October 27 Energy News

October 27, 2020


¶ “We Must Protect Coral Reefs With Conservation Innovation And Technology” • The coral reefs are dying, and they’re the world’s first ecosystems to become extinct because of human action. Conservation innovation and technology alone cannot save reefs, but over half a billion people depend on them for food, income, and protection. [CleanTechnica]

Coral (Image provided by Dr Brian LaPointe, FAU Harbor Branch)

¶ “Who Knows How To Get To Net Zero Emissions? Joe Biden Does.” • During an interview, Joe Biden said that global heating constitutes an existential threat to humanity. “It will bake the planet,” he said. That is diametrically opposed to the namby pamby drivel leaking from the lips of the incumbent and his weak kneed followers. [CleanTechnica]

Science and Technology:

¶ “Elon Musk: Tiny Bit Of Sun’s Energy Could Power The World” • Elon Musk, a longtime solar power fan, responded to the IEA’s news that solar power is the cheapest energy source with a tweet about “that free fusion reactor in the sky,” and its ample energy. He said, “We just need to catch an extremely tiny amount of it to power all of civilization.” [CleanTechnica]

Tesla powered by Tesla PVs (Image by Tesla)


¶ “Toyota Brings The Hydrogen Fuel Cell To The Marine Industry” • Toyota is continuing its lonely crusade to make the oft-promised hydrogen future happen, this time expanding from trucks, cars, and Popemobiles into more … “liquid” arenas. And by that, I mean that Toyota is developing a hydrogen fuel cell for marine applications. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “Thailand Gets Fleet Of Electric Ferries To Help Clean Up Bangkok” • With an electric powertrain developed by the electric marine experts at Danfoss Editron, 27 zero-emission passenger ferries will soon replace a hodgepodge of old diesels in Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River. It is part of an exploratory bid to improve air quality and clean up the water supply. [CleanTechnica]

Danfoss catamaran ferry (Danfoss image)

¶ “Rockefeller Launches ‘Catalytic’ $1 Billion Clean-Energy-Powered Covid Recovery Fund” • The Rockefeller Foundation committed $1 billion to a three-year plan to drive investment in a global grid-scale renewable energy build-out. It is to accelerate access to electricity in developing nations as the world emerges from the coronavirus pandemic. [Recharge]

¶ “‘Dangerous And Dirty’ Used Cars Sold To Africa” • Millions of polluting used cars from rich countries are being “dumped” on developing nations, a UN report says. Four out of five went to poorer countries, with more than half going to Africa. And up to 80% failed to meet the minimum safety and environmental standards in exporting countries. [BBC]

Traffic jam in Lagos (Getty Images)

¶ “Germany To Remain Key IAEA Member After Nuclear Power Exit” • Germany is demonstrating continued strong support for the International Atomic Energy Agency’s mission to foster global peace and development even as the country is shutting down its nuclear power plants, according to IAEA Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi. [Mirage News]


¶ “Silverado Wildfire Rages In California” • A wildfire has forced evacuation orders for 100,000 people in southern California. The Silverado Fire broke out just before sunrise on Monday in Orange County, south of Los Angeles. By late afternoon, the blaze had burned about 7,200 acres (2,915 hectares), California’s fire agency reported. [BBC]

Fire fighters (Reuters image)

¶ “Trump Administration Buries Dozens Of Clean Energy Studies” • The DOE has blocked reports for over 40 clean energy studies. It replaced them with mere presentations, buried them in scientific journals that the public cannot access, or left them paralyzed within the agency, according to emails and documents obtained by InvestigateWest. [InvestigateWest]

¶ “Nordex Scoops 240-MW Texas Turbine Deal” • Nordex has won a turbine order for a 240-MW wind farm in Texas, its first US agreement for the Delta4000 series. The manufacturer will supply 50 N155/4.X turbines, operating with a rated power of 4.8 MW. The machines will be installed in 2021 at the undisclosed wind project for an unnamed client. [reNEWS]

Nordex turbine (Nordex image)

¶ “Big Oil May Make US Taxpayers Take Care Of Its Orphaned Oil And Gas Wells” • A report by Carbon Tracker says the US has 2.6 million unplugged onshore oil and gas wells, with possibly 1.2 million more undocumented. Oil and gas companies have a legal obligation to plug the wells, but they haven’t set aside resources to do so, and many are going broke. [CleanTechnica]

¶ “GM And Ford Knew About Climate Change 50 Years Ago” • Scientists at General Motors and Ford Motor Co knew as early as the 1960s that car emissions caused climate change, research by E&E News found. The car company’s discoveries were followed by decades of political lobbying by GM and Ford to undermine attempts to reduce emissions. [E&E News]

1969 Corvette Stingray (SG2012, Wikimedia Commons)

¶ “Key Player In War On Climate Change? The Pentagon” • The Department of Defense has both a critical role to play and a strong interest in the war on climate change. Higher storm surges, heat waves, and fires are already affecting operations. The military will have more frequent disaster relief missions along with more conflict and wars. [CNN]

¶ “US DOE And DOT Work On Improving Public Transportation Projects Using Data And Technology” • Recently, the US DOE announced project selections for $130 million in advanced vehicle technologies research. Included in the announcement were three transit-centric projects co-funded with  the US Department of Transportation. [CleanTechnica]

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