2.25 kW solar photovoltaic facility
donated by NiFEG to Kaduna State University.

¶ Russian companies are considering the possibility of taking part in the construction of more than 5,000 MW of solar and wind parks in Algeria, Russia’s ministry of energy said on Friday. Algeria aims to have 22 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2035, including about 13,575 MW of PVs and 5,010 MW of wind power. [SeeNews Renewables]

¶ SSE’s Dunmaglass wind farm, situated 25 km south of the city of Inverness, Scotland, is the highest wind farm ever to be constructed by the Scottish energy company, at 700 meters above sea level. The Scottish Government approved the 94.05-MW project in December 2010. SSE acquired the 33-turbine project in May 2013. [Power Technology]

Dunmaglass wind farm.

Dunmaglass wind farm.


¶ A report released by the DOE and Department of the Interior has exciting news: The US offshore wind power industry is poised to go big and to be cost-competitive with fossil-fuels in places like the Northeast by 2030. The US is just beginning to install offshore wind farms, though Europe has 11,500 MW. [Natural Resources Defense Council]

¶ Houston-based Apache Corp believes that there could be 3 billion barrels of oil and 75 trillion cubic feet of natural gas in an area it calls Alpine High in West Texas, but it remains to be seen when consumers will actually benefit from the find. The company announced its discovery after two years of drilling in the region. [OneNewsNow]

Apache operations in the Permian Basin of West Texas. (Courtesy Photo)

Apache operations in the Permian
Basin of West Texas. (Courtesy Photo)

¶ After a federal judge denied the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s request for an injunction to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline, the US Army Corps of Engineers issued a joint statement with the Department of Justice and the Department of Interior, saying it will not authorize construction of the pipeline on Corps land. [Daily Globe]

¶ The city of New Bedford was highlighted as two Cabinet members released a national strategy for offshore wind development, while touring a turbine testing facility in Charlestown, capping a month-long period launching the renewable energy industry in America, Massachusetts, and SouthCoast. []

New Bedford, Massachusetts. (EPA photo by C Pesch. Public domain. Wikimedia Commons)

New Bedford, Massachusetts.
(EPA photo by C Pesch. Public domain. Wikimedia Commons.)

¶ Developer Iberdrola Renewables has said it will abide by the results of a November vote by residents in the Vermont towns of Windham and Grafton on whether a 28-turbine project should proceed. However, town officials say town residents will have all the information they need by Election Day. The wind farm would be the state’s largest. []

¶ Enel Green Power North America expects to start commercial operation in the coming months at a pair of 200-MW wind projects in Kansas. Cimarron Bend 1 is due to power up in November and Cimarron Bend 2 is expected to follow in January 2017, Enel said in filings to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. [reNews]

Old house, new turbine. (Enel)

Old house, new turbine. (Enel)

¶ A new micro-grid power switching device that can optimize and provide sub-cycle switching for the power originating from renewable energy and other sources to meet real-time usage requirements, helping match available power to grid demand, is being introduced by Diversified Technologies, Inc of Bedford, Massachusetts. [Utility Products]

¶ Orange County, California, Representative Loretta Sanchez condemned the burial of millions of pounds of nuclear waste on a San Onofre beach bluff and faulted her opponent in the race for the US Senate for not fighting the controversial project. The waste disposal has been approved by the state’s Coastal Commission. [OCRegister]

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