May 27 Energy News

May 27, 2023


¶ “No, There Won’t Be Nuclear-Powered Commercial Shipping This Time Either” • A while ago, the author published a sexy-practical quadrant chart for maritime shipping decarbonization. He did not even include nuclear power for commercial ships in the chart because the idea is so obviously flawed from a business perspective. [CleanTechnica]

Ship at sea (Borderpolar Photographer, Unsplash)


¶ “World’s Biggest Investment Fund Takes On Exxon And Chevron Over The Climate Crisis” • The world’s biggest stock market investor wants ExxonMobil and Chevron to do more for the climate. Norway’s sovereign wealth fund holds $1.4 trillion in assets, and it will back calls for the US oil companies to set more aggressive emission reduction targets. [CNN]

¶ “Brazil To Host COP30 Climate Summit In The Amazon In 2025” • The UN has chosen Brazil to host the international climate meeting, COP30, in the Amazonian city of Belém do Pará in 2025, the country’s President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva announced. Lula had made Brazil’s bid to host COP30 during last year’s COP27 meeting in Egypt. [CNN]

Belém do Pará (Building race, CC-BY-SA 2.0)

¶ “Global Transition To Electric Vehicles Needs Urgent Support, Report Warns” • Without targeted support for needy and middle-income countries to transition toward zero-emission mobility, global progress toward zero-emission goals will be critically slowed. This shortage of assistance risks serious and inequitable outcomes, a report warns. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Off-Grid Solar Brings Hope To Remote Villages” • Hundreds of millions of people live in communities without electricity. The International Energy Agency says almost 775 million people did not have access to electricity in 2022. Some of the largest of the populations are in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.  Solar power can bring some hope. [CleanTechnica]

Round hut in Ethiopia (A Davey, CC-BY-SA 2.0)

¶ “100% EVs Now 13% Of New Car Sales In France” • Plugin vehicles continue to rise in France, with last month’s plugin vehicle registrations ending at 27,995 units. That was divided between 17,113 battery EVs (13% overall market share) and 10,882 plugin hybrids (8% share). The former jumped 35% year over year, while the latter were up by 6%. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “SSE Unveils Plans To Invest £40 Billion In Clean Energy” • Scottish energy giant SSE promised to invest up to £40 billion ($49.3 billion) in green energy in the next decade after seeing its annual profits almost double. Jeremy Hunt, Chancellor of the Exchequer, said the pledge was a “further vote of confidence in the British economy.” [Energy Digital Magazine]

Beatrice Offshore Wind Farm (SSE image)

¶ “Russians Prepare Large-Scale Provocation At Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Plant” • Ukraine’s Defence Intelligence has reported that in the coming hours, Russia is preparing a large provocation to simulate an accident at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear plant. Russia will announce an emergency leak of radioactive material and blame Ukraine for the incident. [Yahoo News]


¶ “Blue Bird Opens New Production Facility For Electric School Bus Production” • Blue Bird unveiled its EV Build-up Center in Georgia. The company repurposed an almost 40,000 ft² facility to address the growing need for electric school buses. Blue Bird aims to increase its electric school bus production capacity from four vehicles to twenty per day. [CleanTechnica]

Blue Bird bus facility (Blue Bird image)

¶ “New Report: Carbon Capture And Storage Serves California Communities, Environment, And Economy” • A new report by George Peridas of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and Benjamin Grove of the Clean Air Task Force examines the economic viability of carbon capture and storage projects in California. It finds some are viable. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “US Officials Visit Li-Cycle’s Arizona Battery Recycling Plant” • It’s pretty clear that lithium battery recycling is crucial for the future of clean technology. We shouldn’t be surprised that US government officials support such efforts. Most recently, Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm and Senator Mark Kelly visited the Li-Cycle plant in Arizona. [CleanTechnica]

Visit to the Li-Cycle plant (Li-Cycle image)

¶ “WSP USA Completes Drilling Two Wells At Hydrogen Hub Designed For Curtailed Renewable Energy Use” • WSP USA has successfully completed drilling operation and mechanical integrity tests for two new cavern wells for the Advanced Clean Energy Storage I project in Utah. It is part of the first phase for the ACES Delta hydrogen hub. [WSP]

¶ “California Hits Record for Renewable Energy Generation” • In 2021, 37% of California’s electricity was generated by renewable sources such as solar and wind. But more broadly, when nuclear power and hydroelectricity from large dams are included, 59% of the electricity used in California in 2021 came from carbon-free sources. [Government Technology]

¶ “California’s Senate Approves Wave And Tidal Renewable Energy Bill” • The California State Senate has unanimously approved a bill that aims to put the state on the path to developing wave and tidal energy as a new source of renewable energy. This helps meet its carbon-free targets while bolstering the power grid. [Offshore Energy]

¶ “As Texas Legislative Session Nears End, Republican Legislators Try One Last Push Against Renewables” • “Backward-looking,” “Self-defeating,” and “discouraging” are just some of the terms renewable energy advocates use to describe the 2023 Texas legislative session. With only a few days left before the session ends, it could become even worse. []

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