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December 14 Energy News

December 14, 2020


¶ “Forget Oil Stocks: Renewable Energy Stocks Are Better Long-Term Buys” • With the pandemic and the growth of renewables, the oil industry’s future has dimmed considerably over the past year. That’s why it might be time for investors to forget about buying oil stocks and instead concentrate their efforts on the renewable energy industry. [Nasdaq]

Pump jack (Zbynek Burival, Unsplash)

¶ “Elon Musk’s Vision For A Carbon Tax Is More Likely Now” • Five years ago, Elon Musk was pushing hard for a carbon tax, though he’s since been relatively quiet about it. According to Matthew DeBord at Business Insider, “the arrival of President-elect Joe Biden’s administration might give Musk a chance to revive his carbon-tax campaign.” [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Long-Term Fossil Fuel Contracts And Power Purchase Agreements Lock In Pollution” • The clean energy transition has some strong momentum now, but there are also obstacles that hinder it. One of the things that slows down the transition to renewables is contracts that lock in companies to burn fossil fuels for years to come. [CleanTechnica]

Do we want a fossil in our lives? (Huang Yingone, Unsplash)

¶ “Tasmania Blueprint For Countries Forging Ahead With Green Energy Plans” • Kenya is spearheading clean energy efforts in Africa, with 70% of its electricity generation sourced from geothermal energy. But Kenya could learn from the Australian state of Tasmania, which has achieved a goal of  100% renewables two years ahead of schedule. [ESI Africa]

Science and Technology:

¶ “EV Battery Packs About 50% Cheaper Than In 2016” • It can be tough to analyze what is happening in the EV industry because we tend to be static thinkers. We see how things look today and it is hard for us to see how dramatically they can change. The story of EVs, however, is largely a story about how fast the costs of batteries can fall. [CleanTechnica]

EAC-Whisper octocopter, AERO (Matti Blume, SA-BY-CC 4.0)


¶ “Sustainable Batteries For A Circular And Climate Neutral Economy” • The European Commission proposes to modernize EU legislation on batteries. It is the first step in the new Circular Economy Action Plan. Batteries that have a more sustainable life cycle are key for the goals of the European Green Deal and its zero pollution target. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Six Ways The World Has Progressed Since The Paris Climate Agreement” • Five years ago, world leaders met in Paris to adopt the Paris Agreement. Since the adoption of the landmark Paris Agreement on climate change in 2015, global momentum to tackle the climate crisis has been building. Here are six ways the world has changed.  [CleanTechnica]

Launch of a test balloon (NOAA image, Unsplash)

¶ “Renewables Meet 46.3% Of Germany’s Power Consumption In 2020, Up 3.8 Points” • Renewable sources have met 46.3% of Germany’s power consumption in 2020, 3.8 percentage points more than in 2019, according to utility industry association BDEW. It said that parts of the increase came from a drop in usage in the coronavirus crisis. [Reuters]

¶ “Australian Renewable Energy Agency Backs Vanadium Flow Battery Project In Outback SA” • Technology discovered at the University of New South Wales in the 1980s will be “coming home” on an industrial scale, with ARENA backing construction of the country’s first utility-scale vanadium flow battery in the outback of South Australia. [ABC News]

Outback (Photo supplied: Tony Brady)

¶ “UK Banks On Offshore Wind And Nuclear To Deliver Net Zero” • The UK government has put renewables and new nuclear at the heart of a plan to transform its power system for net zero by 2050. London has reiterated its backing of the 40 GW by 2030 offshore wind goal and 1 GW floating target as part of its energy blueprint. [reNEWS]

¶ “Experts Sound Alarm Over UK Nuclear Push” • Experts warned the UK government that its move to rely on new nuclear to part-deliver net zero by 2050 is “risky” given the sector’s recent track record. Jonathan Marshall of the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit, warned that billpayers may be “on the hook” to cover costs. [reNEWS]

Hinkley C nuclear plant (EDF image)


¶ “Home Solar Power Blew Up In 2020” • “Global demand for home solar has gone ‘through the roof’ in 2020,” according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Despite the pandemic, the organization found that the rate of  home solar PV installations was 21% higher in the first seven months of 2020 than in the first seven months of 2019. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “State Of New York To End Pension Fund Investments In Fossil Fuels” • Last week, New York State comptroller Thomas DiNapoli announced that the state would begin divesting its $226 billion employee pension fund from gas and oil companies if they don’t come up with business plans aligned goals of the Paris climate accord within four years. [CleanTechnica]

The clock starts now (Credit: Oil Change International)

¶ “Volkswagen Pilots DC Bi-Directional Wall Charger” • The EV revolution is about more than building an electric car and calling it a day. Volkswagen is looking at all aspects of the transition to electric vehicles and doing everything in its power to keep the revolution moving forward. Vehicle-to-grid technology is no longer an impractical dream. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Racing The Sea: Miami Beach’s Housing Crisis Worsened By Climate Change” • In Miami Beach, 27 of 317 affordable housing units are exposed to the risk of once-a-year flooding, and by 2050 that’s projected to increase tenfold. More than half will face flooding at least four times per year, pushing storm surges higher up the walls of buildings. [WLRN]

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