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May 1 Energy News

May 1, 2023


¶ “BYD Seagull And The Promise Of The EV Revolution” • Up until now, almost all electric cars were either luxury models or minuscule. The BYD Seagull is a 4-passenger hatchback that is slightly larger than a Fiat 500 and a little shorter than a MINI Cooper. But the most astonishing news is that its starting price in China is under $11,000. [CleanTechnica]

BYD Seagull (BYD image)

¶ “The Long And Dirty Legacy Of Nuclear Power” • How many people in the UK knew that they’re bankrolling an outfit with a boat in the Irish Sea set to blast off underwater seismic guns – to the certain detriment of dolphins and porpoises – as part of a madcap exercise to find a subterranean cemetery for large amounts of nuclear waste. [Cambrian News]

Science and Technology:

¶ “A New Solution For Off-Grid EV Charging” • Yotta Energy has a new product. It’s the Yotta REV, a deployable EV charger that is entirely powered by solar. These rapidly deployable chargers can be installed in 48 hours, use bifacial solar modules, and are grid optional. The REV is designed for year-round use and in all weather climates. [CleanTechnica]

Off-grid charging station (Courtesy of Yotta Energy)


¶ “China’s Renewable Energy Capacity Soars In Q1” • China’s installed renewable energy capacity saw robust growth in the first quarter amid the country’s pursuit of green transition, according to the National Energy Administration. China saw its capacity of new renewable energy installations surge 86.5% year on year to 47.4 GW in the first quarter. [Shanghai Daily]

¶ “Europe Ramps Up Renewables, Looks For New Gas To Reduce Reliance On Russia” • European countries have moved quickly to adopt new energy sources after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, reducing imports of Russian-produced energy. The EU’s demand for natural gas fell 13% last year, and renewable energy increased to record levels. [POWER Magazine]

Energy storage supporting renewables (Wärtsilä image)

¶ “Russian Troops Went Fishing In The Nuclear Reactor Cooling Channel At Chernobyl. Now They’re Suffering From Radiation Sickness” • Ukrainians living in Chernobyl have told stories about how they warned their Russian enemies of the dangers despite last year’s invasion, with soldiers even fishing in the nuclear reactor’s cooling chamber. [Daily Mail]

Australia and New Zealand:

¶ “How Climate Change Endangers Australian Wine” • While grapevines are described as “one of the most valuable weeds in the world,” capable of growing almost anywhere, the fruit itself is vulnerable to its environment. The heat effects of climate change are already messing with flavor and quality. Weather disasters make things worse. [BBC]

Australian vinyard (Brown Family Wine Group image)

¶ “Warnings Insurance Will Back Out As Climate Change Shows Its Teeth” • Those at the pointy end of climate change say that insurance retreat – when insurers refuse to take on the risk of covering homes in risky areas – is coming and may already be here. And these are not just coastal properties but many places on flood plains or slip prone areas. []

¶ “NSW Gets Stunning Low Price For Wind And Solar In Biggest Renewables Auction” • The government of New South Wales got low record prices for wind and solar power in its first auction for renewable energy and storage. The auction put strike prices below A$35/MWh (US 2.3¢/kWh) for solar, and A$50/MWh (US 3.3¢/kWh) for wind. [Renew Economy]

Australian solar farm (Acen Australia image)

¶ “NSW One-Third Of The Way To Its 12-GW Renewable Energy Goal With First Project Round” • AEMO Services announced the first tranche of renewable energy projects, worth investments of $2.5 billion, including two solar farms, a wind farm, and a long-duration battery that will contribute 1.4 GW of renewable energy generation in New South Wales. [Mirage News]


¶ “Daimler Trucks, NextEra, And Blackrock Form Heavy-Duty Charging Company” • Daimler Truck North America, NextEra Energy Resources, and BlackRock Alternatives jointly formed Greenlane to create a high-performance, zero-emission charging and hydrogen fueling network for large battery-electric and hydrogen fuel cell vehicles. [CleanTechnica]

Greenlane charging area (Greenlane image)

¶ “Elon Musk’s Latest Statements On The Tesla Cybertruck” • The first deliveries of the Tesla Cybertruck are expected to take place later this year, and there are still a handful of unknowns about the futuristic truck. In recent weeks Tesla CEO Elon Musk shared some details about it, alongside some included in Tesla’s latest Master Plan. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “BorgWarner Helps School District Charge Multiple Buses With One Charger” • BorgWarner announced that it partnered with the School District of the City of Pontiac for proprietary sequential charging using direct current fast chargers for the district’s fleet of IC Bus electric school buses. The district has 25 electric school buses in its fleet. [CleanTechnica]

School buses (Bluebird image)

¶ “‘If trees had feet’: Tree migration brings climate resiliency to Michigan forests” • Tree species naturally migrate on their own, but it takes centuries and generations of evolution. Given the generational timeline of trees, they seem unlikely to keep up with the rate of climate change. To maintain resilient forests, it is necessary to plant trees for resilience. []

¶ “This Nuclear Waste Has Been Sitting In Connecticut For 50 Years. Could It Finally Be Removed?” • For over half a century, Connecticut’s Millstone Nuclear Power Plant has played host to the spent uranium fuel used to power its three reactors. Federal regulators say it will be at least another decade until that fuel has anywhere else to go. [Trumbull Times]

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