December 29 Energy News

December 29, 2020


¶ “Trump’s Unplanned Gift To Biden: Clean Energy On The Rise” • Joe Biden will enter the White House next month with the US energy industry in a very different place than where it was four years ago. It is a shift that’s likely to generate momentum for his plan to start to wean the country off fossil fuels. And the shift came with Trump in office. [Politico]

Coal-burning power plant (Deborath Ramos, Unsplash)

¶ “Geopolitics Of Nuclear Generation Delayed Renewables By Decades To Fossil Fuel Industry Benefit And Our Detriment” • Recently, someone curious about the implications asked Michael Barnard to do a thought exercise: what if we’d built renewables instead of nuclear generation? He spent some time working out what might have been. [CleanTechnica]

Science and Technology:

¶ “For CO₂ Reduction From Existing Buildings, Heat Pumps Are Better Than Efficiency” • After well over a year of studying CO₂e emissions reductions related to existing buildings, looking at efficiency vs electrification gains, it became clear, the author says, that electrification would deliver more value for CO₂e emissions reductions. [CleanTechnica]

Heat pumps vs efficiency, by province (Michael Barnard)

¶ “Clean Power, Blue Economy Bonanza Plotted For Atlantic Coast States” • Natural gas and nuclear stakeholders have been looking to fill the void left by coal’s departure. It seems that their work is getting harder by the minute, as the US DOE is loading up on clean power. Now, the DOE is adding on a new marine energy research center. [CleanTechnica]


¶ “The World’s Growing Concrete Coasts” • Across the world, coastlines are being turned to concrete, at a huge cost to wildlife and the climate. In China, around 60% of its coast is effectively concrete. Similarly, more than 14,000 miles of the US’s coastline is covered in concrete. But we have ways to shore up coasts and benefit biodiversity. [BBC]

Sea wall at Vancouver (Andrew Raun, CC-BY-SA 2.0)

¶ “GE Toasts 27-MW Vietnamese Turbine Deal” • GE Renewable Energy has secured a 27-MW turbine deal in Vietnam for the Phuoc Minh wind farm in the Ninh Thuan region of the country. The contract is for the supply of eight 3MW-137 machines. The wind farm is expected to be fully operational by third quarter of 2021. [reNEWS]

¶ “The Long Struggle To Protect Venice From Worsening Floods (Video)” • After years of corruption, cost overruns, and delays, Venice has finally unveiled MOSE, its long-awaited flood control system, and put it to use. “Today, everything is dry,” the mayor said. “We stopped the sea.” It can stop today’s high tides, but can it stand up to climate change? [CleanTechnica]

Illustration of MOSE in operation (Credit: Technital)

¶ “Storm Bella Helps Great Britain Set New Record For Wind Power Generation” • More than half of Great Britain’s daily electricity came from wind turbines for the first time on Boxing Day, as the country headed for its “greenest year on record”, due in part to Covid-19. As Storm Bella arrived, wind provided 50.7% of the UK’s electricity. [The Guardian]

¶ “Terrenus Energy And Facebook Sign Deal For 19 MW Of Singapore Solar Project” • Terrenus Energy and Facebook have signed an agreement for 19 MW of energy from a solar farm being developed at Changi Business Park. Terrenus Energy is implementing various innovative projects with the solar project, including urban farming. [The Straits Times]

Artist’s Impression of urban farming (Terrenus Energy image)


¶ “Solar Power, Wind Power, And Fossil Fuel Electricity Market Share Changes From 2010 To 2020” • CleanTechnica is taking a look at electricity generation changes over the past decade as we go into 2021. We have been publishing US power capacity and electricity generation reports on a monthly basis. Now, we are looking at a broader picture. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “More Renewable Energy (Finally!) For Top US Coal Mining State” • West Virginia barely makes a ripple on the great global pond of clean power for good reason. Fossil energy has been locked into the Mountain State’s political identity for several generations. Nevertheless, the compelling allure of renewable energy is irresistible. [CleanTechnica]

Solar power in West Virginia (photo via Clearway Energy)

¶ “Trump EPA Fails America And Humanity With New Airplane Standards” • The EPA has finalized standards for greenhouse gas emissions from new aircraft. The standards are to take effect in 2028. Aviation is one of the fastest growing sources of climate pollution, but the EPA’s final rule will have no impact at all on greenhouse gas emissions. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Wind Power In Louisiana: High Potential, A Long Way Off” • Gov John Bel Edwards has set a goal for Louisiana to be carbon neutral by 2050. Now he wants to develop offshore wind power in the Gulf. He is asking the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management to launch a task force to figure out what it would take to build offshore wind farms here. [WWNO]

Block Island Wind Farm (US DOE image)

¶ “Vast Differences In Fuel Economy Possible For Vehicles In Same Class” • The EPA published a chart showing fuel economy ratings for each vehicle size class in the US. The different ranges possible for fuel economy are huge, even within the same vehicle class, and that is most true in six of the vehicle classes that we are most likely to drive. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Rhode Island Senator Visits Georgia Coast, Reminds Voters Of Sea Level Rise” • In a conversation with SaportaReport, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse emphasized points for which he’s become well known: The climate is changing, sea level is rising, and the financial impacts of flooding of coastal lands will cross party lines and harm entire communities. [SaportaReport]

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