December 1 Energy News

December 1, 2020


¶ “The Renewable Energy Cows Come Home, Now With Green Ammonia” • The US DOE is a big fan of distributed windpower, generating electricity for on-site use or to supply a local grid. For farmers, that might mean making green ammonia for a value-added system that takes advantage of unused wind power during other low-demand periods. [CleanTechnica]

Local benefit (Photo: US Department of Agriculture)


¶ “Brazil’s Amazon: Deforestation ‘Surges To 12-Year High'” • Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil has surged to its highest level since 2008, according to the country’s space agency. From August 2019 to July 2020, a total of 11,088 sq km (4,281 sq miles) of rainforest were destroyed. The figure is a 9.5% increase from the previous year. [BBC]

¶ “Climate Change: Temperature Analysis Shows UN Goals ‘Within Reach'” • The Climate Action Tracker group looked at new climate promises from China and other nations, along with the carbon plans of US President-elect Joe Biden. Its analysis is more optimistic, suggesting the goals of the UN Paris climate agreement are getting “within reach.” [BBC]

Hydrogen-powered train (Image: University of Birmingham)

¶ “Fraser Island, A Unique Australian Ecosystem, Is On Fire” • Firefighters in Australia are battling a massive bushfire that has been burning out of control for six weeks across the popular tourist spot of Fraser Island, as parts of the country’s east swelter through a record-breaking heat wave following the hottest November on record. [CNN]

¶ “Alstom To Supply Italy’s First Six Hydrogen Trains” • Alstom will supply six hydrogen fuel cell trains, with the option for eight more, to FNM (Ferrovie Nord Milano), the main transport and mobility group in the Italian region of Lombardy, for a total amount of approximately €160 million. The first train delivery is expected within 36 months. [CleanTechnica]

Hydrogen powered train (Image courtesy of Alstom)

¶ “Ford To Convert A Cologne Factory For Production Of MEB-Based EVs” • Last July, Ford and Volkswagen entered into an agreement that allows Ford to use VW’s MEB electric car chassis in Ford EVs. Now, Electrive reports that Ford recently selected its factory in Cologne to produce the first Ford branded electric car built on the MEB chassis.  [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Global Ocean Renewable Energy ‘Could Reach 10 GW’ By 2030 Buoyed By Island And Coastal Markets” • Ocean energy could grow 20-fold this decade to reach 10 GW of installed capacity, with tidal and wave plants providing mainstream power generation, according to calculations from the International Renewable Energy Agency. [Recharge]

Simec Atlantis AR1500 tidal turbine (Photo: ARC)

¶ “Queensland Budget: Coal And Petroleum Forecasts Labelled ‘Delusional’ As Royalties Dive” • Even though Queensland’s fossil fuel royalties income collapsed by $2 billion, the state’s budget forecasts that coal and petroleum exports will rebound and continue to grow. Energy market analysts say that assumption is “delusional.” [The Guardian]

¶ “Queenslanders Win Half-Billion Stake In The Renewable Revolution” • Queenslanders will own a stake in the renewable revolution with the 2020-21 Budget investing $500 million to support renewable energy projects. The Minister for Energy, Renewables, and Hydrogen said the transition to renewables is in full swing in Queensland. [Mirage News]

Wind farm in Queensland (Lepidlizard, Wikimedia Commons)


¶ “Renewables Are 20% Of US Electricity Generation In First Three Quarters of 2020” • In the first three quarters of 2020, renewables generated 20.4% of US electricity. That’s a decline from the 22.2% share in the first 6 months of the year, as the economy rebounded a bit and fossil fuels were called on for the increased generation. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “BU-Supported Wind Farm Now Up And Generating Clean Electricity” • Boston University is now buying clean energy from a South Dakota wind farm the University enabled, fulfilling a key goal of the University’s Climate Action Plan. BU will buy 205,000 MWh of electricity annually for 15 years from the wind farm’s owner, ENGIE North America. [BU Today]

Midwest wind farm (Image: NREL via BU Today)

¶ “Renewables Are 70% Of New US Power Capacity In 2020, Solar Is 43%” • In the first three quarters of 2020, renewable energy – almost entirely solar and wind energy – accounted for 70% of new US power capacity, based on official utility-scale power plant data from FERC and small-scale solar power estimates made by CleanTechnica.  [CleanTechnica]

¶ “New Solar Project Planned For 300 Acres Near Richland” • Energy Northwest and Tucci Energy Services will partner to develop a 300-acre solar project north of Richland, Washington. The projecte will be able to generate enough electricity for more than 11,000 homes, according to a statement released Monday by Energy Northwest. [Seattle Times]

Solar array (Energy Northwest image)

¶ “GE Renewable Energy Unveils Cypress 6.0-164 Onshore Wind Turbine” • GE Renewable Energy’s latest wind turbine in Cypress platform increases Annual Energy Production by up to 11% over the company’s 5.3-158. It features a two-piece blade to maintain flexible logistic solutions. The new Cypress model is expected to be in the field by 2022. [REVE]

¶ “Feds Speed Sale The Of A Three Mile Island Unit Amid State Concern About Decommissioning” • The NRC plans to approve the sale of Three Mile Island’s Unit 2, the unit that had a partial meltdown in 1979, despite concerns by state officials over the new owner’s ability to pay to decommission the reactor. The NRC has no plans for a public hearing. [Pittsburgh Post-Gazette]

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