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April 12 Energy News

April 12, 2021


¶ “Transportation Policies For New York To Achieve Its Climate Goals” • To achieve it’s zero emissions goals equitably by 2050, it’s vital that New York develop goals, policies, and programs for the transportation sector. To do that, the state must remove barriers for widespread transportation electrification and expand access to mass transit. [CleanTechnica]

Electric transit in Memphis, Tennessee (Nico Smit, Unsplash)

¶ “Fracking Lies And Greed Lead To Oil And Gas Spills On Native Lands” • In the last decade alone, the US EPA stripped nearly 40 tribes of their ability to make fundamental decisions regarding fracking, agricultural pollution, and toxic waste dumping on their lands. We are at a pivotal moment. Will the Biden administration step up? [CleanTechnica]

Science and Technology:

¶ “Electric Drag Race: Kia EV6 GT Versus Lots Of ICE Supercars” • Kia recently revealed a new electric crossover called the EV6. While the car’s official specs were initially withheld, the company also released some staggering numbers – 500 km of range, 800V charging, and a claimed 3-second 0-60 MPH time. Remember, we’re talking about a Kia. [CleanTechnica]

Kia drag-race (Screenshot)


¶ “French Nuclear Scheme Behind Green Hydrogen Theme Of Michelin’s Le Mans Fuel Cell Dream” • Michelin Group has announced that it is doubling down on its fuel cell commitment as part of a diversification strategy. Michelin anticipates rapid growth of the green hydrogen field. But in France, this may mean relying on nuclear power. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Patent Filing Reveals High-Tech, Electric Honda Grom” • Recent patent filings in Japan reveal that Honda is working on what seems to be a high-tech, electric Honda Grom with a slick, single-sided rear swingarm suspension and 3D-printed mesh seat. If the guys at Cycle World are to be believed, the bike could debut as early as next year! [CleanTechnica]

Electric Grom

¶ “ScottishPower Files To Build Whitelee Clean Energy Hub” • ScottishPower has filed a planning application to create a clean energy and hydrogen production hub at its 539-MW Whitelee wind farm in Scotland. The consent paperwork seeks approval for a 20-MW electrolyser powered by up to 40 MW of solar and 50 MW of battery energy storage. [reNEWS]

¶ “Zimbabwean E-Commerce Startup Kuva Local Lets You Add A Tree On Checkout” • Kuva Local, a Zimbabwean e-commerce startup, plants a tree for every bottle of sparkling wine or case of beer they sell and lets you add a tree on checkout. Kuva Local also provides a platform for local businesses and farmers to sell their products. [CleanTechnica]

Kuva Local Asambe e-bike delivery (Kuva Local, Asambe image)

¶ “For Mexico’s President, The Future Isn’t Renewable Energy – It’s Coal” • Mexican President Obrador has halted renewable projects, mocked wind farms, and poured money into state oil company. Last month, he pushed legislation that requires the grid to prioritize power from state-run plants, powered by oil and coal, over cheaper renewables. [Yahoo News]

¶ “Enercon Launches European Onshore Wind Fund” • German turbine maker Enercon has launched an investment platform for institutional investors looking to invest in European onshore wind. The Enercon Wind Onshore Deutschland I facility is Enercon’s first investment product. It is a closed-ended reserved alternative investment fund. [reNEWS]

Wind farm (Enercon image)

¶ “Renewable Watts Up 36% On Same Time Last Year” • The total for utility-scale PV generation in Australia’s National Electricity Market for March 2021 is in. Rystad Energy’s Watts Generating report says large-scale PV generated 550 GWh in March of 2020, and this year solar farms cranked out 746 GWh of electricity, an increase of 36%. [pv magazine Australia]

¶ “Michael Mann Slams Murdoch Press For Its ‘Horrifying” Misinformation On Climate And Bushfires'” • A world-leading climate scientist told a senate hearing into Australian media diversity that the Murdoch press served as a “megaphone” for climate disinformation, aiding the agendas of Donald Trump and Scott Morrison. [Renew Economy]

Michael Mann in 2013 (Reason4Reason, CC-BY-SA 3.0)

¶ “Iran Atomic Agency Says Nuclear Facility Hit By Act Of ‘Terrorism'” • Iran’s atomic energy organisation said the Natanz nuclear facility was hit by a terrorist act, hours after it said an “accident” had caused a power failure there. The episode came a day after Iran said it had begun advanced uranium enrichment at the site. [Jordan Times]


¶ “LG Energy And SK Innovation Settle, Promising To Work Together In Harmony” • With just hours left for the Biden administration to act on an US International Trade Commission ruling barring SK Innovation from building batteries in the US for 10 years, LG Energy Solution and SK Innovation agreed to settle their differences. [CleanTechnica]

Proposed battery factory (SK Innovation image)

¶ “Segway Is Building A Hydrogen Powered Motorcycle” • Segway Ninebot has revealed plans for an all-new, full-sized electric sportbike promising a 0–60 MPH time of about 4 seconds and a 90+ MPH top speed. That might not sound like anything all that different, but Segway’s upcoming motorcycle will be powered by hydrogen. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Progress In US Initiatives To Demonstrate And Investigate Long-Duration Energy Storage Tech” • A zinc-air energy storage system offering 10 hours of storage is being trialed in a New York Power Authority project, and a DOD-funded investigation into flow batteries moved into a physical validation and evaluation phase in Colorado. [Energy Storage News]

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