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December 20 Energy News

December 20, 2020


¶ “A Clean Energy Future For Alaska Requires Action By Congress” • Rural communities in Alaska that often face high electricity costs are increasingly turning to renewable energy sources such as wind and solar. Solar PVs save money even in the Arctic. But to continue installations, it will be necessary for the US Congress to act. [Anchorage Daily News]

Alaskan wind turbines (Loren Holmes | ADN)

¶ “2020: Watt a Year for Building Electrification!” • While 2020 brought a host of challenges to the US, many states and cities still forged ahead with actions to address the climate impacts of a stubborn sector: buildings. Across the country, local leaders are acknowledging the climate, economic, and health impacts of burning fossil fuels in buildings. [CleanTechnica]

Science and Technology:

¶ “2020 May Be The Hottest Year On Record. Here’s The Damage It Did” • With just a few weeks left, 2020 is in a dead-heat tie for the hottest year on record. But whether it claims the top spot misses the point, climate scientists say. There is no shortage of disquieting statistics about what climate change is doing to the Earth. [Capital Public Radio News]

Fighting a wildfire in California (Ben Kuo, Unsplash)

¶ “NYS Can Achieve 2050 Carbon Goals With Earth’s Help” • By using scientific, technological, environmental, and economic data, Cornell University engineering researchers examined New York’s potential to achieve a statewide carbon-free economy by 2050. They found that New York can reach this goal – and with five years to spare. [Science Daily]


¶ “Mercedes-Benz Gets Serious: 10 New Electric Models” • Over the next two years, Mercedes-Benz will announce six new EQ models, three new electric Smart models, and an electric version of its versatile Sprinter van that serves in a variety of roles moving people and for work. All of this all depends on a global battery production network. [CleanTechnica]

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van

¶ “Volkswagen Board Supports Diess EV Ambitions, Agrees To Build Flagship EV At Wolfsburg Factory” • After the VW diesel cheating scandal, Herbert Diess was hired to be chairman and turn the company around. His recovery plan made VW a leading EV manufacturer. Now he has the board’s support for building EVs at the Wolfburg plant. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “StorEn Tech Provides First Of Its Kind Vanadium Flow Battery To Australia” • Australia has taken another step toward greater use of battery energy storage. A new 30-kWh StorEn vanadium flow battery has been installed for use in a renewable hydrogen plant at Queensland University of Technology. Flow batteries have many advantages. [CleanTechnica]

Sunrise in Australia (Photo: pexels/pixabay, CC0)

¶ “El Salvador Adopts Action Plan To Accelerate Renewables Uptake” • El Salvador’s masterplan for renewable energy would have up to 682 MW of renewable capacity added by 2026. In the mix would be about 160 MW of small hydro, 200 MW of solar thermal, 90 MW of solar PV, 60 MW of wind, and over 60 MW of geothermal. [Power Engineering International]

¶ “Under Pressure From Climate Activists, World’s Largest Insurance Market To Ditch Coal, Tar Sands, And Arctic Projects” • Lloyd’s of London, the world’s largest insurance market, has announced that it will no longer cover coal-fired power plants and mines, tar sands, or Arctic energy exploration activities from January 2022 onward. [Red, Green, and Blue]

Climate campaigners at Lloyd’s of London headquarters
(Insure Our Future Global, via Twitter)

¶ “Windfarms In Great Britain Break Record For Clean Power Generation” • Blustery winter weather helped Great Britain’s windfarms set a record for clean power generation. On Friday afternoon, wind turbines generated 17.3 GW, more than 40% of the national demand, according to figures from the electricity system operator. [The Guardian]


¶ “Geothermal Energy, The Forgotten Renewable, Has Finally Arrived” • Below the land at the edge of the Salton Sea lies a mineral-rich cauldron of hot water where temperatures can exceed 390°C. If California approves its permit, Controlled Thermal Resources will start operating its Hell’s Kitchen Lithium and Power project in 2023. [Quartz]

Mud pots near the Salton Sea (CTR image)

¶ “President Donald Trump Issues SPD-6” • President Donald Trump has issued the Nation’s Strategy for Space Nuclear Power and Propulsion, which is intended to create a sustainable presence on the Moon and send astronauts to Mars. The move was strongly supported by NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine, a Trump appointee. [SciTechDaily]

¶ “Biden Introduces His Climate Team” • President-elect Joe Biden introduced key members of his climate change team, saying the effort to reduce carbon emissions will restore the economy and create jobs. Biden, said the climate team will be “ready on Day One, which is essential because we literally have no time to waste.” []

Have a indefatigably triumphant day.

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