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April 28 Energy News

April 28, 2021


¶ “Climate FUD Campaigns Change Tactics As More Accept Climate Science” • Despite climate denialists, Americans are beginning to accept the connection between human activity and global warming. In his book, The New Climate War: The Fight to Take Back Our Planet, Michael E Mann’s shows fear, uncertainty, and doubt are still being spread. [CleanTechnica]

Hockey stick graph (Image by Michael E. Mann, et al)

¶ “Five Key Takeaways From Tesla’s Q1 Earnings Call” • The first quarter is typically soft for most automakers. Not Tesla. This year, the Silicon Valley automaker displayed its production prowess against all odds. Al Root from Barron’s pointed out five key takeaways that explained the drama and excitement about Tesla in Q1 of 2021. [CleanTechnica]


¶ “Rwanda Has Awesome New Incentives For EVs” • Rwanda is introducing a new set of incentives to catalyze the adoption of EVs. Rwanda’s updated Nationally Determined Contribution, outlines the importance of EVs and the enforcement of vehicle emission standards as key mitigation measures on the path to reduce greenhouse gases. [CleanTechnica]

Ampersand motorcycles (Image courtesy of Ampersand)

¶ “Egypt Signs $700 Renewable Energy Contracts In Kom Ombo Complex” • Egypt has signed $700 million worth of contracts for the Kom Ombo Solar Energy Complex, the chairman of the New and Renewable Energy Authority said. It includes 32 solar energy projects with total foreign direct investment exceeding $2 billion. It has helped to create 10,000 jobs. [Arab News]

¶ “Offshore Wind FIDs ‘To More Than Double’” • Offshore wind project final investment decisions, outside mainland China, will grow 57% in the next 18 months, compared to 2019-2020, an analysis from Westwood Global Energy Group shows. The growth represents an additional 20.4 GW of new power capacity, Westwood found. [reNEWS]

Offshore wind turbines (J Hunter, Unsplash)


¶ “Ford Ion Park: The Company Is Getting Very Serious About Battery R&D” • Ford announced that it is investing big money in a new battery research and development center called Ion Park. Its goal is to improve battery cells, pilot better manufacturing techniques, and work toward vertical integration of batteries for the company’s future EVs. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Charlotte Launches An Electric Bus Pilot Testing Eighteen Electric Buses From Three Companies” • Residents of Charlotte, North Carolina, can breathe easier knowing soon that the transit buses covering the region will be all-electric. The city is trialing eighteen electric buses made by three manufacturers over a period of at least a year. [CleanTechnica]

Electric bus in Charlotte (Courtesy of the City of Charlotte)

¶ “New Report Identifies 22 Shovel Ready Regional And Interregional Transmission Projects” • A report identifies 22 shovel ready, high-voltage transmission projects that could create about 1,240,000 jobs and lead to 60,000 MW of new renewable energy capacity, increasing the country’s wind and solar generation by nearly 50%. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Pilot Program Sheds Light On E-Bike Use Patterns, Energy-Efficiency Benefits” • The National Renewable Energy Laboratory and the Colorado Energy Office assessed the travel-behavior of low-income essential workers provided with e-bikes during the pandemic. Analysis showed e-bikes were the dominant travel mode for 30% of trips. [CleanTechnica]

Blix Packa Cargo E-Bike (Image courtesy of Blix)

¶ “Iowa Expected To See A Burst Of Solar Energy Development” • Already a leader in wind energy, Iowa could see an explosion of solar development. About a dozen projects are expected to come online in the months ahead, adding about nine times more solar energy than the state currently produces, according to filings with the Iowa Utilities Board. [Farm Forum]

¶ “Major New Facility In Oregon Could Help Transform The Prospects Of Wave Energy” • In waters off Oregon, a project known as PacWave is attempting to harness nature’s power by testing and analyzing wave energy converters, a technology which could have an important role to play in a transition to renewables. [CNBC]

Pacific Ocean (Glenn Villas, Unsplash)

¶ “DOE Offers Billions In Loans For Transmission Upgrades To Boost Renewable Energy Resources” • The US DOE announced up to $8.25 billion in loan availability from its Loan Programs Office and the Western Area Power Administration for efforts to expand and improve the transmission grid. It has two separate financing streams available. [pv magazine USA]

¶ “Entergy Arkansas Seeking Proposals For 300 MW Of Renewable Energy Projects” • Entergy Arkansas will accept proposals to add 300 MW of solar and wind capacity to its generating portfolio by 2026. An agreement to begin developing at least 400 MW of renewable energy capacity by the end of 2022 has already been settled. [KATV]

Wind turbines (Pexels image)

¶ “200-MW Mississippi Solar Project To Support Knoxville, Tennessee’s Renewable Energy Goals” • The Tennessee Valley Authority and the Knoxville Utilities Board have chosen Origis Energy to develop a 200-MW solar farm in Clay County, Mississippi, to support the Knoxville, Tennessee’s renewable energy goals. [Solar Power World]

¶ “New Jersey Regulators Extend Nuclear Subsidies For PSEG/Exelon Reactors” • New Jersey utility regulators voted to extend subsidies, of a type called Zero Emission Certificates, for the state’s three nuclear power reactors for an additional three years. The reactors are at Salem and Hope Creek. The vote was unanimous. [Reuters]

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