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September 23 Energy News

September 23, 2016


¶ “Celebrate national parks by fighting climate change” • This year our country is celebrating 100 years of national parks. They are special places woven into the fabric of American life, from the iconic view of California’s Yosemite Valley to our own Crater Lake. Yet these places are increasingly threatened by climate change. []

Hikers in Olympic National Park in Washington. (Ralph Arvesen/Flickr)

Hikers in Olympic National Park. (Ralph Arvesen / Flickr)

¶ “Distributed Biogas: $11.8 Billion Market Hidden in Plain
Sight” • Every year in the US, 37 million tons of food waste are sent to landfills. At a $125-per-ton tipping fee, this costs $4.6 billion annually. Used to make biogas, at 4,200 cubic feet per ton, this same amount of waste could power five million homes for an entire year. [Biomass Magazine]


¶ The European Commission cleared the way for plans by the Swedish state-owned electricity company Vattenfall to sell its lignite operations in Germany. Vattenfall has a buyer for its coal-fired power plants and mines in the east German states of Brandenburg and Saxony, a Czech energy consortium. [Europe Online Magazine]

German lignite mine and power station. German utilities are divesting of fossil fuel assets.  (Photo by Chris06, placed into the public domain, Wikimedia Commons)

Like E.ON, Vattenfall is selling German fossil fuel assets. (Photo by Chris06, placed in public domain, Wikimedia Commons)

¶ Belarus plans to implement a 28% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030, with the emissions in 1990 used as a baseline. The country has adopted the corresponding obligations within the Paris Climate Agreement, BelTA learnt from the press service of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment. [Belarus News (BelTA)]

¶ Lightsource Renewable Energy, the most prolific developer of utility-scale solar in the UK, has won its maiden tender in India. Lightsource has secured an element of the latest 450-MW tender for the state of Maharashtra, to be managed by Solar Energy Corporation of India, a 50-MW ground-mount solar farm in the state. [Solar Power Portal]

Solar farm at sunset (Lightsource image)

Solar farm at sunset (Lightsource image)

¶ The Bank of England governor, Mark Carney, has thrown his weight behind the fledgling market in green investments to help cut carbon emissions and boost global economic growth. Carney used a speech in Berlin on to highlight green finance as an opportunity to boost financial stability while also tackling climate change. [The Guardian]

¶ Thousands of anti-nuclear demonstrators gathered in Tokyo to demand the government go beyond decommissioning the troubled Monju prototype fast breeder reactor and abandon its plans to restart other nuclear power plants. The rally followed the government’s decision this week to unplug the reactor. [Asahi Shimbun]

Monju fast breeder reactor (Photo by Nife, CC BY SA, Wikimedia Commons)

Monju plant (Photo by Nife, CC BY SA, Wikimedia Commons)


¶ The Board of Directors of the Salt River Project, a utility based in Tempe, Arizona, has approved an agreement to purchase solar power produced from Apple’s new 50-MW PV plant, in Pinal County east of its data command center in Mesa. Apple has completed construction, and is finalizing the commissioning of the PV array. []

¶ Southern Vermont College announced its participation in the local effort to bring back hydroelectric generation to Vermont. The college its campus neighbor Southwestern Vermont Medical Center both signed on with the Pownal Tannery Hydroelectric Net Metering Group to get power from the local renewable resource. [Vermont Biz]

Pownal tannery dam ( photo)

Pownal tannery dam ( photo)

¶ According to an announcement, Emera Maine’s Hampden Operations Center will get clean, onsite power generation, including solar generation, a Tesla battery system, a level-2 electric vehicle charging station, and an advanced microgrid controller. The project is expected to pay for itself without cross subsidy from customers. [Daily Energy Insider]

¶ The Lake Erie Energy Development Co has selected MHI Vestas to supply six V126-3.45MW turbines for the 20.7-MW Icebreaker freshwater offshore project in Ohio. Leedco’s president told reNews a decision has been made to use the Danish hardware, completing a shift away from the previously selected Siemens. [reNews]

Leedco plans to build the Lake Erie demonstration project in 2018.

Leedco plans to build the Lake Erie demonstration project in 2018.

¶ Canadian energy company Capital Power has kicked off construction of the 178-MW Bloom wind project in Kansas. Capital expects road and foundation work to wrap up by the end of 2016. Vestas is to start deliveries in January 2017 of 54 V117 3.3MW turbines, featuring 91.5 meter hub heights, with erection through June. [reNews]

¶ Xcel Energy announced that it is seeking proposals to grow its wind energy portfolio dramatically and bring up to 1,500 MW of new wind power to its customers. This announcement is another step in the company’s long-term plan to transform its energy fleet, and represents one of the nation’s largest wind energy proposals. [Windpower Engineering]

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