May 26 Energy News

May 26, 2023


¶ “Groups Warn Biden Ukraine War Shows Attacks On Nuclear Plants ‘Could Happen Here’” • In the wake of another nerve-wracking outage at a Russian-held Ukrainian nuclear energy facility, ninety groups and dozens of individuals wrote to US President Joe Biden with “grave concerns regarding security at US nuclear power plants.” [Common Dreams]

Nuclear plant cooling towers (Kelly, Pexels)


¶ “The ‘Untapped Potential’ Of Commercial Buildings Could Revolutionise UK Solar Power” • Schools, warehouses, and car parks could be at the forefront of a revolution in affordable solar power, plans discussed at the first meeting of the Government’s new Solar Taskforce show. The UK’s target is for solar capacity to grow nearly fivefold to 70 GW by 2035. [GOV.UK]

¶ “Gogoro Increases Partnership With Dotstation To Serve Eight Cities In Korea” • The Gogoro Network is operating a clever swappable battery system in Taiwan’s urban areas. This advanced network supports 540,000 riders and has over 1.1 million smart batteries at 2,500 locations. The Gogoro Network is expanding now to other countries. [CleanTechnica]

Battery swapping (Bikebank and Gogoro)

¶ “Philippines’ Renewable Energy Sector To Accelerate As The Country Aims For 35% Renewable Energy Mix By 2030” • The Philippines is ramping up its adoption of renewable energy to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and meet increasing energy demand, even as the nation sees a surge in consumption and production of oil and gas. [OGV Energy]

¶ “Mike Cannon-Brookes Wins Control Of Mega Solar Project” • Billionaire Mike Cannon-Brookes claimed control of the Sun Cable solar export project, winning a bidding war after falling out with his former project partner, Andrew Forrest. The project will still pursue its original goal of exporting solar power from the Australian outback to Singapore. [ABC]

Proposed solar farm (Sun Cable image)

¶ “Designs For Battery Tankers To Transport Renewable Energy By 2026” • Japanese startup PowerX Manufacturing announced details of a concept to develop battery tankers that would make up the backbone for a power transmission network distributing renewable energy from areas with high potential generation to areas with high demand. [The Maritime Executive]

¶ “Electricity Prices In Finland Flipped Negative On A Huge Oversupply Of Hydroelectric Power” • Finland had an unusual problem on Wednesday: clean electricity that was so abundant it sent energy prices into the negative. The price drop was driven by an unexpected glut of renewable energy, with an added new nuclear power plant. [Business Insider]

Wind turbines in Finland (Teemu Vehkaoja, CC-BY-SA 3.0)

¶ “Russia Accuses Ukraine Of ‘Nuclear Terrorism’ After Failed Attack On Two Nuclear Power Plants” • The Russian Federal Security Service claimed that it thwarted a terrorist attack on two nuclear power stations and accused Kyiv of “nuclear terrorism.” It said a sabotage group mined over 30 electric power lines to break the normal operating mode. [Anadolu Agency]


¶ “Atlantic Hurricane Season Expected To Be Near Average This Year, NOAA Says” • The Atlantic hurricane season is expected to be near average this year, NOAA officials said. Storm activity will largely depend on two competing factors: El Niño, which inhibits storm development, and near record-high ocean temperatures, which help fuel hurricanes. [CNN]

Hurricane Ian approaching Florida last year (NOAA and NASA)

¶ “Supreme Court Rolls Back Federal Safeguards For Wetlands Under Clean Water Act” • The Supreme Court cut back on the Environmental Protection Agency’s ability to regulate wetlands under the Clean Water Act, with a 5-4 majority continuing a trend in which the conservative-leaning court has narrowed the reach of environmental regulations. [CNN]

¶ “Ford Electric Cars To Have Best Fast Charging In USA With Tesla Supercharging” • Ford and Tesla announced that Ford’s EV coming to market that will include Tesla’s Supercharging port, starting in 2025. Before then, starting in early 2024, Ford will offer adapters for its EV owners so they will be able to use Tesla Superchargers. [CleanTechnica]

Ford Mustang Mach-E at a Tesla Supercharging station (Ford)

¶ “House Upholds President Biden’s Solar Tariff Veto” • The US House of Representatives failed to override the veto of legislation that would have overturned President Biden’s two-year solar tariff moratorium. Abigail Ross Hopper, president and CEO of the Solar Energy Industries Association, commented on the jobs and security saved by the veto. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “California Breaks Its Record For Renewable Electricity” • California has hit a new milestone in clean energy. In 2021, 37% of the state’s electricity was generated by renewable sources like solar and wind, according to numbers recently released by the California Energy Commission. This is more than double the 16% total of 2012. [The Brunswick News]

Power lines (Rob Martin, Unsplash)

¶ “BLM Advances Clean Energy Transmission Projects In Nevada” • The Bureau of Land Management is initiating the environmental review for the Greenlink North project and releasing a draft environmental impact statement for Greenlink West transmission projects, to help connect 8 GW of renewable energy to the grid. [US Department of the Interior]

¶ “Renewable Energy Groups Urge Congress To Pass Permitting Reforms” • Renewable energy organizations are urging leaders of Congress to enact transmission permitting legislation. One thing they ask is that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s siting authority over critical interstate transmission lines be enhanced. [Daily Energy Insider]

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